14 steps on how to post GIFs to Instagram in 2 different ways!

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Even though it is particularly focused on pictures and visual media in general, there’s a popular format that can’t be usually posted on Instagram: GIFs. Even though they’re widely used on other social media platforms, you still need to do a workaround to be able to post these short animations on the platform.

Ideally, you should convert these GIFs into sort videos so that they can be then posted as such. For that reason, check out down below our 14 step guide on how to post GIFs to Instagram in two different ways: one using Giphy’s own image database, and another by using GIFs found on Google.

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Posting GIFs on Instagram via Giphy

1 – Go to Giphy;

Giphy frontpage post GIFs to Instagram

2 – Find the GIF you want to post and then tap the Instagram icon, as the screenshot down below shows;

instagram button post GIFs to Instagram

3 – You will need now to log in to the platform using Facebook, Apple, or creating a new account. Then, tap the same Instagram icon, and you’ll need to enter your email address to receive the GIF as mp4 on email;

giphy account post GIFs to Instagram

4 – Verify your inbox to see if you’ve received the file, and then download it on your smartphone or tablet;

download from email post GIFs to Instagram

5 – Open up Instagram’s app and then tap on the + at the top of the screen;

plus + button post GIFs to Instagram

6 – Choose the video you have downloaded on your phone and continue your post as usual!

create new post

How to post GIFs to Instagram from Google

If you find a GIF on Google, or on any other website, you can just follow these steps to be able to post it to Instagram:

7 – Tap the desired GIF and then click on Share;

share button post GIFs to Instagram

8 – Tap the Copy Link option and you will copy the link to your clipboard;

copy link post GIFs to Instagram

9 – Go to the online-convert.com website from your mobile device. You can also use your computer, but that will mean you need to transfer the converted video file to your phone or your tablet;

online-convert post GIFs to Instagram

10 – Slide down until you find the Video converter option. Tap the menu as shown in the image down below;

Video converter format

11 – Select the Convert to MP4 option and confirm by tapping Go to start the conversion process;

Convert to MP4 post GIFs to Instagram

12 – Tap the Enter URL option and paste the link you’ve copied on step #8 on the box that will appear, as shown below;

paste URL

13 – Rename the file (if you want), tap the Start conversion button, and the download will automatically start! If it doesn’t, you can just tap the Download button;

Download button

14 – Do steps #5 and #6 again from this tutorial and finish the process of how to post GIFs to Instagram!

Did you manage to post a GIF on this social media platform?

These are by far the two best ways to be able to post GIFs to Instagram. Giphy’s database is extensive, but it’s not the only one to make these images available. Let us know which one is your favorite method, and if you have any doubts about the steps!

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