Phone camera lagging: 8 tips on how to fix it!

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One of the most common problems to find on a phone is the camera lagging and crashing unexpectedly. This can happen suddenly and for no apparent reason, and it’s an error that isn’t always fixed when opening the camera app again. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to normalize the app and get back to taking your pictures as usual.

If you’re curious and want to know what you can do when you see the camera crashing on your smartphone, just follow our tips to fix your lagging phone camera. They can be seen in detail below!

1. Restart the app

The first thing you should try is restarting the camera application if you notice it’s having problems. Of course, it’s no good just exiting the app and opening it again, so be sure to close it in the background as well.

In many cases, this is often enough to fix the camera crashing error. Once you’ve done that, open the camera again and test its main functions, especially the part that was having problems previously.

2. Reset the smartphone

If restarting the app doesn’t work to fix your phone camera lagging or crashing, you can also try restarting your smartphone. Like it or not, such a simple step can resolve many such errors.

Once you restart the device, wait a few minutes and try using the camera again. Also, make sure to test out the different modes your camera app can have to see if it’s alright.

3. Force reboot the device

Another measure you can take if you have the camera lagging on your phone is forcing it to reboot. This kind of more radical reboot can be the answer to resolving many strange software bugs.

Force rebooting may require a different procedure depending on the smartphone you have. Generally, you need to hold the power button and one of the volume buttons for 15 or 20 seconds for this reset to take place.

We suggest you look for the correct way to do it for the specific smartphone model you have. Then just test the camera.

4. Close all open apps in the background

One thing that can solve the problem is the simple act of closing all the apps you have open in the background on your smartphone. If you have a lot open at the same time, some strange errors can occur.

It is worth saying that this is much more common on smartphones with simpler configurations. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to make this attempt to try to fix your lagging phone camera.

5. Update camera app

It is quite normal for an application to have errors when it is not properly updated, which also applies to the camera. Therefore, we recommend that you check if there is any update for the app you use, whether it is native to your smartphone or from a third party.

If it’s not up to date, please do this manually and try using the app again. It is quite possible that a new version of your operating system is not well-optimized with the old version of the app.

6. Update smartphone system

Speaking of updating, it is also important to check if your smartphone system has the latest version. After all, many updates to your operating system serve exactly to fix bugs and errors that can happen with your apps and device features such as a phone camera lagging.

You can check for new smartphone updates in the device settings app. After performing the update, take a look to see the camera crashing error has been resolved.

7. Reinstall the app

If possible, you can try reinstalling the camera app. This can solve those software issues that don’t seem to have an explanation or reason.

Of course, if it’s a native app on your device, this might not be a valid option. Still, it’s worth trying if you can.

8. Use another camera app

If nothing works, it may be a bug that will only be fixed in a future update. In order not to stay on your camera until this happens, we recommend using another photo app.

This can be a bit annoying, but it’s a pretty quick fix if you don’t want to wait any longer. You can see our top photo app suggestions at the link!

Were you able to fix your lagging phone camera?

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