Cheap setup to do live streaming: 10 things you need to buy

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Many people want to make their debut in the world of live broadcasts using live streaming apps, but they often get discouraged by the idea, imagining that the equipment to stream, costs a fortune. However, there are several options of what to buy to assemble a cheap setup to do live streaming.

One of the first steps for those who want to do live streaming is to choose a good live streaming tool, like these four that are considered the best on the market:

To find out about all the equipment you will need to do your live broadcasts, keep reading our article on what to buy in a cheap setup to do live streaming.

What equipment do I need to do live streaming?

To do live streaming you will have to acquire a series of equipment, such as a camera, headset, lighting, switcher, and tripods, among other items. However, to make a low-cost live streaming setup, you will need to know what the essential equipment is and focus on the models that offer the best value for money.

One of the pieces of equipment that cannot be missing is a good headset:

Another piece of equipment you might also need is a webcam:

To help you get to know these devices and find out which are the best options, we are going to list in this article all the devices that make up a cheap setup to do live streaming. Enjoy and also check out these tips for beginners on how to do successful live streams.

Cheap setup to do live streaming equipment

1. Fast Internet

Starting our selection for a cheap setup to do live streaming, let’s talk about the internet. Although we are not exactly talking about live streaming equipment, it will be essential to have a good internet connection. It doesn’t matter which platform you are using, YouTube, Twitch, Restream, or Be.Live, without a fast internet connection you will not be able to stably stream your content.

When choosing a broadband provider, it is essential to consider not only the company’s reputation but also the speeds offered in the plans. Advertised speeds often refer to the download rate, but for live streaming, the upload rate is more important. The upload rate determines the speed at which data is sent from your device to the internet.

Another point worth remembering is that, while the company will provide a router and a modem, they typically aren’t that good. So, purchasing a new one might be a good idea. There are several models on the market, but the cheapest ones that support high download and upload rates are these:

However, before purchasing a router, it is important to consult your broadband provider about the technical requirements that the device needs to have to take full advantage of the speed of the plan you intend to subscribe to.

2. Transmission software

To broadcast live you will need to use some social network or streaming platform. At first, this item doesn’t seem like part of an inexpensive live setup, but you’ll soon discover that having good software or a platform to do your live streams is very important to your success.

Many social networks offer ways to do live streaming in a simple and free way, such as Instagram and Facebook. However, many prefer to use professional platforms for their broadcasts, as they offer many tools and features that enrich their live broadcasts, such as the best live streaming software and platforms.

If you already know the free tools, and now want to explore professional platforms with affordable plans, we have tested and recommend these four:

When using any of these four platforms you will have access to more advanced tools that will completely transform your live streaming, giving your work a more professional touch. With these tools, it is even possible to do live streaming on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

3. Computer

The computer (or notebook) is among the most important items on our list. With a good computer, you will have more tools at your disposal and you will be able to make live broadcasts with professional quality. However, this investment does not have to be expensive, which is why there are several options on the market that represent an excellent choice based on cost-effectiveness.

A computer to play live streaming needs to have a good processor, an adequate amount of RAM, and a video card that meets your needs.

  • Processor:

A good processor increases the overall performance of the computer by allowing several applications to run simultaneously. The entry-level processor for live streaming must have at least 4 cores and 8 threads, like those of the Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 series.

  • RAM:

The minimum RAM for live streaming without crashes must be 16 GB. However, if you intend to do heavier game live streaming or use real-time video editing software, 32 GB of RAM may be more suitable for your case.

  • Video card:

It is the graphics card that takes care of image rendering and assists in encoding the live stream. To avoid headaches, opt for a dedicated graphics card with at least 4GB of VRAM, such as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or better.

You can also choose to stream directly from your mobile phone, which on some platforms or types of live streaming may work quite well. However, if the objective is to achieve maximum quality in your live streaming, it is advisable to invest in a computer or notebook.

4. Camera/Webcam

Top 10 Webcams for Live Streaming Logitech Brio 500

Continuing with our list for an inexpensive live streaming setup, let’s talk about the camera. Having a good image is essential for a live  broadcast to be considered quality. Viewers want to see you clearly, so it’s important to invest in a good camera.

There are several professional cameras on the market, some with a good cost-benefit ratio. Among the best, we can recommend these:

However, professional cameras can be too expensive and definitely out of your budget to put together a cheap live streaming setup. Therefore, in this case, the most recommended thing is to use a webcam, which is cheaper than professional cameras and delivers a good enough quality to do a live transmission.

Good webcams to do live streaming first need to have a good resolution, which must be at least 1080p (Full HD). The frame rate (FPS) is another important point. For live streams, choose a webcam that supports at least 30 FPS. Finally, the ideal webcam should have an autofocus feature to keep the image sharp while streaming, especially when there is movement.

We want to highlight these three:

5. Headset

The ideal headphone for live streaming needs to have some important characteristics, such as clear audio, a good quality microphone, adequate acoustic isolation, and being light and comfortable enough, among other characteristics.

The market currently offers numerous options for brands and models of headsets for those who want to broadcast live. Although there are many expensive models focused on design and premium quality, others also deliver good sound quality without weighing too much on your pocket.

We especially highlight these cheaper models:

6. Microphone

The headset already comes with a built-in microphone, however, if you want to raise the quality level of your live streaming broadcasts, an important purchase is a professional microphone. Currently, it is possible to find on Amazon several microphones on offer that offer excellent quality.

An ideal microphone for live streaming should be able to pick up the sound of your voice clearly in a variety of situations. It should transmit clearly both when you speak softly and when you raise your tone or shout, avoiding distortions. In addition, a good live streaming microphone should provide a balanced sound and emphasize the midrange frequencies.

Among the available options, the cheapest ones, but which still deliver good quality, are these:

7. Switcher


The use of two or more cameras at the transmission location is more and more frequent and provides a more attractive presentation, capable of holding the attention of your viewers. However, in addition to having to purchase more cameras, to switch between them, it is essential to use a switcher.

This device is equipped with a series of controls that allow you to cut and change the displayed image, switching between different cameras. With the switcher it is also possible to apply visual and sound effects, making your live streaming much more interesting to watch.

Among the most used switcher models for making live streaming, we highlight these three:

8. Lighting

Continuing with our compilation of equipment for an inexpensive live streaming setup, let’s now talk about the lighting. Lighting also makes a big difference in the quality of a live stream. No matter how bright the environment where you intend to do your live streaming is, often the camera, due to technical limitations, tends to darken the image, making it less attractive.

To transmit a clear and illuminated image, the minimum that you will need is a ring light, which are those circular LEDs that draw attention due to their circular format. There are several options of size and power, and among the most popular and cheapest on the market, we can indicate these:

Another type of lighting also widely used for live streaming transmissions is the softbox, which consists of a box-shaped reflector that contains one or more lamps inside. The front of the softbox is usually covered with a diffusing fabric, which softens the light and eliminates harsh shadows, giving it a more natural feel.

Although it is not as cheap an option as ring lights, with a softbox it is possible to raise the quality of your live streaming, providing viewers with a well-lit and professional-looking image.

9. Tripod

Despite being basic and affordable accessories, believe me: you will need some tripods in your equipment setup, from the small ones that serve to hold microphones, to the larger ones that have a good height and support the weight of cameras and lighting.

There are several models of tripods on the market, most of them are inexpensive and manage to meet all the needs of those who want to do live streaming. However, it is important to know that the more expensive models, in general, are also more robust and durable, in addition to having more articulations and adjustments, which facilitates the positioning of equipment, such as cameras, for example.

Here are some of these cost-effective tripod options:

10. Teleprompter


The teleprompter is a piece of live streaming equipment that is not always necessary, but in some cases, it can be essential to make quality live broadcasts. This device is used to help the live presenter to read a previously prepared script.

The equipment displays the text in a mirrored way, which is reflected in a transparent glass positioned in front of the camera, allowing the presenter to read the content by looking directly at the camera. This feature is often used when you need to read some text exactly as it was written, without improvising.

There are several models and sizes of teleprompters, from compact options, suitable for cameras and cell phones, to larger professional models, used in television studios.

What does the PC need for live streaming?

The ideal PC to play live streaming needs to have at least 16GB of RAM and a good performance intermediate processor, such as an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5. In addition, you must have a video card such as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 series or higher.

What is needed to do live streaming?

If you are looking to do simpler live streaming, all you need is a phone and access to a social network, such as Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. However, if you want to do more professional live streams, you should first sign up to a professional live streaming platform, such as Restream, Be.LiveOneStream, and  Streamyard.

Do you need a video card to go live?

It is possible to do live streaming directly from a =phone, without the need to use a video card. However, if your intention is to make professional live broadcasts or game streaming, it will be essential to acquire a good video card to have quality and fluid motions in your transmission.

What to buy to be a streamer?

To start in the universe of streamers you will need a series of equipment, such as a headset, webcam, switcher, lighting, and tripods. You can also enhance your live broadcasts by purchasing a microphone and teleprompter to give your live stream a more professional touch.