The 20 best apps to make money easily!
The 20 best apps to make money easily!
The 20 best apps to make money easily!

The 20 best apps to make money easily!

Gone are the days when, to make some money, you had to be in a formal job or knock on neighbors’ doors offering general services. Currently, there are a number of apps to make money, in the most varied ways possible – including the best way: making money by spending money!

If you’re in need of a way to supplement your income, check out all of the best apps to earn money below!


To start, we just had to talk about, easily the biggest and most well-known platform where you can earn quite a bit of money working as a freelancer. That is, you will work autonomously, choosing the offers you want to accept!

Here, you will find opportunities and offers for a myriad of areas, which include writing, translating, editing, programming, designing, and a whole lot more. If you’re curious, follow this link to the official website, or download it for Android or for iOS! best apps to make money

2. UpWork

Next up, another of the best apps to make money that works in the same vein as is UpWork. With it, you can filter through some pretty great opportunities, and you can find jobs for a wide range of areas, such as writing and editing.

Create your profile, list up your skills, choose how much you feel is fair to get paid and start applying for the many, many available positions. Learn all about it on the official website, or download apps on the App Store or on the Play Store.

3. Hotmart Sparkle

A big and well-known affiliate platform, Hotmart also connects content producers to info producers. A pretty neat aspect is that it is really generalized. I.e., you will be able to work in any area!

It also provides you with the app Hotmart Sparkle, an app to check your earnings and control your account on mobile, whether it is an Android device or an iPhone.

Hotmart Sparkle

4. Slidejoy

This may sound a lot like Black Mirror, but Slidejoy rewards you for viewing ads. It gives a new utility to your phone’s lock screen, allowing you to earn some bucks through it.

Slidejoy places ads on this screen, giving its users money just for viewing. You don’t even have to click on the ad! This money can be used to purchase discount coupons at stores or transfer money to your PayPal account. The app is exclusive to Android and you can download it by following the link.

5. Google Opinion Rewards

Among the best apps to make money, we have one offered by none other than Google, Opinion Rewards. It sends small surveys to your mobile phone which, when answered, yields a small amount to your Google Play account. Its only drawback is that it is not possible to transfer this amount to a bank account, being restricted only to the Google Play Store.

On the other hand, you can use this system to buy games – and virtual items in these Android games -, movies and music without using your credit card. Google Opinion Rewards is exclusive to Android.

Google Opinion Rewards best apps to make money

6. Foap

The ideal app for anyone who wants to start making money with photography. Foap allows you to send photos from your phone to improve the app’s collection, accessed by different people.

Each photo on Foap costs its users $10 and the producer receives half of the sale. Also, additional rewards are given after completing “missions” in the app. Foap can be used by both Android and iPhone and iPad users.

7. Uber Driver

Among the best apps to make money are the transport apps. Anyone with a license and with a private car can apply to Uber, in a registration process that takes minutes to complete. If you’re used to Uber as a passenger, maybe it’s time to be on the other side of the app, acting as a driver.

Remember that if transporting people is not your thing, there is also Uber EATS, which you can use to deliver meals and snacks late at night to people that forgot to purchase groceries. Learn more about UberEATS on the link and download Uber Driver on Android or iPhone.

8. Spinlister

Spinlister is an amazing option for anyone who owns a bicycle, surfboard, SUP, snowboard or skis that they don’t use frequently. With this app, you can pretty much rent it out!

Yep, the app lets you rent pretty much any gear you have, charging the price you want for it, starting at 20 USD per day. If you want to rent out your bike, just go to the official website, to the Play Store, or to the App Store!

9. miPic

Another app for anyone working with images, but with a different approach than what we saw in Foap, for example. miPic also serves as a photography marketplace, but instead of just selling your photos directly through the app, you can market them to producers of furniture, t-shirts, or cellphone cases, among others.

Click on the link to download miPic for iPhone. There is no native Android app, but you can submit your creations by accessing the site through your Android mobile browser.

10. Fiverr

Another interesting alternative among the best apps to make money for freelance services. Unlike other apps focused only on physical labor, Fiverr focuses on the area of ​​digital services, such as development, design, and web design.

Through the app, you can offer services and be hired almost immediately. Learn more about Fiverr on your Android or iPhone app and remember to make a great effort when creating your portfolio in order to impress your possible customers.


11. Udemy

Perfect for anyone who has knowledge to sell. Udemy’s platform is one of the best known in the area of ​​online courses and anyone can transmit what they know through it.

Allowing you to sell courses, it has an assessment system for students and covers almost every type of area. Learn more about Udemy by downloading the app for iPhone or Android.

12. Skillshare

Following the same line of service as Udemy, Skillshare is a large community of users who promote online courses on the platform.

Allowing you to teach any type of skill and sell it, you can create your classes online and make them available to the student community, whether you are an individual or representing a company. Learn about Skillshare through its Android or iPhone and iPad apps.

13. User Testing

Easily one of the best alternatives among apps to make money is User Testing. With it, you’ll be able to earn money by using your user interface knowledge to test those from other sites!

To sign up, you will need to take a short video test, and after that, you can start taking the tests. They take about 15 minutes and give you 10 to 15 bucks each! Follow this link to check it out!

14. TryMyUI

We also have TryMyUI, with functionality truly similar to the previous platform. In it, business owners, app developers, and more will ask users to test and provide detailed feedback about the experience.

It’s detailed to the point of asking you for an explanatory video, a written synopsis, and even a survey! If you’re curious, follow this link right now!

15. WeWorkRemotely

Another very good place for freelancers, at WeWorkRemotely you can find the most varied remote work opportunities. And the best part is that the offers come from basically anywhere in the world, allowing you to easily improve your curriculum.

It’s worth mentioning that most of the ads are looking for someone to work full time, so it’s a good way to find that main job you have been looking for. Follow the link and see more!

WeWorkRemotely best apps to make money

16. GrabPoints

Relatively similar to some of the other alternatives we’ve mentioned, GrabPoints has a very simple proposition: you answer surveys, watch advertisements, play games, and make money for doing so.

It’s not so quick to collect the points, but you can exchange those points for gift cards or cash. If you want to receive the money, it will be sent via PayPal. Check it out now!

17. Snapwire

Among the best apps to make money on the list, Snapwire is another option for those who want to make a living out of their love for photography. The app allows you to leave photos for sale to any user, but it also has customer requests that you can try to fulfill in order to receive direct payments.

Snapwire is present on iPhone and Android smartphones.

18. Neobux

If what you want is an option that lets you make money clicking ads on your spare time, Neobux might be the best. The amount of money you can get from it depends on only three things: the type of registration you have, the quality of ad type on which you’re clicking, and how much time you’re willing to dedicate.

That is, there is absolutely no limit to how much money you make daily, or how much you can click daily. The minimum withdrawal amount is 2 USD for the first time, and it lets you get your money via Skrill, Neteller, among others. See more on the official website!

19. ySense

Next up, we also have ySense, working in a very similar manner as Neobux does. This is one of the best apps to make money by clicking ads, and you can earn some money by completing online forms, surveys, and more, and it is super easy.

Another thing that the app does is reward the users for trying out services and products, downloading specific apps, signing up to certain websites, and even watching videos. Truly, one of the best ways to make money online. Check it out right now by following this link.

20. EyeEM

Apps that pay for photos are the most common to earn money from your smartphone. Closing the list is EyeEM, which also provides a platform to sell your best photos.

One of its peculiarities is its own set of filters, which you can apply before starting to offer your photos to the community of users and companies. Learn more about it by downloading it to your Android or your iPhone and iPad.


Which of the best apps to make money do you like to use?

With this range of options, we are sure you can find a way to supplement your income. Whether viewing ads, taking photos or teaching online, there’s no excuse not to make a few bucks. What did you think of the list? Do you use any of these apps in your spare time? Comment with us and let us know what you think of our suggestions!

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