The top 11 AI course creators around in 2023

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The AI course creators are an excellent solution for anyone who wants to create a new course with a little help of technology. They help reduce the time spent creating the course and provide suggestions that enrich your content. However, the use of these platforms is not limited to speeding up the creation process and eliminating creative blocks. This is because they can be very useful for your student’s learning.

Although there are many AI course creators around, not all of them work well and can even create content with incorrect information. Here at AppTuts, we have already tested several tools for this purpose. Among them, the ones that impressed us most positively were:

These artificial intelligence course creators allow the content developed to be adapted to the student’s specific needs. They have features that help you analyze each person’s development patterns. As a result, you are able to identify each person’s areas of difficulty and create support materials based on this information. In this article, you will learn about the main AI course creators available.

How do I create an online course with AI?

All you need to do is choose a user-friendly platform like Learning Studio so it can generate course ideas and topics and develop scripts for your video lessons. With AI course creators, you just provide a description of the type of course you want to create and the audience you have in mind. Then, the tool creates the content for you.

However, always remember to carefully check the material generated by AI. After all, if it makes a mistake, it could compromise your name and that of your company. You may even doubt it, but many professionals and companies have already experienced major problems due to blindly believing in AI-generated content.

As such, it is also always important to check which are the most credible names in this sector, and to help you with this study, we have selected 11 platforms capable of developing courses with AI quickly and at a low cost.

1. Learning Studio

learning studio AI course creators around

Learning Studio streamlines the process of creating online courses, helping you create your material through a simple topic choice. In case you are experiencing a creative block on any given day, you can use artificial intelligence to select topics for your course. One way to do this more accurately is by specifying your niche. After these initial steps, the platform will generate essential elements of your material, such as an outline, title, description, target audience, persona, and module content.

During the course creation, the platform takes care to divide it into different modules to prevent the material from becoming monotonous. Learning Studio also develops quizzes for each module, allowing you to assess students’ understanding of the material covered in them. For beginners in this field, the tool provides a detailed step-by-step guide to the course creation process. Additionally, Learning Studio makes a copy of each version of the online course, preserving the elements contained in them.

In addition to the online course development process, Learning Studio offers sophisticated resources to assist in attracting and engaging your target audience. Thus, the platform generates welcome emails that are sent to all new students. To attract new customers, it also creates sales emails that contain a personalized message for this type of action. Since it has no specific system requirements, Learning Studio becomes accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

With Learning Studio‘s AI course creation tool, you can generate content for your course in just one minute. However, the complete process is not as quick. Developing, editing, and fully hosting the course on a platform can take from 3 to 5 hours. The significant advantage is that, compared to the traditional process of creating online courses, which can take weeks to months, Learning Studio offers an advantage in terms of the time invested.


  • Support responds quickly.
  • Creates ready-to-use video scripts.
  • Generates AI voice that corresponds to the scripts.
  • Provides a detailed step-by-step guide to the course creation process.
  • Saves a copy of each version of the created course.


  • Course creation per month is limited.
  • Imposes limits on monthly video script generation.



  • Starter: $39
  • Pro: $69
  • Enterprise: $149


  • Starter: $390 (per year)
  • Pro: $690 (per year)
  • Enterprise: $1.490 (per year)

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2. Coursebox

coursebox AI course creators

Next up in our list with AI course creators, we present Coursebox, which can use AI technology to create a course in less than an hour. This is because it is possible to generate a draft of the course content structure in seconds. Converting documents, pages, websites, and videos into a course is also very fast. After the work is done with artificial intelligence, everything is ready. All you need to do are small edits and add what’s missing to make your content more unique.

With this platform, you can create mobile-friendly courses. This way, it can attract audiences who don’t have a computer or who simply prefer to watch videos and listen to music on their smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, Coursebox has a team of digital marketing experts who can help you talk to your target audience about your brand and your course, through your website, advertising, and email contact.

By integrating its course-building algorithm with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, Coursebox is able to reduce the overhead of a course development project by up to 10x. Another integration of the platform that deserves to be highlighted is that of its AI with learning management systems (LSM). This integration is good for enhancing the learning and teaching experience by automating administrative tasks, providing predictive analytics, and creating interactive environments.

The platform also offers free training sessions, group management, resource management, community posts, and newsletters to further enrich the experience of your course buyers. You can also add your business logo and theme to your presentations, manage events and, of course, offer certificates to people who complete the course. With so many benefits, it is no surprise that the platform already has more than 11,000 educators and companies spread across 156 countries.

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3. Heights

Heights is also a strong name when it comes to creating courses using artificial intelligence. This is because, with it, you just need to provide the title and topic of your course and let it create the draft for you. Furthermore, the platform can go much further, generating a lesson outline and even creating an attractive description for your work. Additionally, the platform develops a great cover image for your new course.

Although the tool is easy to use, you may face some difficulties with it. But that won’t be a problem, as it offers instant answers to your questions, providing a private trainer available 24 hours a day. Now, if you need to change something in your product, all you need to do is describe what needs to be changed and artificial intelligence can make the changes for you. Then review and confirm which edits were made by the AI ​​before saving.

Focusing on helping you interact with your students, Heights provides tools that allow you to build a thriving online community. Through them, you can create a paid or free community and offer more value to your students, who can ask questions and provide feedback on their work. Be sure to invest your time in this area, as people who share their thoughts and feelings with others through a community are more likely to complete a course.

Heights has integration with PayPal and Stripe, so you can get paid by your students. As a result, you have greater flexibility to create any combination of one-time, installment, or subscription payment plans. The most interesting thing about this is that the platform does not charge any transaction fees or commission percentage of your earnings from your courses. Furthermore, each plan of this tool has the full affiliate program feature, which encourages your students to help you promote your courses.

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4. Kajabi

Following our list of AI course creators, we present Kajabi, an AI platform to create your courses in minutes, so that your sales can be made quickly. Just take your idea to the tool and let its artificial intelligence transform what’s in your mind into teaching material. To further streamline the process, Kajabi offers a structured course outline, breaking your topic into easy-to-do modules and lessons. Additionally, the AI provides copy for your sales page, with the aim of reaching more people.

Kajabi’s AI Creator Hub uses tools based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. This feature is another positive point for you to develop courses more quickly, even without technical expertise. Additionally, Kajabi allows you to add the look and feel of your business to your videos, including your theme and logo. If you prefer, you can also choose from the various professional themes available on the platform.

It’s worth noting that, although Kajabi hosts your course in a similar way to Panda Video Hosting, you can define a domain so that it appears as part of your website. Additionally, you can interact with your students through an integrated community platform. How you use this functionality depends on your goal. You can create a community for your students to interact, answer their questions, or even create exclusive content for this area.

Kajabi is so complete that it allows you to offer payment options to your customers. This is because the tool has integration with PayPal and Stripe. Additionally, it provides built-in analytical tools that allow users to monitor their progress and sustain continuous growth. For your students, Kajabi offers certificates of completion so you don’t have to use an external provider.

5. CourseAI

CourseAI streamlines the online course creation process, helping you create your material through a simple topic choice. If you’re having a creative block, you can use artificial intelligence to select topics for your course. One way to help do this more accurately is by stating your niche. After these first steps, the platform will generate essential elements of your material, such as outline, title, description, target audience, persona, and module content.

When creating the course, the platform will take care to divide it into different modules, so that the material does not become boring. CourseAI also develops quizzes for each module so you can assess students’ understanding of the material covered in them. For beginners in this area, the tool provides a detailed step-by-step process of creating a course. Additionally, CourseAI makes a copy of each version of the online course, retaining the elements contained within it.

In addition to the online course development process, CourseAI proposes sophisticated resources to help win over and engage your target audience. Thus, the platform generates welcome emails that are sent to all new students. To attract new customers, it also creates sales emails that contain a personalized message for this type of action. As it has no specific system requirements, CourseAI is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

With CourseAI’s AI course creation tool, you can generate content for your course in just a minute. However, the complete process is not that quick. Fully developing, editing, and hosting the course on one platform can take 3 to 5 hours. The big advantage is that compared to the traditional online course creation process, which can take weeks to months, CourseAI gives you an advantage in those dedicated hours.

6. EdApp

edapp AI course creators

EdApp is another excellent option on our list of AI course creators. With it, you can develop your material in minutes, not months. To achieve this, the platform offers more than 80 models that can help you improve your learning with videos, quizzes, games, and even assessments. Furthermore, EdApp is easy to use. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to understand coding or graphic design to create your course.

Something that makes EdApp stand out is that it has a creation tool using AI technology. This feature helps you structure your courses. Through it, you don’t need to brainstorm and can still reduce research time and build summarized information. Another great thing about this platform is that it allows you to customize any of the 1,000 courses it offers, so you can boost your learning in the workplace.

When you choose EdApp, you have full control over your users, costs, analytics, and integrations in just one place. As a result, you can ensure that each user has correct access to each course you develop. And of course, you can also unlock your team’s learning potential with real training motivators. After all, the platform offers built-in engagement features such as gamification and push notifications.

EdApp also has a team of design experts specialized in creating short, impactful courses. So, if you are new to this training universe, you can count on the help of the platform’s analysts. The AI ​​tool even has a built-in translation feature, so in just a few clicks you can convert your courses into over 100 languages.

7. Sana

Sana also deserves to be highlighted in our list of AI course creators, however, it is a little different. With it, you can offer your employees a learning experience with live collaborative sessions, and personalized and individualized courses. An interesting feature of the platform is that it has an assistant capable of generating questions, explanations, and images from scratch.

Plus, you can integrate Sana into all of your team’s apps to make your company’s knowledge searchable on platforms like Github and Google Workspace. To further help your team, this tool organizes your company’s knowledge so that up-to-date answers on any subject can be found quickly. This is regardless of whether the search is being carried out on the specification of a product or on payroll policies.

The platform is also capable of automating the entire process of developing your course, from registering your company’s employees to sending a training reminder. Sana helps you empower your salespeople with the tools they need to develop skills and access new knowledge, taking your business’s sales to another level.

An interesting point is that, before your salesperson starts the course, they go through a pre-training assessment so that they don’t have to take the parts of the course they already know, thus speeding up the learning process. In addition, your employees’ courses can use the platform’s collaborative editor to transmit their knowledge in minutes and help other employees.

8. Mini Course Generator

Another of the AI course creators is Mini Course Generator, with which you can put your ideas for creating mini-courses into practice without getting overwhelmed or even procrastinating on less productive days. This AI is capable of helping you develop great interactive materials to be used as educational lead magnets. With it, you can also directly upload videos, images, gifs, and PDFs. Additionally, you can embed any type of content through iframe codes, such as a podcast on Spotify or a video on Vimeo.

To make your mini-course even more customized, you can use the AI ​​tool to offer information and carry out questionnaires or surveys in an integrated way. You can also distribute microlearning content into small chunks, followed by quick and easy assessments. Another possibility is to personalize the completion of short courses based on the number of correct answers from users.

And to make your material truly look like a part of your business, you can add your logo, change the layout, and even the theme that best fits your company. With the Mini Course Generator, you can also develop subdomains and share your mini-courses with your own domain. You can also customize the end of each piece of content by showing targeted messages, displaying scores, providing certifications, or showing content based on user performance.

The platform’s AI Assistant can be used not only for the entire construction of a mini-course but also on each individual card, to highlight its introduction. Simply compose a sentence or two on a content card and delegate the rest to the AI ​​Assistant. This feature allows for continuous progression. This means you don’t need to worry about “bigger” concepts like curriculum or modules to structure content into a course format. Super simplified cards allow you to create your interactive mini-courses quickly and easily.

9. Mindsmith

Mindsmith was born with the aim of helping you create and share good content in your courses. Therefore, it speeds up the creation process by performing more difficult tasks. Plus, the AI ​​platform offers ideas based on your topics, so you don’t have to deal with creative blocks. And these created ideas are already concise so that long and difficult-to-read paragraphs are not created.

With Mindsmith, you improve the quality of your course, transforming your materials into a format that your students understand more quickly. An example of this is that, if your target audience has a profile of consuming content faster, you can create interesting summaries on this platform in a few seconds. In addition to making the content easier to understand, you can retain your students’ attention.

The tool also helps you simplify your work, excluding unnecessary details and offering clearer language. If you need to modify any content, Mindsmith allows you to do this through a remote SCORM file, which is updated automatically.

You can also work together with the artificial intelligence during every stage of your course development process. This way, you can improve your lesson and provide guidance to the AI, such as learning objectives, tone, levels, and function. The creation process gets even better when you work together. Therefore, Mindsmith allows you to work collaboratively in real time. Once the course is created, you can adjust the theme to match your brand.

10. Lingio


Following our list of AI course creators, let’s talk about Lingio, which is capable of creating captivating and easy-to-manage personalized materials. Like Sana, Lingio focuses on training company employees, and the platform quickly transforms training material into stimulating courses. Right after sending your material, in a few clicks, you will have the specific content for each sector you need, ready to be shared with your employees in seconds.

This AI Course Creator was built with the experience of real teachers. These educators were handpicked, as the Lingio team looked for those who had the best methodologies for teaching and training employees. This makes the process of implementing new policies easier and helps drive lasting behavioral change. This tool’s artificial intelligence uses only the most reliable sources, such as Wikipedia, to create its training courses.

Throughout the course design process in Lingio, you have the ability to review and improve its AI-generated questions and answers. This way, you can ensure the accuracy of the information before publication. The platform’s courses are also accessible 24 hours a day and can be accessed via a mobile device. With Lingio, you also eliminate the language barrier as users can select terms in the app and receive instant translation in over 100 languages.

Regarding course distribution, it is also very fast and you can communicate new materials to your team via SMS or email. But before you create a course on Lingio, be sure to check out the platform’s premium materials as they may have something ready for you to use. After all, the platform already has content about the workplace, safety, and customer service.

11. Steppit

To end our list of AI course creators, we present Steppit, one of the best AI course creators. With it, you have AI assistance at each stage of the creation process and eliminate the need to use special equipment or video editing. All you need to do is think about what you could offer with your skills and let the course creator work through some quick questions to help you plan a course and estimate your earning potential.

Use Steppit to deliver the best learning experiences with easy-to-follow, step-by-step videos. Also, consider offering private classes to get closer to your audience. An additional feature of the tool is the ability to share feedback and guide your class in feeds and private post messages. Additionally, you can customize your channel with your own color scheme, banner, and profile picture.

You can also generate certificates upon completion of your courses, download PDFs, and hold class group chats. Payments are facilitated by Steppit, where you just need to connect your channel to the platform to start selling class spaces to your audience.

On the Pro plan, you can automatically generate summaries for your videos, plan extended courses with AI, and even have access to unlimited support. However, if you only want to use the free plan, you can use the platform to create shareable links to public content, and develop and share unlimited courses, and the platform will receive a small share of the revenue if you decide to start selling.

Which AI creates courses?

Although there are several AI course creators around, Learning Studio is considered the best artificial intelligence platform when the goal is to create courses. They have the ability to create more personalized educational content, which can adjust to each student’s preferences and pace.

What is the AI ​​tool that creates courses?

Among the various tools that benefit from artificial intelligence to create educational content, Learning Studio stands out. It not only makes course creation easier but also uses AI to optimize content, making it more relevant and tailored to students’ needs.

What do I need to create an online course?

To create an online course, you first need to be clear about the topic of the course, what subjects it will cover and what topic structure will be used. Visual and multimedia resources, such as videos, images, and infographics, can enrich the student experience and make your content more professional.

What is the best platform to create an online course?

Currently, the best platform for producing online courses is Learning Studio, which is known for its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. Coursebox uses AI mainly to optimize content, making it more relevant and adapted to students’ needs.