The 9 best FaceApp alternatives for Android and iOS in 2022!

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FaceApp is one of the most popular photography apps for both Android and iOS. If you’ve seen photos of people with filters to make them look older, younger, or even with other haircuts, chances are they’ve used FaceApp to do this.

It’s quite complete, but of course, not always a single application will offer all the functions you need. Therefore, today we brought a list of the best alternatives to FaceApp. Find other apps with similar features or even tools not available in the original.

1. Photo Lab

To start our list of FaceApp alternatives, we have Photo Lab, which doesn’t offer a feature to get you older, but it’s one of the best apps for editing selfies if what you’re looking for is to correct imperfections in photographs, make collages, and take advantage of the various filters available.

The application allows users to share all results directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social networks, as well as offering the possibility to send them as an email or message. Access the link and download it for free on Android and iOS.

2. Face Warp

Now, if your goal is not exactly to improve the quality of images, but to make changes to your face, for example, Face Warp is one of the best alternatives to FaceApp. It does not have the aging feature, as its focus is on allowing users to tweak their features.

In it, just select a photo or image and let the app automatically detect faces, or manually select areas you want to edit. From there, you can make changes from ready-made templates or manually, however you prefer. Download it for free on Android.

3. AirBrush

AirBrush is one of the best photo editing apps and couldn’t be out of our list. With it, you can correct skin imperfections, whiten your teeth, sculpt the silhouette of your face or even make changes to your facial expressions.

Featuring several professional editing features, you can enhance your selfies and then share them on social media directly from within the app. It is available for free on Android and iOS.

4. Oldify

For those who are specifically looking for other apps that offer the ability to get you older, Oldify is one of the best alternatives to FaceApp. With it, you’ll have several options to age your face.

In addition to offering the ability to age 10, 20, or even 100 years, the app also allows you to make videos using the edits made. Enjoy Oldify on iOS.

5. Baldify

From the creators of Oldify, Baldify is the app that lets you easily adjust the hair level of your photos. With it, it’s easy to go bald to see what the results would be and share it on social media.

As with the other options, you can create your videos taking advantage of the applied effects. Have fun making people think you’ve gone bald or find out that this style actually suits you. The app is available on Android and iOS.

6. Fatify

As yet another app from Apptly, developer of Oldify and Baldify, this time the change makes you gain a few pounds. The app is made for you who would like to find out how you would look with more weight.

For a lot of people, this might be enough to go in search of fitness apps, for example. The application uses a 3D engine to make changes to your face, being one of the best alternatives to FaceApp for those who just want something relaxed. It is also available for free on Android and iOS.

7. Face Camera

Face Camera is a real-time selfie creation and filtering application, allowing users to make edits and record videos with the changes applied. The app also makes it really easy to share any result on social media like Facebook and Instagram, for example.

It also offers animal stickers to decorate your photos, as well as several other image editing features. It’s worth checking out by downloading it for free on Android.

8. Beard Man

Beard Man is also one of the best alternatives to FaceApp. The app allows you to place beards and mustaches of different models, as well as select various haircuts and even eyebrow edits.

In addition to these features, it offers a selection of glasses, hats, turbans, necklaces, as well as the option to get tattoos or even add more muscle. The app is fun, light, and free, and it is available only on Android.

9. Face Swap

To finish our list, we have Face Swap, an application that also brings the possibility to change gender similar to FaceApp. Here, you can select which faces you want to exchange for yours or others in photos.

In Face Swap, it is also possible to use animal masks and partially transform into cats, tigers, dogs, etc. The app is free and available on Android, check it out.

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So, what did you think of the alternatives to FaceApp?

Did you find any other app with the functions available on FaceApp that you were looking for? Tell us in the comments which ones caught your attention the most or if you know of any other alternatives that we should include in the list!