Top 9 reasons to start using Discord today!

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There’s an ongoing growing demand for messengers that facilitate communication, and Discord has finally hit the mainstream spotlight. If it was already widely used by gamers around the world before, now it has become a much more versatile software aimed at other types of users. Naturally, you might want to know the main reasons for using Discord over other similar alternatives!

In case you’re curious, just check out our tips right here for the software’s biggest strengths. See the main reasons to use Discord down below!

1. Distance communications

motivos para usar o discord dicas

The first factor that can be important or considered beneficial in using Discord is the fact that it very well suited for distance communication. These apps have been highly sought after in recent months and Discord was one of the ones that stood out the most.

You can easily use it to create a server for your friends, co-workers or family. For those who are in doubt about which software to use, Discord is easily one of the most complete options out there.

2. Meetings

As mentioned, you can use Discord for a variety of purposes. If you need an app for business reasons, it can can handle meetings very well.

This includes audio or video meetings, and you can create private channels just for the members who will join them. Since these rooms are simpler to enter than a Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom meeting, it may be more beneficial to use this app.

3. Online games

Another reason to use Discord is if you often play online with your friends. The software was created with exactly that in mind originally, so of course it’s not something we could just not mention! For those looking for reasons for using Discord, it’s worth saying that you can create a channel for every game you’re interested in.

This way, all members can join it whenever they want to participate in a match. The app is also so lightweight that it doesn’t interfere with the game’s performance or cause lag in matches. For those looking for groups to play certain games, this is also a great tool to find servers gathering a lot of people with the same goal in mind.

4. Versatility

In Discord, there are several ways you can communicate. You can create text and voice-only channels, and each of these channels can have very specific uses.

The cool thing is that in the voice channels, you still have the option to make video conversations. In the text channels, you can send messages, photos, gifs, files, emojis, etc.

5. Streaming

motivos para usar o discord vale a pena

Another advantage and one of the great reasons for using Discord is that it allows you to stream. You can stream any open window on your PC, as well as the software you’re using or games you’re playing.

This is useful both for having fun with your friends and for making work or study-related presentations. The good thing is that the process is very quick and easy, just press a button and select what you want to broadcast.

6. Servers

Using Discord allows you to make use of one of its best features: servers. With this app, you can create or participate in several servers at the same time. So you can have separate servers just to spend time with friends, just to study or just to work. You can also get into servers specific to certain subjects.

There are many people who follow YouTubers or Twitch Streamers and log into their Discord servers, for example. This way, you can communicate with other fans or even with the influencer himself.

7. Bots

A lot of people don’t know, but Discord allows you to use bots on your servers. They can perform a wide range of tasks and can improve your experience with the app.

You can add a music bot to your server, for example. With that done, just put it in the channel where you are with your friends and perform a command to make it play the song you want.

8. Different versions

Having so many different versions available makes using Discord a breeze, no more headaches looking for multi-platform apps! That means you can use it in a variety of ways, and wherever you go.

You can use Discord on your PC, on your smartphone, on your tablet or even in your web browser. This ensures that you won’t have to rely on just one device when you want to talk to your friends.

9. Free

vale a pena usar o discordx

To close off our list of reasons to use Discord, of course we have to mention one of its great advantages. The app is completely free for any user!

It’s worth mentioning that there is a paid version, Discord Nitro, but it doesn’t offer anything really essential. This version is best suited for those who want to be able to stream in HD, have access to more emojis or upload larger files, for example.

How do you like these reasons to use Discord?

There are lots of reasons to use Discord! It’s not everyday you find a nice, reliable and stable software for specific needs. In this case, Discord is all about communications. Did we convince you to give it a shot? Comment down below, let us know!