Tools to make apps: check out the top 7 right now!

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If you need to create an app, whether for personal use or for some business purpose, we’ve selected here all the best tools to make apps without you knowing anything about programming.

Check out our list below with all of them and choose the one you think best fits what you need!

1. GoodBarber

To start our list, we have GoodBarber, a native app builder that you may use online or offline. It is particularly recommended for eCommerce and content management.

It’s really simple to use, being able to see the results of your edits in real-time so that you can configure everything very easily. It is a paid platform, which has a 30-day free trial.

There are three plans: “Standard”, which costs $25 a month with web apps only, “Full” which costs $48 a month and allows you to design Android apps, and “Premium”, which costs $96 a month and allows both Android and iOS apps. Find out more through the link!

GoodBarber tools to make apps

2. AppsBuilder

We also have AppsBuilder among the tools for those who want to make apps without knowing anything about programming, creating both web apps in HTML5 (that work in any of the best web browsers) and apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and tablets.

It offers a large number of features and options so that its users can easily create really amazing applications. It currently has millions of users and thousands of monthly apps created. Click on the link to learn more about it and create your own dating apps!

3. BuildFire

BuildFire is a simplified system that allows the creation of Android apps from ready-made templates. As this is an option focused on companies, the plans are quite expensive. But, of course, it will guarantee you results that are truly amazing and impressive.

You can create your own apps through BuildFire, including apps for team meetings or, if you prefer to ensure that the results will be perfect, you can also hire the site’s specialized team to create them for you, following all guidelines.

4. ShoutEm

ShoutEm is another of the tools to make some really good apps, offering a complete content manager and providing many engagement and monetization features, as well as many customization options.

With it, you can easily create a web app, an Android app, or an iPhone app. Of course, as long as you’re willing to spend starting at $49 a month on the Android-only plan. See everything about the platform through the link!

ShoutEm tools to make apps

5. AppMachine

A really simple system to use, AppMachine will allow you to create Android and iOS apps from information that already exists on your website, by importing it. By doing that, this step will take a matter of seconds!

Then you’ll be able to customize it as you wish, adding buttons, features, and much more, and it’s probably the best in terms of visuals and appearance. It has hundreds of thousands of users in over 140 countries. Just follow the link to find out everything!

6. Fabapp

A particularly dedicated tool to make apps for Android, Fabapp currently also has the option for you to create an app for iOS and web apps, being one of the best available.

Even though it is a paid option, it offers a very limited free plan through which you can create a web app optimized for smartphones. To create, just select the template you want and use the editor to drag and drop and add all the functionality you might want.

It is probably the best known in the list, being very easy to use, also allowing creation without knowing anything about programming. See everything here!

7. AppInstitute

The AppInstitute is one of the tools to make an app that aims to revolutionize the application market using the model known as Software as a Service – SaaS, through which you can, for example, create applications to remove background images without no technical knowledge.

You’ll be able to use your Facebook content or choose from several professional templates to start building your app. It offers possibilities such as a loyalty program and an appointment system for your business. Follow the link to find out everything!

8. GameSalad

To complete the list, we have GameSalad, suitable for anyone who wants to create games and publish them on many different platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and more. Furthermore, it has an interface that is very easy to get used to and does not require any programming skills.

The creator will introduce you to a scene and an editor. You’ll spend a lot of time creating it, choosing which characters will be where, looks, sounds, music, and more. To check out more about it, just follow the link.

GameSalad tools to make apps

So, did you like the best tools to make apps?

Leave in the comments if you already knew them all or if any were new. Don’t forget to also check out the best anonymous internet browsers!