Apps that pay for referrals: the 9 best right now!

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We are aware that the financial situation is not particularly good for anyone nowadays. As such, we have selected in this article some of the best apps that will pay you for your referrals, so you can make some easy money really quick all the while you help out your friends!

It’s also worth mentioning that, no matter how good these apps are and you can make some money using them, they will not work as a main source of income. Even so, if you are interested in learning more about these platforms, just read on down below!

1. Kwai

The first option in our list, which also is one of the most popular apps that pay for referrals is Kwai. It is very similar to TikTok, as it is a platform where its users can share short videos in which they do some funny things and take part in challenges.

It is possible to make money here in several different ways, but referring friends is the most guaranteed way. The more they complete missions on the platform, the more you make. Check it out!

Kwai apps that pay for referrals

2. TikTok

Next up is TikTok, easily the biggest and most famous platform for sharing and watching videos. In it, you can share comical videos, lip-sync, take part in the (in)famous TikTok Challenges, and a whole lot more.

Every time you refer someone, you can get a pretty neat amount, and you will get more and more money if your friend watches videos daily for 3 days, 6 days, and 10 days. Learn more on the Play Store or the App Store.

3. ClipClaps

Working in a very similar fashion both to Kwai and TikTok, ClipClaps is a smaller platform that’s every bit as good as the more famous ones. It is possible to earn money by referring your friends, watching videos, playing some specific games, and more.

When you refer a friend, you’ll get chests that have coins, and then you’ll be able to convert these coins into money. Check it out right now for Android or iOS!

4. Wish

If you’re used to shopping online from China, it’s certain you’ve heard all about Wish, one of the best, biggest, and cheapest platforms for it. It might seem quite odd that it is found within the apps that pay for referrals, but truth is, it is a great option for it!

In fact, you can make at least 100 USD per month on Wish alone, in the form of credits to spend on the platform. You will get a nice payout for each friend you get to sign up, or if they haven’t used the app for at least 1 month. Check it out!

5. Ibotta

Have you ever heard of cashback? If so, then you should know Ibotta, one of the best platforms for you to get money from cashback as well as by simply taking a pic of your grocery receipt!

They pay up to 10 USD per item, and you can make a few good bucks this way. However, when you refer your friend, you get an extra 10 USD, and when they scan their first receipt, you both get 10 USD each! Follow the link to see more.

Ibotta apps that pay for referrals

6. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an app exclusive for Android, and it is easily one of the best apps that pay for referrals. It works as a replacement for your lockscreen of sorts, and when you unlock your device, you’ll see an ad and get paid for it. Just swipe it away and you’re set!

And it pays pretty well for what it does. However, it takes a spot in this list because, when you refer a friend, you will receive 20% of all of their earnings! If you want to use it, follow this link.

7. Dosh

Another great alternative among the apps that pay for referrals is Dosh, which works in a very similar way to Ibotta. A great aspect that differentiates it from its competition is the fact that it gives cashback automatically.

In the referrals category, it will pay you 1 USD per card you like to it, and then a further 5 USD for each and every person you refer to the platform. The only downside is you need to have 25 USD before you can withdraw. See more on the official website.

8. Swagbucks

Next in line is Swagbucks, an app through which you can make a fair amount of money by answering simple surveys and quizzes. Easily, one of the best ways to make money online.

Beyond surveys, you can take part in polls, shop online for cashback, watch videos, and more. And, when you refer your friends, you will earn 10% of whatever it is that they earn. Check it out!

9. Rakuten

Last, but certainly not least, is Rakuten. It is yet another cashback platform, which has one of the biggest varieties of partners through which you can get some of what you spend back. In fact, it has already paid millions of dollars to its many customers.

Now, when you refer a friend, you can get 25 USD for each and every person you invite to use it. However, for you to get this amount, the person needs to spend 25 USD in the first 90 days. And if they do so, they get an extra 10 USD. Follow the link!

Rakuten apps that pay for referrals

So, did you like any of the apps that pay for referrals?

Let us know in the comments what are your thoughts about our list and the apps within.