How to choose a tablet: 5 essential tips!

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A tablet is the solution for anyone looking for something bigger than their smartphones but smaller than their notebooks to watch movies, read, and play games on the go. However, you need to know how to choose a tablet for your needs.

With the launch of the iPad in 2010, the tablet market was born and, even though it is one of the best tablets in the market, there are devices from Amazon, Samsung, Xiaomi, and many others.

For this reason, in this article, we created a guide with some great tips to help you make a decision when buying your tablet. Check it out:


No matter what you’re looking for, one of the first and most important factors you’ll likely consider is price.

Due to the entry of other manufacturers in the market, there was a lot of help in reducing the cost of budget devices for people interested in purchasing a tablet.

For those who want to spend a little more, there is a vast list, and this is where iPads stand out, with prices starting at $500.

Price how to choose a tablet

Operating system

Choosing a suitable operating system is another of the biggest decisions you need to make when it comes to how to choose a tablet. Today there are several options on the market, but the ones with greater market acceptance are Apple’s iPadOS and Google’s Android.


Android is certainly more popular in volume as it is present in most Tablet manufacturers in the market, such as Samsung and Lenovo and so many others.

When you buy a Samsung tablet, for example, it will likely come with a pretty clean (ie, not a lot of extra software pre-installed) version of Android.

In its pure form, Android is as easy to navigate as Apple’s iPadOS, and its Google Play Store offers access to a vast selection of apps and games.


Apple’s iPadOS is basically an iOS version adapted for iPads. It was the first operating system on the market, released in 2010.

Apple’s system features a well-designed interface that provides access to a number of great games and apps through the App Store and seamless integration with other Apple products you may have.

Battery Life

Another important thing to consider on how to choose a tablet is how long it will last with a full battery. Most, promise to last you for days or weeks if you don’t use it much.

What’s important is that different activities consume a tablet’s battery in different proportions. Playing graphically intense games drains your battery much faster than looking at photos, for example.

If you’re prioritizing battery life, the iPad Pro lasts nearly 14 hours on a single charge. If you prefer the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, it can last just over 13 hours.

Battery Life how to choose a tablet


The tablet is sold as a multi-purpose entertainment device, designed to let you download many apps, play games, watch videos, and view photos.

All that media quickly consumes space, and when your device is full, you’ll have to deal with the painful process of deciding what to delete when you need to make room for new stuff.

If the tablet you’re thinking about buying lets you expand your storage via microSD or something similar, great! Just be sure to research how much this will cost you, so be prepared when the time comes.

However, when it comes to iPads, built-in storage is all the storage you’ll get. The basic iPad’s 32GB storage capacity may be too small.

So when choosing which tablet to buy, make sure you get one with at least 128GB of storage and potentially more if you can’t upgrade in the future.


The last thing to consider when talking about how to choose a tablet is what accessories you want to have when using your device.

While tablets were initially sold as devices made for media consumption, they have also evolved into reasonably respectable authoring tools.

Specifically, there are two accessory possibilities worth considering for your tablet that can significantly enhance its capabilities.


First, if you want to spend time doodling, taking notes, and writing or drawing on your tablet, you’ll need a quality pen.

If you’re buying an iPad, your best bet is Apple’s magnetic pencil. However, the accessory can reach around $200 which can be considered high for some users.

So there are some great alternatives to Apple Pencil, from companies like Adonit and Logitech that are more cost-effective and worth checking out.

If you’re buying an Android tablet, you may have access to several pen options to buy separately if you want to do a usability test.

But if you’re sure you want a tablet that already comes with a pen, you can opt for options like the Galaxy Tab S6, from Samsung, or MediaPad M5 Lite, from Huawei.


Another important point is if you want your tablet to work as a notebook in the blink of an eye if you need to write on it, it’s advisable to invest in a tablet with a good detachable keyboard.

If you’re buying an iPad, Apple has several options for its own branded accessories, and you need to carefully check that everything you’re buying is compatible with your device.

Purchasing from Apple’s website will provide a useful option to add a compatible keyboard and stylus with your iPad purchase during the checkout process.

If you are buying an Android tablet, there are many third-party accessory options on the market available for you to purchase. Samsung makes ​​very good keyboards for many of its Galaxy tablets, highlighting the excellent Galaxy Tab S7.

accessories how to choose a tablet

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