The top 10 apps to help you live a healthy life!
The top 10 apps to help you live a healthy life!
The top 10 apps to help you live a healthy life!

The top 10 apps to help you live a healthy life!

Your mobile phone can be your greatest ally when it comes to simplifying or strengthening your routines in a healthier way. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best apps for you to take care of yourself, small steps to take that will lead you into that healthy life!

melhores apps para sua saúde

The phrase is old by now, but there’s no way not to talk about it. The pandemic has expanded our virtual access to a variety of tools that help us in different branches of life.

With our health it was no different. Alleviating anxiety and stress with meditation, practicing physical exercises, understanding when you need to seek medical help and contacting professionals or even receiving or searching for various tips to improve our health, using mobile devices, has become even simpler .

The practicality of having all of this in your phone is the best of the advantages. Everything in the palm of your hand!

So grab your smartphone and enjoy downloading the best apps to help you live a healthy live, following our tips below:

1. Aqualert

Drinking water is essential and having an app that helps you remember this important detail can be the main start of the process of taking care of your health.

Aqualert app para beber água e cuidar da saúde

Aqualert is a program available for Android and iOS that has very complete filters to define the ideal amount of water that should be consumed in the day. Its parameters include, in addition to sex and weight, items like, lifestyle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the weather. That is, they help to make the calculations even more accurate.

It also has a “bedtime” mode to avoid notifications at those inappropriate times.

Aqualert is free, and it has a super interesting option to pay an amount to remove ads, which is one of the biggest complaints from users.

2. Plant Nanny

Like Aqualert, another very interesting app for you who need visual and cute stimuli for your daily water reminders is Plant Nanny.

With it you choose a plant to grow and, when you drink water, it is watered. The app considers your body data and your lifestyle to calculate the consumption you need.

In addition, there is a shop in the app where you can buy other plants and even custom pots for your planting.

A fun way to keep drinking water!

Plant nanny app para sua saúde

EXTRA TIP: Did you know that Alexa can also be an excellent ally in your quest to hydrate yourself daily?

With it you can specify the time interval between reminders, and above all tell how many reminders need to be created. Just say: “Drink water every 15 minutes with the water bottle”, or even “Drink water every 20 minutes until 21:00 pm with the water bottle” and Alexa will help you!

3. Ingred

Now if you need an app that guides you in the world of food, Ingred will help you unravel and make reading complex food labels more didactic. After all, a healthy life requires you to be mindful towards what you are eating!

With the app you can see the positives and negatives of each product, compared to others of the same line. In addition, you will find deeper explanations on what each part of that product does to you body.

The app is available for free for iOS and Android.

4. TecnoNutri

Our fourth tip on the list of the best apps to help you take care of your health is TecnoNutri.

This app is very complete and highly recommended for those who want a low carb diet as it has a space just for this type of food.

Tecnonutri app para dieta

You will get basic nutritional tips and you will also be able to log all your meals. In addition, it offers recipe and menu options, with the right to lives with professionals and training plans.

With two version options, one free and one paid that is very complete, it is worth checking out.

5. Google Fit

Aimed at speed monitoring, the app collects data about the physical activities performed, showing details about the walk or run.

Google Fit app para treinos e saúde

Your exercises can be monitored by generating daily and weekly performance reports, with the help of the accelerometer built into your cell phone and Google Fit.

With the app you can create goals and track the weight loss provided by all the exercises done. There is also the possibility of integrating it with your smartwatch, if you use it, making monitoring even more complete.

Available for free for Android.

6. Nike Training Club 

And if Google Fit keeps track, Nike Training Club goes even further for your healthy life: it features over 180 workout suggestions that can be done at home or on the go. All of them with video instruction.

These series are divided into different levels of difficulty, that is, you can use it if you are starting your fitness life or if you are already a regular member of the gym. In addition, the app has a strong community, with in-person events for users all around the globe!

Nike training club app pra exercícios

The app has workout routines inspired by the sessions of well-known celebrities, such as Michael B. Jordan (Creed and Black Panther) and tennis player Serena Williams, among others.

The app is free and available for Android and iOS.

7. Calm 

Calm is an excellent app recommendation to improve your health and, above all, fight anxiety.

As its name implies, it is intended to make you more calm and relaxed, starting with the simple and easy-to-use interface. With an interface 100% in Portuguese, this app offers tools that help with sleep, stretching, breathing exercises, meditation and anxiety control, in addition to the user being able to hear sounds or see images of scenarios that promise to promote relaxation.

There are objectives for each program, which may also have different durations. It all depends on what you want, need and want to achieve.

Calm has paid and free versions, and is available for iOS and Android.

8. Flo 

Focused on women’s health, this amazing app allows you to track your menstrual flow, or understand the changes that the female body undergoes throughout the month. In addition, the app allows the administration of data about your health. You can add information such as weight, daily sleep duration, water consumption and even a log of physical activities.

healthy life

Flo arrives with the aim of monitoring the cycle and bringing personalized information to users, which can include daily symptoms ranging from sexual desire to mood swings, or from their pain – in the abdomen or in the back.

With Flo, you are invited to enter your daily information, as well as mark the first day of your period so that the app can follow you and bring you recommendations to go through the cycle more smoothly. Never underestimate the power these apps have when you are trying to live a healthy life!

With the continuous use of the tool, the duration of the menstrual cycle is regulated and the woman can follow the dates of the next period and thus identify any different symptoms.

The app also notifies about menstrual delays, ovulation period and even the best times of the month for users who want to get pregnant. The paid option is well differentiated, offering premium support, expert articles, detection of physical and emotional patterns, and general health courses.

Available in free and paid version for Android and iOS.

9. MyTherapy Pill Reminder

This is a great alternative for those who need to organize their medication schedule.

With options such as including a photo of the medicine and consulting old data, the MyTherapy Pill Reminder app offers simplified information about the composition, purpose and interactions of medication with food as a differential.

It is worth checking out this option of apps to help you with a healthy life.

10. Sleep Cycle 

And if you’re looking for something to help you sleep, Sleep Cycle might be a good start!

The tool tracks the user’s sleep patterns, which means that the app will only wake you up during the lightest phase of your sleep. This is one of the ways to ensure a more natural awakening that will make you feel more rested.

All this because the Sleep Cycle monitors the quality of sleep through the noise that is emitted while the user sleeps.

If you’ve been waking up tired and tired, download it now for free on both iOS and Android.

healthy life

And so we end our list of the top 10 best apps to help you live a healthy life. However, we would like to bring you some important considerations about using apps, which have everything to do with your health.


A 2021 study by a team at King’s College London found that smartphone addiction reduces sleep quality.

In this way, it is worth taking some care when associating your health routines with cell phone use.

Nomophobia, which is the term used to define cell phone addiction, can be harmful and this would be the opposite of the intention of creating this list. That’s why we’ve brought you some tips so you can enjoy the benefits of technology in the best way.

So stay tuned:

  • Prioritize the use of applications that really help you in your routine;
  • For this, determine the limits of hours of use of social networks, many of them already have this option;
  • Set times for offline and outdoor activities;
  • Opt for screen settings that adjust intense brightness and rest your eyes;
  • Share notifications with your family and caregivers so you don’t have to check your smartphone all the time;
  • Disable notifications that are not urgent;
  • How about using the Pomodoro Technique to better manage your time?
  • Make it a habit to stop looking at screens at least an hour before bed.
  • In case of emergencies, ask your contacts to call you.

Anyway, with these little tips and the inclusion of apps that can help you improve your health, your quality of life will certainly increase and you will experience sensations of improvement in all aspects of your routine.

How’d you like these 10 apps to help you live a healthy life?

Share it with your friends and make sure that you are living your life to the fullest!

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