The 10 best selfie apps for Android to use right now!

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One of the most important things about smartphones nowadays is their cameras, and a big part of that is due to many consumers choosing their devices while considering that first and foremost. Even though rear cameras get much more attention and evolve much faster and better, front-facing cameras also need to be taken into account, particularly by those who like using the best selfie apps for Android.

Of course, if you want to take a good selfie, you don’t just need a good camera, as the correct app can improve the end result by a lot. To help you in this, we have selected all the apps we consider to be the best to take selfies on Android!

1. A Better Camera

The app A Better Camera offers full HDR support, something that will improve many different aspects of your pictures. To sum it up, you can make shadows clearer, lightning much more balanced, and colors more vibrant.

The best part is that you don’t even need to perform an extensive set of configurations: you just use the app and it sets up the images for you! Follow this link to download it.

A Better Camera best selfie apps for Android

2. Open Camera

If you want to take great smartphone pictures that look a lot better, it’s ideal that you use the RAW format, one that’s supported by most modern smartphones around.

This format ensures your images won’t go through any sort of compression and it will offer the best possible quality with your device. Open Camera is one of the best selfie apps for Android that best work for those who want to take this kind of shot, and you can try it out by following this link!

3. Motion Skills

Have you ever wanted to use iOS’s Live Photos feature directly on your Android smartphone? By using the Motion Skills app, you can do it easily on your selfies!

It comes with the specific option for you to record short 3-second videos, which you can then easily convert into GIFs. After, you can share these animated images on most of the social media platforms around. Download it on the Play Store.

4. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is one of the best apps for those who like to take a selfie on their Android, especially since it comes with a lot of specific features for this type of picture.

A really cool aspect about it is that the app even offers some editing options through which you can make your selfies look plain better, or with better contrast. You can download it by following this link.

5. Selfie Master

This app’s very name already makes it pretty clear that it was made specifically for anyone who likes selfies and who wants to take higher-quality pictures on their phones.

Selfie Master is particularly indicated for those who always take too dark shots since not only can it better manage the light balance, but it also emits a strong white light as a pseudo-flash if you find it necessary. You can download it here!

Selfie Master best selfie apps for Android

6. Bright Camera

Bright Camera is another extremely good option among the best selfie apps for Android. It offers some really cool features to make your shots look better, and it even offers a lot of amazing filters and special effects.

Other than that, the app offers you a lot of different social media options so that you can share your selfies immediately after taking them and editing them. Check it out!

7. Candy Camera

On its own, Candy Camera is one of the most well-rated photo apps you can find on the Play Store, but you can also use it specifically to take selfies on your Android device, if you prefer.

It lets you take the pictures and slide through hundreds of filters and effects in real-time. There are also countless editing features, which includes makeup and removal of expression lines features, for instance. Follow this link to download it.

8. Bacon Camera

The Bacon Camera app is particularly geared towards those who want to have better and finer control over the settings on their smartphone camera, as well as the pictures they take using it.

It adds a lot of amazing options and features you just can’t easily find on most similar apps, things that are typically found in semi-professional and professional cameras. Follow this link to download it.

9. Cymera

Another amazing option among the best selfie apps for Android is Cymera, a free app that works as a “selfie editor”. That is to say, you can better edit your picture before posting them to Instagram Stories, for instance.

It also works as one of the best photo retouching apps, so you can remove red eyes and aging signs, for example. Cymera also offers a lot of stickers, filters, and masks you can add to your selfies. These filters can even be used in augmented reality to make the selfies much more fun!

While you can easily use the app for free, it has a premium version that unlocks a lot of extra filters and options. If you want to download it, just follow this link!

10. Retrica

Lastly, we also have Retrica, one that was developed specifically with selfie lovers in mind. It is also extremely popular on the Play Store and it has one of the best interfaces when compared to the other apps in our list.

Other than that, the app also offers over 100 filters to use in real-time, a timer, collage-making capabilities, and even the possibility of adding watermarks! You can follow this link to download it.

Retrica best selfie apps for Android

Did you like any of the best selfie apps for Android?

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