The 10 best song lyrics apps for Android!

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There’s nothing better than listening to your favorite songs and being able to follow the lyrics at the same time. However, instead of having to look up the lyrics to each of them and having to read from a separate window, it’s possible to use one of the best song lyrics apps to have it all in the same screen.

If you are curious about which ones are these apps, we have listed down below some of the ones we consider to be by far the best for Android. Check them out!

1. Musixmatch

Starting off our list we have Musixmatch, an app that’s considered to be one of the best overall on the Play Store, and it even is an Editor’s Choice! Spotify once had a partnership with the app, but that’s long gone by now.

Even so, it can track whatever is playing on your phone using the notification bar, and from there show the lyrics to the songs. As such, it works flawlessly with any app to listen to music offline (or online). Go to the Play Store to learn more about it!

Musixmatch best song lyrics apps

2. SoundHound

SoundHound is an amazing app with the goal of identifying any song that’s playing around you quickly and easily, using your microphone, and it gives lyrics so you can sing along. When doing so, it even shows info about the artists and the songs, including some curiosities.

It works flawlessly with all the best song streaming services, making it easily one of the best song lyrics apps. Furthermore, if you have a song stuck in your head and you don’t know what it is, just hum it, and SoundHound will tell you! Download it right now for Android.

3. Shazam

Another very well-known app among music lovers is Shazam, one that comes with the feature of adding lyrics to what’s playing on your favorite music player. As is the case with SoundHound, it lets you identify whatever’s playing around you.

It shows lyrics to any song you’re listening to, on any streaming service, or from your device. It’s a very complete option that you can download by following this link.

4. Genius — Song Lyrics & More 

Genius is one of the most famous options among the best song lyrics apps, with versions for all smartphones as well as any of the best web browsers. Here, you will have access to nearly two million tracks, interviews, and info about the songs.

It also lets the users identify whatever’s playing around them with a single tap. The lyrics pop up automatically on the screen, so that you can sing along even when you have no idea what is the song. Download it right now!

Genius — Song Lyrics & More best song lyrics apps

5. QuickLyric

QuickLyric is an amazing alternative that lets its users have full access to lyrics while offline, which might come in really handy if you like to listen to offline music. It even offers full support to synched lyrics for those who like karaoke!

They appear floating on your screen so you can keep doing whatever you were doing while seeing the lyrics. Finally, it offers full support to most of the famous music streaming services. Go to the Play Store to see more!

6. Lyrics Mania

This option is one that haves a lot of different features, as well as showing the lyrics to the songs played on any of the apps to listen to music. One of the best things here is that it shows you a lot of info about the artists.

In this app, you can search by part of the song, identify what’s playing, add text to images to the song that’s playing, control how the lyrics are displayed, and a lot more. If you want to download it, go to the Play Store!

7. Lyrics Library

Lyrics Library is a great alternative among the best song lyrics apps you can find. Here, you’ll be able to easily see lyrics to any of your favorite songs. Even more, you can create new lyrics for songs that are as yet unavailable, edit, and save them.

Adding the chords to the lyrics is a feature that can be found on the app, along with many other options. To download it, follow this link right now!

Lyrics Library best song lyrics apps

8. ALSong

ALSong is a mobile music player through which you can see lyrics in real-time, synched with your songs. If you choose to use another app while listening to the song, you’ll still see the lyrics. Even if you lock your screen they’ll be there!

If you don’t have the audio files to the songs you want to listen to, you can just playback from YouTube. In all, it’s a great and complete option that you can download on the Play Store.

9. LyricsTraining – Learn Languages with Music

If your goal when listening to music is to learn a new language or to improve in one you already know, using Learn LyricsTraining is a good option. It lets you not only keep track of the lyrics, but it asks that you fill in the blanks so you can expand your vocabulary and get better at understanding what’s being said.

It offers support to more than 10 different languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, and more. In its free version, you can only play three games a day, so it’s recommended you get the premium version. Download it right now!

10. Lyrix

Last, but not least, is Lyrics, a crowdsourced lyrics platform through which you can find lyrics for songs from all around the world, without requiring an internet connection. It lets you see the lyrics to whatever is playing on your phone!

As it is crowdsourced, you can easily submit new lyrics to all of your favorite songs, in any language. Check it out by following this link!


Did you like any of the best song lyrics apps?

Truly, the only thing you need to have song lyrics is a good app. We hope to have helped you out in this search so that you always have your favorite lyrics at hand.

Now, it’s your turn: leave a comment letting us know if you’ve ever tried out any of these apps and if you have any other recommendations. Don’t forget to also check out the best free Android apps!