Apple Watch Series 8: news and release date!

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If Apple products are what you are all about, come with us in this article where we will show you all the news on the Apple Watch Series 8!

lançamento Apple Watch Series 8

Under the motto of “A healthy leap ahead”, the new Apple smartwatch arrives with much more integration and concern for the health of its users. The news here include not only the Apple Watch Series 8, but also the second generation of the Apple Watch SE and the unreleased Apple Watch Ultra.

Some of the main innovations are in the temperature sensors and in the safety and accident detection experiences available in the watches.

For the female audience, temperature sensors can help a lot when looking out for your health health, especially in controlling ovulation.

Let’s check out all the details of the new Apple Watch Series 8!

Apple Watch Series 8

As we mentioned above, the new Apple Watch Series 8 brings some new features that we would like to highlight before detailing each of them.

The most notable new features are:

  • Temperature sensor: new measurement method and use of two sensors.
  • Crash detection to help you if you need help in emergencies like car crashes, falling down, etc.
  • Detailed information about your sleep schedule.
  • New ways to train with the improved “Workout” app.

1. Design and display

We start with the visual details, as they are the first things we notice when looking at any new device. The Apple Watch Series 8 maintains the same elegance as the previous model.

Another important issue is that the sizes remain the same, that is, they do not leave behind the compatibility of the bracelets. What changes, in this case, are the colors of the versions available, which follow in line with the new iPhone 14 and 14 Plus: midnight, starry, silver and Product RED.

Apple Watch Series 8 cores e tela

And the stainless steel version is available in silver, graphite and gold colors.

Keep in mind that the bright always-on retina display makes so all the information is always on full of detail, looking sharp and easy to read, even when your arm is down. You can tap, type and swipe very easily.

Some innovations have been adopted in the Apple Watch Series 8 display. Now with a thick bezel, robust geometry and a flat base, the watch is more resistant to cracking.

As the company itself points out: “tougher than tough”!

Internally, the Series 8 gained a new 64-bit dual-core processor, however it still has the W3 chip for wireless connections, the U1 chip (ultra-wideband) and 32GB of internal storage.

The new watch still has water resistance to a depth of 50 meters, dust resistance (IP6X), in addition to GPS and GPS+ Cellular models.

2. Health

With the phrase “here’s to a healthier you”, Apple announces the new Apple Watch Series 8 settings focused on the users’ well-being.

Temperature sensing

The main feature brings a new way to measure body temperature, through two advanced sensors. The first one on the back of the watch, closer to the skin, and the other just below the screen, reducing the influence of an external environment.

Apple Watch Series 8 sensores

These sensors can help you make better decisions on health-related issues.

For women, for example, brand new sensors record your temperature, even while you sleep. This way you will be able to better monitor your menstrual cycle, with the possibility of estimating the ovulation cycle. It is super helpful for those who are looking to have kids in the near future.

Always remember that Apple ensures us that the data of the “Cycle Tracker” app remains on your device and is encrypted when your phone is locked with Touch ID, Face ID or password.

With iOS 16, you have a new way to easily manage and access your health information in a single place, as well as improved sharing of this data and several updates to the Sleep app.


These new Series 8 sensors also bring improvements to sleep monitoring. The “Sleep” app shows how long you spent in REM, essential and deep sleep stages, as well as when you may have woken up.

The watch also continues to feature GPS/GNSS, compass and always-on altimeter.


Another highlight is the monitoring derived from the extremely useful union of the thermal sensors and the dedicated applications of the Apple Watch Series 8.

With them you will be able to generate a single-lead electrocardiogram, obtaining an ECG (electrocardiogram) at any time through the “EGC” app.

Measure your blood oxygen level whenever you want, including day and night background readings.

Control the schedule of your medicines and vitamins through the “Medications” app. So you can follow your medications, vitamins and supplements routine in a practical and discreet way. And you can also record what you took on the Apple Watch!

Training and workout on the Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8

In addition to having access to a multitude of workouts through Apple Fitness+ integrated with your smartwatch and your iPhone or your Smart TV, you can track your performance and customize your workouts.

Apple Watch has workouts for all tastes in the improved “Workout” app. Here, you’ll be able to quickly see heart rate zones and other advanced metrics, as well as custom intervals that help you keep your pace.

It is also possible to run a frequent course, repeating and improving your time. As if you were competing with yourself, setting goals to be achieved and managing to observe these metrics.

Keep in mind that when you purchase an Apple Watch Series 8, Apple gives you three free months of access to more than 11 types of Apple Fitness+ workouts, including audio-guided meditations, runs and walks.

3. Safety on the Apple Watch Series 8

Features such as accident and fall detection, and an Emergency SOS are something new in the new Apple Watch Series 8 lineup.

Apple Watch Series 8 safety

Apple smartwatches can, through sensors and more than a million hours of real data about driving and accidents, identify if you have been in a serious car accident, for example.

At this point, the feature can automatically call rescue services, showing your exact location and also inform your emergency contacts that something has happened to you.

This feature works by combining an improved three-axis, high dynamic range gyroscope with a new high-intensity G-force accelerometer, microphone, barometer and GPS.

The high-intensity G-force accelerometer detects an impact of up to 256g.

The “Emergency SOS” feature helps you if you keep the side button pressed, calling the local emergency services and sharing your location.

It is worth mentioning that the features above are not yet active in some places of the world. Make sure that it is available on your location before making a purchase, if this seems important to you!

4. Connections and customization

The greatest features within arms reach. With your Apple Watch Series 8, the world is always at your fingertips.

Calls, messages, music and other apps that make our routines easier are right there on your wrist.

Apps like Maps, Apple Pay and Siri are always available. Plus tens of thousands of apps on the App Store, ideal for all the things you love to do.

All this with an all-day battery with up to 18 hours of battery life or up to 36 hours with the new Low Power Mode.

Oh and you can also customize your display with your personal touch, personalized with everything you like, including Nike displays that are now available to everyone.

Apple Watch Series 8

5. Pricing and release date

With the start of sales scheduled for September 16, the Watch Series 8 will start at $399, while the Watch SE 2 and Watch Ultra will be sold for values from $249 and $799, respectively. Check with your local Apple Store so you can have a better idea of the price wherever you are!

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