Is it still worth it to post on Facebook?

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No, Facebook is not dead! And if you think that way and don’t use the most accessed social network on the planet, find out below why it’s still worth it to post on Facebook.

Well, Facebook is number 1 among all social networks with the highest number of active users in the world, followed by YouTube and WhatsApp. At the end of last year, the company changed its name to “Meta” in search of a more connective proposal and with an eye on the evolution and integration of connected experiences.

postar no Facebook para negocios

From these points alone, we can already see that Facebook may be going through a restructuring phase, but it still has its eye – and partnerships – focused on technology and innovation. This is the case of the partnership with Ray-Ban, with Ray-Ban Stories, the first generation of smart glasses so you can share your point of view, stories, and memories on social networks.

Also, if you want to expand your reach and are thinking about starting advertising for your Instagram business page, you will need a Facebook account.

In this article, we will show you the importance of this social network and finally, talk about the best posting times.

1. After all, what is the importance of Facebook?

If you don’t have a website and don’t use Google My Business, Facebook’s ad manager and Meta Business Suite will certainly help you grow and boost your brand by showing important data about your business on these networks.

First, you will need to create a page within a personal Facebook profile. With the page created you will be able to insert administrators to help you in the management, through Meta Business Suite and create a page in the Ads Manager.

These accounts will allow you to create, schedule, and manage your content and ads on both networks. In addition to being able to manage your business account, you will be able to:

  • Set up a schedule for your Stories and Feed content;
  • Analyze your engagement metrics;
  • Understand what your best posts were;
  • Advertise more efficiently and with better focus;
  • Create campaigns and ads with access to metrics and results;
  • Better select your target audience profile.

And, since Instagram and Facebook are from the same company, you can still optimize your time and post simultaneously on both networks, reaching your audience in different ways. This can be done either through Instagram itself or Meta Business.

Keeping your Facebook page up to date reinforces the veracity of your business. Although people don’t look at Facebook pages much, if the content is relevant, people will interact and get involved. See as an example the pages of Netflix, GoPro, and large companies that keep their pages super active and engaged.

One thing is for sure: almost everyone is on Facebook! It may not be the most prominent network, but it certainly has particularities that you use a lot and that you can take advantage of in your business. Take a look at some:

  • Remember birthdays of followers and friends;
  • Schedule events;
  • Insert articles and links that direct the audience to your website or blog;
  • Make game live streams and conquer thousands of followers;
  • Creation and participation in Facebook Groups, to strengthen ties with your followers.

Facebook Groups, for example, are powerful tools that are widely explored by content creators who sell online courses. These closed groups end up valuing the course experience even more as they end up being a valuable networking opportunity.

And, even if your posts don’t go viral on this platform, with Facebook’s intelligence you can reach people with the potential to be your customers, through common interests, location, age, and even by type of phone, for example.

This intelligence is what you pay for when promoting posts and creating ads. Generate profit for Facebook, yes! But it also opens up a huge possibility for you who have a smaller profile and would not be able to make such a good ad for your brand outside of this facilitated virtual environment.

However, the quality of the content posted on your page is very important. As well as the schedule of these posts, which also greatly influence the reach of your page. We’ll talk more about that below.

2. What is the best time to post on Facebook?

I know it’s boring and you’ve heard it a lot many times, and you even despair just thinking that we’re going to tell you the same thing. And, yes, we will!

The best time to post your content is very unique as it depends on your specific audience.

However, here are some so-called “dead zone” times when you shouldn’t post. Avoid posting, for example, when your audience is offline, like at dawn. Unless, of course, your brand’s focus is an insomnia product, right?

But if not, the platform’s metrics analysis can help you study and structure your planning.

Here are some basic tips to help you with this issue:

2.1 Access the “Insights” menu

To find data on the best moments of your audience’s engagement, such as overview, results, content and audience profile, follow these steps:

#1. Open your Facebook and click on your business page.

#2. In the side menu, scroll down until you find “Insights” and click to access your page metrics.

go to insights post on Facebook

#3. In the menu on the left side of the screen, you will find some sections of your Insights, while on the main screen you will have access to graphs and tables.

insights home post on Facebook

#4. Scroll down and click on “Your 5 Most Recent Posts”. This will open a graph showing when your followers are online:

insights times post on Facebook

#5. Hovering the mouse cursor over the graph will show the insights by days of that week.

#6. You can also track the reach and engagement of your content and identify when your followers are most likely to react, comment, and share your content. Just click on “See all posts

see all posts

#7. In the table, you will have access to post metrics with date, time, reach, and engagement. Pay close attention to the details of each post and understand how they work with your audience.

Tip: In this menu, you can even include pages from competitors to compare their performance and check which posts had better reach, engagement, and likes so you can learn better what to post on Facebook.

2.2 Accessing Metrics from Meta Business Suite

To find data on the best moments of your audience’s engagement, such as overview, results, content, and audience profile, follow these steps.

#1. Access your page through the Meta Business Suite website and click on the side menu, on “Analysis

insights on business suite

#2. By clicking on each item, you will have access to specific data, being able to adjust the period in which you would like to check data and can even export them.

#3. Explore the tool well to know the profile of the public, if you have a female product in your region and most of your followers are male or live outside your brand’s radius of coverage, your profile will likely have interactions but very few chances of sales, right?

Finally, it is worth remembering that Facebook is currently the main media investment. We are not talking about content here, but about media. For this, your content needs to be very specific to reach the right customers.

Using the tips above we are sure you will find the best strategies.

And do you think it is still worth it to post on Facebook?

Tell us if you invest in this tool, if you already knew and knew how to explore Insights and if you have any questions, so that we can help you.