16 tips to choose a good gaming headset!

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Immersion is everything in the streaming world, and one of the key elements that contribute to that experience is audio quality. For this reason, knowing the tips to choose a good gaming headset is essential for making high-quality live streams. Just like gaming chairs, headphones for streamers and live streams are usually developed for this specific niche, which is why they are so important.

A good starting point is to research the most popular and highly rated models on the market. We recommend these headsets, which are among the best-known and praised by the gamer public:

As you may have noticed, there are many headphone options on the market, but do you know which one is best for you? With that in mind, AppTuts has prepared a selection of the top tips to choose a good gaming headset.

How to choose a gaming headset?

When choosing a headset for games, you need to take into account the audio quality, microphone capture, how comfortable it is, and embedded audio technologies, among other aspects.

So, if you want to buy a headset to play with friends or to make gameplay videos, check out these 16 tips to choose a good gaming headset, so you can choose yours without fear.

tips for choosing a good headset for gamers

1. Define what your need is

Starting our list of tips to choose a good gaming headset, the first step is to know what your real needs are. There are currently dozens of models on the market, each with different functionalities and features to meet the needs of each consumer.

If you are starting to venture into the world of games, maybe a basic model will be enough to satisfy your needs. However, if you are an experienced gamer and have already had a few headsets in your career, a more advanced model with more features may be the most suitable option for you.

If the environment where you play is a noisy place, where there are barking dogs and sounds of sirens passing by, you can benefit from a headset with large cups that completely cover your ears, or even models that have a noise canceling feature.

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2. Choose from available designs and styles

Before choosing a gaming headset, it’s important to consider the different designs and styles available on the market. Some headsets have a vintage look, inspired by audio equipment of yesteryear. Other models have a more current look, with more modern themes and a more futuristic appearance.

For this reason, when choosing your headset to game, evaluate your style first to choose a model that really suits you. If you intend to do live broadcasts, also take into account the clothes you intend to wear and the decoration of the environment, so that everything is talking harmoniously.

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3. Construction and finish: invest in durability

Construction and finish are aspects that should also be taken into account when choosing the ideal headset for you. The models can present different levels of quality in the plastics and metals used, and this will directly influence their durability.

Observe the quality of the cable, checking that they are removable and well-reinforced. The padding on the cups and headband should be made with durable materials, as these are areas that tend to wear out over time. Also, pay attention to the headset’s hinges, which should be well-built and not appear flimsy.

It is also important to look at the reputation of the brand. More established or popular companies tend to offer more reliable and higher-quality models.

4. Prioritize sound quality

Continuing with our list of tips to choose a good gaming headset, let’s talk about the sound quality. This is certainly the point where you should pay the most attention when choosing a headset. High-quality audio needs to display all frequencies in a clear and well-balanced manner.

The lowest frequencies need to be deep and impactful, providing a sense of immersion in the game. The mids should be clear, allowing you to hear details like voices and sound effects clearly. Finally, the highs need to be open and well-defined, without distortion or shrillness.

5. Check audio technology

Some technologies and features are essential to improve the sound experience and immersion during your gaming sessions. First, all headphones must be stereo at a minimum, meaning they reproduce sound through two distinct channels – one for each ear – providing a basic sense of dimensionality.

Among the technologies available for audio reproduction, we can also highlight Dolby Atmos, DTS Headphone, and Surround 5.1 and 7.1, which offer multiple audio channels, providing an advanced spatial perception. With sound coming from multiple directions, this technology creates an immersive experience and helps pinpoint the position of game elements such as gunfire and sound effects.

headphone with audio technology tips for choosing a good headset for gamers

6. Check the technical specifications

When choosing your headset, it is important to analyze the technical specifications that are usually somewhere in the advertisement. These specifications are important as they provide information about the performance and quality of the headset.

The frequency response reveals the headphone’s ability to reproduce bass, midrange, and treble perfectly, and the minimum expected is that it can reproduce frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz, as this is the range humans hear. However, wider ranges mean more fidelity.

Impedance is related to amplification and the ability of a headphone to reproduce sound at a good volume. A quality headset will usually have an impedance of 32 ohms or more, making it easy to get good volume on different devices.

Finally, we have sensitivity, which measures how efficiently the headset converts the electrical signal into sound. It is desirable that the headphone reaches at least 100 dB, however, the higher this value, the better the sound quality reproduced.

7. Check the microphone quality

If you talk a lot during the game or intend to become a streamer, choosing a headset with a good microphone will make all the difference. In general, headset microphones are not designed for quality, but to make conversation possible during games. However, there are many exceptions to this rule and several models bring high-quality microphones, such as the Logitech G935.

First, it is important that the headset microphone is detachable, to facilitate cleaning and replacement of the part in the event of a defect. Some advanced features are also welcome, such as noise cancellation and a flip-to-mute function, which allows you to quickly mute it when necessary.

A good headset microphone should reproduce the sound of your voice clearly, emphasizing the mid-range where the human voice is located. It must be able to reproduce the sound with balance, whether you are speaking softly or loudly.

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8. Look for comfort and ergonomics

Next in our compilation of tips to choose a good gaming headset, we have something that you should pay close attention to, which is the comfort and ergonomics provided by the headset you want to buy. We spend several hours playing, and an uncomfortable headset not only provides a bad experience but can negatively impact in-game performance.

The pads that cover the ear cups must be made of soft and adaptable materials, such as memory foam, ensuring comfort during long gaming sessions. It is important to observe the material used to cover the cushions, as some may be fragile or get very hot on warmer days.

The foam on the headmand, which is in contact with the top of the head, should be equally soft and provide a comfortable fit.

9. Value noise isolation

Acoustic isolation is an aspect that must be carefully analyzed, especially by those who play in noisy environments or with a lot of sound distractions.

When choosing your headset, observe the size of the cups and whether they can cover your entire ear, creating a barrier between external sound and your ears. In this sense, pay attention to whether the headset has the term “over-ear” in the advertisement, as this type of format generally offers better acoustic isolation.

Headphones with active noise-canceling features are also very suitable for gamers. However, it is worth remembering that although this technology can reduce constant sounds, it may not be as effective in eliminating unexpected noise.

10. Wired or wireless? Choose the connection

Basically, there are two connection options available on the headsets: wired and wireless. Although the wireless connection seems to be the right option without a doubt, the truth is that each one has advantages and disadvantages.

In the wired connection, the latency is very low, which guarantees audio is perfectly synchronized with what happens in the game. Another point worth thinking about is the audio quality, which tends to be somewhat higher in wired headphones, as the physical connection is free of compression or interference.

The wireless connection, although it has a slightly higher latency and slightly lower audio quality, allows for greater mobility, ensuring that you don’t bump into anything, even when you are making sudden movements. Headsets with this technology generally have a better build and more attractive design.

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11. Make sure you have advanced controls

Some headsets, especially top-of-the-line ones, offer a variety of advanced controls and features. Among the most common are volume controls, mute function, and microphone activation directly on the earphone or cable.

In addition, some models also offer applications where you can access various advanced features to further optimize your sound experience. With this software, you can equalize the audio, create personalized profiles and apply filters, in addition to other customizations that make the headset adapted especially for you.

advanced controls on gaming headsets

12. Consider battery life

When choosing a good headset to play games, if you choose a wireless model, it is essential to pay attention to battery life. Battery life can vary greatly between models, and extended battery life is essential to ensure you don’t run out of juice during your gaming sessions.

When looking for a wireless headset, look for models that offer at least 8 hours of continuous use, which should be enough for most gaming sessions. However, models that bring longer battery life should be prioritized, as battery capacity tends to decrease over time.

In addition, also check if the battery has some technology that allows faster charging, as this will make a lot of difference in the time you spend waiting to play again.

13. Check for ease of maintenance

Moving forward with our tips to choose a good gaming headset, let’s talk about maintenance. Some headset brands invest a lot of money in design and audio quality, but they have a fragile construction and can be damaged in the first time they’re dropped on the floor. For this reason, pay attention to the ease of maintenance of the model you are interested in.

Headsets with removable or interchangeable parts are always the best choice, as they allow the replacement of specific parts when they wear out or fail. When choosing your headphones, give preference to brands that offer replacement parts for their models.

14. Confirm headset compatibility

When choosing a good headset for gamers, check that the model you want to purchase is compatible with the devices you intend to use to play, such as computers, consoles, and cell phones.

Among the most common connectors we can highlight the traditional 3.5 mm jack, present in the P2 and P3 models; the 6.35mm pin, also known as the P10 and generally used in professional equipment; and wireless connection such as Bluetooth. To ensure compatibility, identify the audio input of the device you will be playing on and verify that your headset jack supports that input.

15. Read reviews from other consumers

Before making your purchase, it is always good to research the reviews of other consumers. While these opinions can provide very personal insights, they can provide important information about the headset’s quality, performance, and durability.

When you’re shopping online, be sure to scroll down and check the customer reviews, which are usually located at the bottom of the headset ad.

Consumer complaint sites, such as TrustPilot, can also be very useful, especially to investigate whether the model has any recurring defects or quality problems.

16. Check if you have a warranty and support

Finishing our selection of tips for choosing a good headset for gamers, we have the issue of support and warranty. There are countries that have good warranty laws, ensuring a minimum of 90 days of warranty to the customer. There are countries that don’t offer this protection.

So, pay attention to both your local laws and to the official warranty offered by the company, so you can buy a product that’s gonna last that much longer!

headset for gamers

Top questions about headphones for gamers

What is the best headset for gaming?

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Why buy a gaming headset?

The headset, in addition to having optimized audio for games, is more comfortable and has better ergonomics than traditional headphones.

How to know if the device is good for games?

A good headset for gaming has good audio quality, an excellent microphone, and is very light and comfortable.

What is the difference between a headset and headphones?

The main difference between a headset and a conventional headset is the presence of a microphone in the kit.

What to know before buying a headset?

Before buying a headset, it’s important to identify the use you’re going to give it, so you can choose the model that best suits your needs.

What is the best headset brand?

HyperX has been touted as one of the best brands in the world for gamers. The brand offers a wide range of headsets that cater to entry-level users to more enthusiasts.