The 10 best messaging apps for 2023!

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You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t text on their phone. The more technology advances and reaches new people, the more supporters this type of app gets. After all, it is much more convenient to communicate this way, whether for leisure or work. The last decade has revolutionized the way we exchange text and audio, so it’s only fair to start the next one by listing the best messaging apps for 2023.

So, follow us through the next few paragraphs where we’ll show you the main apps and why it’s interesting to install them on your smartphone. Which messaging apps for 2023 will be your favorites?

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is not just a chatting app, but also one of the most used social networks in the world. Through it, you can exchange text, images, stickers, and GIFs, send audio messages and make voice or video calls. It can also be used on computers via WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp for Desktop.

Therefore, we can consider WhatsApp one of the most complete messengers for smartphones, tablets, and computers. If by any chance you still don’t have the infamous app on your phone, you can download it from the Android Play Store or the iPhone App Store.

WhatsApp messaging apps for 2022

2. Telegram

Telegram is the favorite alternative to WhatsApp for many people. The platform is more advanced than its rival, with several features and more privacy options. You can form groups, exchange text or audio messages, and send GIFs and stickers, in addition to video or voice calls.

Also, it is worth mentioning that you can use Telegram on your computer even if your phone is not turned on, which wasn’t possible on WhatsApp until very recently (and although the feature is available, it is buggy and doesn’t work all the time). Learn more about Telegram by accessing this complete guide.

Telegram can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone and iPad.

Telegram messaging apps for 2023

3. Facebook Messenger

Despite being less popular than WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger remains among the best messaging apps for 2023. Part of this is due to Facebook itself, which kept updating the tool, being the best for using chatbots for business.

In addition to text messaging and chatbots, Messenger enables audio messaging and voice or video calling. The platform also has its own tool to send Stories to other users, with masks and stickers that you don’t usually find on Instagram.

Download Facebook Messenger on your Android or iOS.

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Facebook Messenger messaging apps for 2023

4. Instagram Direct

By far platform that’s evolved the most in recent years, it has everything to be the best among messaging apps for 2023.

Instagram Direct has expanded its options, especially for those who use Instagram for business. With features such as quick responses and the ability to make calls, it has become a complete solution for those who have Instagram as their favorite social media.

It is also worth noting the possibility of sending posts and Stories directly to someone’s inbox, making it easier to share publications with those who really matter. Instagram Direct is part of Instagram’s own native app, without a separate option like Facebook Messenger. To use it, just download Instagram on your Android or iPhone.

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Instagram Direct messaging apps for 2022

5. Snapchat

The same social network that created the concept of self-destructive messages, Snapchat was ostracized for a few years. Despite this, the app’s team rose again and won the hearts of the young audience, even with other fierce competitors.

The app that started the Stories concept has several masks and stickers, which can be used to send short video messages. If you prefer, you can use the app to reply to these messages with your own video, using fun filters like this one that turns its users into babies!

Snapchat is available on both Android and iOS.


6. Viber

A great option among the best messaging apps for 2023 is Viber. While it is most certainly not as popular as WhatsApp, for instance, it offers all you could want from one such app. It offers free video and voice chats, end-to-end encryption for safe messaging, group chats of up to 250 people, and even self-destructing messages!

Further, you can react to messages for ease of communication, send GIFs and stickers, create new communities and channels, and even make phone calls to international landlines at low costs. See more about this amazing app for Android and for iOS!

Viber messaging apps for 2023

7. WeChat

Next up, we have WeChat, another great option among the best messaging apps for 2023. A Chinese application, it has over one billion users across the world, letting you send texts, photos, voice, video, share location, and even create group chats of up to 500 members.

Further, you can create video calls with up to 9 people, share Moments (which are pretty much Stories), create statuses, share stickers and create your own, and a whole lot more. Overall, it is a really complete application that offers many solutions to its users. Learn more on the Play Store or the App Store!



Another great option you can use is LINE, also entirely free. It offers voice and video calls, text messaging, a vast array of stickers, and a lot more. It is cross-platform, and available on mobile, desktop, and smartwatches.

The platform offers many custom stickers, emojis, and themes. You can also chat with people you don’t know, based on shared interests and more. Overall, it is a great option. Learn more on the official website!

LINE messaging apps for 2023

9. Signal Private Messenger

With more privacy options than Telegram itself, Signal Private Messenger is the ideal option for those who don’t want any eavesdroppers watching their conversations. The app secures your conversations through end-to-end encryption, making interception difficult.

In it, you can also make voice or video calls, in addition to having a dark mode, which reduces the brightness and blue light that are directed to your eyes. It brings tools to edit images in the app itself, facilitating the exchange of photos or the infamous memes.

Download Signal on your Android or iPhone.

Signal Private Messenger messaging apps for 2022

10. Google Chat

After having fallen into disuse, Google Hangouts died out and was replaced by Google Chat, which easily features among the best messaging apps for 2023. It offers an intelligent and very secure communication and collaboration tool built mainly for teams.

It allows for much more than simple messaging, with topic-based collaboration, which makes it much easier to get work done while chatting with team members.

Some of its best features include group collaboration for the creation and sharing of Google Workspace files (including Docs, Sheets, and Slides), all without the need for granting permissions, as well as google search functionality. Learn more about this tool on the Play Store or the App Store!

google chat messaging apps for 2023

Which messaging apps for 2023 are you planning to download?

We hope you liked this list and found a good new app to start using. And if that is the case, share this article with your friends so you can use the same app together!