Top 10 best free collage makers for Windows 10!

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Photo montages seem to be a trend that’s been slowly coming back to its heights. Showing several pictures in the same square space has become more and more popular, even more so due to the selfies everyone takes. However, it is hard to manually create a collage manually, and so it is recommended to use one of the best free makers that are available.

There are a lot of different apps you can use with this purpose, most of which are for Android and iOS devices. However, there are quite a few available for Windows as well, and here we have selected the ones we consider to be the best. Keep reading down below and choose the one that best suits your needs!

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1. El Collagero

An extremely easy to use app, El Collagero is one of the best options in our list. You choose your pictures, the template, and then get your results! It comes with hundreds of templates from which you can choose and you can customize them, including symbols, text, and more.

If you want, you can also save the image to finish editing it in the future or share your creatiuons direcxtly to any of the biggest social media platforms! Follow this link to see more.

El Collagero best free collage makers

2. PicsArt

PicsArt is by far one of the best free colage makers around, but it is much more comprehensive than that. Through this app, other than creating collages, you can also edit  your pictures and add effects to them.

If you want to use your pictures, you just need to add them to the Grid and in no time you will create your new collage. If you are good at editing, you can even use different layers to make amazing looking collages. Download the app on the Microsoft Store.

3. Fotor

Another amazing photo and image editor that can be used to make collages is Fotor. On this app, you can do a whole lot of things, including adding texts, changing the brightness, or adding borders.

Everything works in a very straightforward manner: your images are right In the center while the edit menu is to the right of the screen. Another cool thing is that you can drag the borders in any direction to create different types of collages. Follow this link to start using it.

4. Phototastic

With over 100 different collage templates available for you to choose, Phototastic is a great alternative among the best free collage makers. Upload your pictures, choose the template you want to use, and then save the result!

Yes, it is that simple! There’s absolutely no limitation as to the number of photos or stickers, and you can even add borders to them. Download Phototastic on the Microsoft Store.

5. Atlantas

Even though it does have a limitation to 21 pictures (not like you need any more, right?), Atlantas still manages to be a pretty good option. It offers you over 100 templates for collages and it lets you customize really wel its grids.

At any point, you can change the size of the square or rectangle in your layout, without any problem whatsoever. Other than that, you can zoom, turn the image, or even change opacity! Follow this link to see more.

Atlantas best free collage makers

6. Collage Maker

Another app we had to include among the best free collage makers is, well, Collage Maker. This application offers you a really friendly and intuitive user interface, and it works almost fully with drag and drop commands.

It also lets you add backgrounds on your collages, to create grids or customized shapes, and even choose your own colors. Beyond that, the app also offers several stickers and fonts so you can customize even more the result. It is worth it to check it out by following this link.

7. My Collage

With some options that are somewhat more childish, My Collage can still be a great alternative if you want a goofy look. Through this app, you can easily create Christmas or birthday cards, for instance. You can also very easily add texts and share it directly to Facebook.

This is really a much simpler and more basic option than most alternatives in our list, but it can be just right depending on what your goal when creating montages. Learn more by following this link.

8. PhotoJoiner

PhotoJoiner really couldn’t get any simpler to use. It offers you only four different collage templates, and to use them you just have to upload your images. After that, you can either save the result or share it to Facebook or Twitter. At any moment, you can change the order of the pictures by dragging them with your mouse.

Through this app, you can also easily change the margin between the images, as well as other aspects so that you can fully customize your collages. Go to the Microsoft Store to see more about one of the best free collage makers.

9. Tap Collage

Another app that is not exclusively to make collages is Tap Collage, which also lets you easily create business cards. Choose your template, insert your pictures, and share your new collage or just print it out!

It is really easy to use and offers you several different templates to help you in creating the montages just as you want. Follow this link to start using it!

10. Blend Photos

Blend Photos comes with over 50 different templates for you to cut your photos and create amazing collages in just a few minutes. The app also offers you several filters and has a really simple and intuitive interface.

You will also be able to save and to share all your creations directly on many social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Blend Photos hass a really fun user experience, which makes it more than worth it to try it out. To do so, follow this link.

Blend Photos best free collage makers

Did you like any of the best free collage makers for Windows?

Let us know in the comments if you already knew any of them and which one is your favorite! Don’t forget to also check out the best PC software, the best free Android apps, and the best free animation apps for smartphones!