BeReal: What it is, how it works and how to use it

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Have you ever imagined a social network where you can only post photos and videos without any editing? Yeah, it exists and has already gone viral among more than 1 million users! Its name is BeReal and in this article, we are going to tell you everything about it.

“Be real”. This is the proposal of the French social network that was created with the goal of bringing more authenticity in an era where filters and edits have become almost essential resources for posted images. Initially, the use of filters began to be spread through Snapchat, and the premise was to make photos more fun with animal ears and other fun elements.

With the consolidation of Instagram, new features emerged, so the filters gained other functions such as, for example, increasing eyelashes, changing eye colors, and fine-tuning strokes, among other elements that resemble the results of a professional photo editor.

This process of popularization of filters has increasingly caused self-image disorders in young people, especially women. The negative effect on self-esteem increased cases of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression.

How did BeReal come about?

This new social network was developed in 2020 by Alexis Barreyat. Despite this, the app only became popular in early 2022, when it increased its user base by more than 300% according to an Axios study. Having gained a lot of strength among young people, the new social network BeReal became known as “the social network of Generation Z”.

The App’s premise was considered innovative for breaking the standards of glamorous photos, of the perfect and super-planned feed that did not reflect the reality of many Instagram users. In a period when image disorders and reality distortion increasingly affect the mental health of young people, BeReal ended up being massively disseminated.

BeReal: Understand the dynamics of this new social network

Unlike all image-sharing social networks, BeReal has a very particular dynamic: in addition to not allowing any type of filter or editing of photos, the application determines the time of posts and the user can only access the feed with the photos to your network of friends after posting your own photo.

take your first BeReal

For this, the App has direct access to the user’s camera in order to take pictures in real-time. Despite this, access to the image gallery remains unavailable. With this, you can ensure that the photo is truly being posted in real time. Another particularity of the app is that it simultaneously accesses the front camera and the rear camera of the device, showing not only your face but also the people who may be accompanying you and the surrounding environment.

how posts look BeReal

How to use BeReal?

Now that we understand the origin and purpose of this new social network, let’s get to the main part: how to use the new BeReal social network.

First access

To start, you need to sign up for the application stating your name, birthday, and phone number. Once you fill in these details, you will have to create a username. This name can be changed at any time.

creating a BeReal  account

After registration, it is necessary to enable application notifications. This step is important so that you are advised of the right time to post, as the application sets the time for posts and only allows 2 minutes for the user to register. In this case, enabling notifications turns out to be essential for using the network.


Exploring this new social network

After registration, the application will direct you to search for your friends on the network. Many of your contacts will already be suggested, but you can also search by username by clicking on the “Add or search for friends” bar.

add contacts BeReal

You can add new friends at any time by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the homepage and performing the search.

friends BeReal

Setting up the profile

To set up the profile of this social network, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the homepage. When you are directed to the profile, you will be able to view the “Your Memories” section, which is a calendar with photos posted by you in the last 14 days.

go to profile BeReal

And by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the profile, you have access to the settings.

settings BeReal

In the BeReal settings, you can turn notifications on or off or change the time zone.

Another option is the “Other” tab. Through it, you can increase the speed of the camera, delete the account or clear the cache to help solve some problems such as slowness in the application, for example.


In the “About” section, you have the option to share the application with other friends who do not yet have an account on the new social network. In addition, it is also possible to evaluate the App or ask for help.

about BeReal

In the “Help” tab, you can report a problem by contacting support. Other possibilities on the tab are downloading the beta version or accessing the FAQ with frequently asked questions.


In the “About” tab, the App provides access to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and in the “Join us” option, the App directs you to the website where BeReal publishes its job openings.

About BeReal

Customizing your BeReal profile

Another important step is customizing your profile. It is through it that people will get to know you better and learn a little more about your tastes and preferences. To do so, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select your name icon to start editing.

Customizing the profile BeReal

In the “Edit Profile” tab, you can change your photo by clicking on the camera icon below the initial letter of your name. Here you have the option to take a real-time photo or choose an image from your gallery.

BeReal change profile picture

After changing the photo, you can edit your name, change your username, include your description in the Bio or include your location.

BeReal: Understanding the feed of the new social network

The BeReal feed is pretty simple. For it, you have the option of seeing only your friends’ posts, selecting the “My friends” option, or checking the posts of other users around the world in the “Discovery” option.


Oh, and if you liked the post, you can also react or send a message to the user commenting on what you think. However, the option to send a message is only available in the “My friends” tab.

Another important piece of information is that the network only allows you to see what other users are doing if you also post your photo. Otherwise, both the “My friends” tab and the “Discovery” tab are blocked and you can only release them by posting your BeReal.

Why choose BeReal?

BeReal is a network that promises to share everyday life and promote the connection between users in a light and spontaneous way, showing what we truly do on a day-to-day basis without filters or distortions of reality.

Through the App, you receive notifications every day and have up to 2 minutes to capture and share what you are doing. All of your friends post at exactly the same time, which increases connection and feelings of closeness. In addition, you can react and comment on posts, increasing interaction.

BeReal: Did you like to know about this new social network?

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