6 Top tools to create images with artificial intelligence

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In recent years, we have seen a significant advance in the use of technologies in everyday tasks. Among those that have attracted the most attention are the tools to create images with artificial intelligence (AI), the most famous of which is ChatGPT, although it can’t create images. This has made these tools increasingly sophisticated and accessible.

This movement occurs because people who don’t have advanced knowledge in graphic design can create stunning and high-quality images with great ease. Tools like Stable Diffusion, Lensa, DALL-E, and DeepDream can process a lot of visual information and even suggest design ideas based on their analysis.

For this reason, many companies are adopting artificial intelligence tools to enhance their marketing campaigns. Even independent content creators use these and other powerful AI tools to increase their productivity. In this article, we will talk about the six best artificial intelligence tools for creating images.

What’s the best AI to create images?

Although there are many artificial intelligence options to help you develop fine art, some still need to evolve a lot to reach the level of a human being. However, this does not mean that this evolution will take time. As seen throughout the history of the internet, the time to improve technologies is getting smaller, especially when it is widely used and people offer feedback to its creators.

Currently, choosing the best tools to create images with artificial intelligence can be challenging, as each one has advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, AI has different value propositions. Therefore, you need to take into account the type of image you want to create and the features offered by the tool. See our list of the best options on the market and which one best suits your needs.

1. DALL-E 2


Opening our list of best tools to create images with artificial intelligence is DALL-E 2. Besides making it possible to produce a high-quality and realistic image, it can be used in various areas such as product design, and the gaming industry and even offer a helping hand with filmmaking.

By enabling the generation of highly realistic and personalized images from textual descriptions, DALL-E 2 can help reduce the time and costs associated with the visual content creation process. However, the AI still needs to evolve to be able to generate images without flaws or distortions.

2. MidJourney


Midjourney gained a lot of popularity on social networks, especially on TikTok, for being able to generate interesting images from little information. For each artwork order, users are given four options to choose which to turn into a high-resolution image.

This artificial intelligence is still under development. Therefore, Midjourney operates within Discord, which is not a social network widely used in many countries. This causes many people not to use the tool since there is no web interface to generate the images. Another negative point is that there is no way to create completely private images, except in the most expensive paid plan.

3. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion create images with artificial intelligence

Stable Diffusion arrived with the aim of improving the imaging process through a technique called stochastic diffusion. One of its great advantages is the quick time it allows images to be generated, helping in the agile process of creating visual content. In addition, the AI offers great flexibility in image formation, allowing its users to make realistic portraits of people and even abstract images.

The technique used by Stable Diffusion to create images is still very new. As such, it requires a lot of computing power to operate effectively. This factor can restrict its access to small businesses and individuals. However, with the growth and popularity of artificial intelligence, this is bound to change.

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4. Lensa


If you’re an Instagram user, you’ve probably seen an image generated by Lensa. This application features a tool called “Magic Avatars”, which uses artificial intelligence to create personalized avatars based on photos submitted by users. The process to create images with this artificial intelligence called Lensa is simple and fast, contributing to its ease of use.

However, it is worth noting that Lensa is not a free application. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase one of the packages available to access the app’s tools.

5. DeepDream

DeepDream create images with artificial intelligence

Featured in our selection of the best tools to create images with artificial intelligence is DeepDream, developed by the Google Brain team. This AI uses a pre-trained neural network to identify patterns in an image, enhance it, and create an image from it. If your focus is to make original and attractive art, with DeepDream you can do it because it stands out for creating images that would not be possible to be done in any other way.

But to have such a well-made image, DeepDream takes a while to finalize it. While this may not be a problem for anyone creating visual content for a work of art such as a film, for example, it can limit the applicability of AI in common everyday creations.

6. Prisma

Prisma create images with artificial intelligence

Prisma can transform photos into works of art through convolutional neural networks. It applies artistic styles to images, creating effects similar to famous paintings or comic book illustrations, all without requiring its users to have advanced artistic skills. In this sense, the AI becomes an excellent tool for those who want to take advantage of different artistic styles for image creation.

Looking at Prisma’s evolution, it still needs to advance in customization and fine-tuning of images. In this way, it will be able to help its users to control the final result of their creations, making them reach the ideal point for each job.

Prisma is available for Android and iOS, but it’s not the only app you can use on your phone to create images. Despite not being artificial intelligence, in this list, you will find the 10 best apps to resize images on your phone easily!