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Is earning the blue badge to be verified on Twitter your goal? Then follow below the main requirements to receive yours.

intro verified on Twitter

Verification attests to the legitimacy of your account and allows people to understand that they can trust the authorship and authority of the profile. In addition to the possibility of gaining access to new functions firsthand.

The greater the confidence in the authenticity of the profile, the greater the engagement received. To receive the seal, there are some requirements that the platform checks to ensure authenticity.

Below we’ll provide you with detailed information about these Twitter requirements so you can check if you can apply and earn your brand. Starting with the importance of verification, then bringing information about who can and how to be verified, and ending with important questions about canceling the seal.

What does it mean to be verified on Twitter?

Verification is there not as a sign of endorsement, but to let people know that Twitter recognizes a profile as being in the public interest, as well as signaling the account’s trustworthiness.

Another important item reinforced by the seal is the guarantee that illustrious accounts, such as celebrities, brands, politicians, and others, really belong to these entities.

After all, in a world full of fake news, imitators, haters, and so many other negative things, having a visible symbol on your profile ensures that people know, at a glance, that your account is not run by robots, for example.

This way users can feel more confident that they are not being manipulated or deceived by machines. And this can even lead to an increase in the number of followers on your profile.

Who can be verified on Twitter

According to the platform itself, “to receive a verification seal, your account must be authentic, notable and active”.

But what does that really mean?

We’ll look at each of the requirements in more detail below, but we’ll start with the basics. There are currently six types of notable accounts considered for the Twitter badge. They are:

  1. Governments;
  2. Companies, brands, and non-profit organizations;
  3. News organizations and journalists;
  4. Entertainment;
  5. Sports and e-sports;
  6. Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals.

To receive the seal you will need to fit into one of these accounts, but how do the other requirements work?


One of the ways to be verified on Twitter is authenticity, that is, the platform needs confirmation of identity precisely to ensure that no one will impersonate you or your brand, including ensuring that copyrights and trademarks are protected.


Being noteworthy, or being notable, means that you or your brand is known and to confirm this notability, there are a few methods.

Articles, news coverage, or a mention on Wikipedia are some of the ways to demonstrate your notability. Google trends or industry benchmarks are also ways to ensure this requirement.

For example, if you have a page on IMDb you will probably be guaranteed. The Internet Movie Database is one of the largest online databases on film and everything to do with the entertainment industry. In addition to gathering information about artists and productions, the site also allows users to create lists and rate their favorite films.

However, if your account is in the top 0.05% of followers or mentions for your geographic location, it can be considered remarkable.


An active account is a complete, public account that has no records of violations of Twitter’s policies. Of course, some exceptions are made to accounts at high risk of forgery and identity or with security concerns.

But above are the main criteria for your account to be verified. And what are the next steps?

How many followers do you need to be verified on Twitter?

There is no specific limit of followers for you to receive your badge, and having a large number of followers is not reason enough to get verified.

So what to do?

How to get verified on Twitter

If your profile meets the criteria we’ve outlined above, you can request verification.

To do this, in your Twitter account, look for Settings and Privacy.

If you are on a web browser, continue the process by selecting Your Account and then Account Information.

Enter your password and go to Request verification.

verified on Twitter on pc

If you’re on Android or iOS, after going into Settings and Privacy, select Account and then Verification Request.

verified on Twitter on phone

How long does it take to be verified on Twitter?

Within a few days – or even months depending on the volume of requests – you will have your answer.

If the request is denied, you can redo the process again after 30 days.

Can the verification seal be automatically removed from an account?

Twitter may at any time remove the verification seal from an account as part of the platform’s policy.

But after all, why would Twitter remove the verification badge from an account?s

Some criteria for removal are:

  • If an account changes the account name (@identifier)
  • If an account becomes inactive or incomplete
  • If the account owner is no longer in the position they were initially in when they were verified and therefore no longer meets Twitter’s verification criteria when they leave that position

In addition to these reasons, other violations can lead to the exclusion of the blue badge, such as:

  • Misidentifying or intentionally misleading people on Twitter by changing your own display name or bio.
  • Violations resulting in immediate account suspension
  • Repeated violations in Tweets, including but not limited to hateful conduct policy, abusive behavior, glorifying violence policy, civic integrity policy, private information policy or policy against spam and platform manipulation

Ready to get verified on Twitter?

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