The 6 best online programming courses around!

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It has been said for some years that learning programming is essential for the future and this statement can still be considered true. We say this because most of the things we use involve some type of software, such as TVs, notebooks, and smartphones, among many others (even your fridge!).

It is also a constantly growing market, with a lot of offers for programming courses and a demand for professionals in the field. If you are learning to program or are a first-timer, check out some of the best online programming courses to use in any of the best web browsers!

1. Codecademy

An international course that’s completely in English, the idea of ​​Codecademy is simple: to offer all kinds of online courses related to programming and software development. Its collection is quite vast, with introductory courses on different programming languages ​​and web development, among others.

Essential for those who want to learn a specific coding skill and who are just starting. Much of its collection can be viewed for free, but practical projects and tests are only available to paying members. Follow this link to see more about Codecademy.

codecademy best online programming courses

2. Code Avengers

Code Avengers is pretty accessible and one of the best online programming courses around right now. The website has courses spread over several areas, depending on your level of education.

The Code Avengers courses are also sectorized, ideal for those looking to specialize in web development, mobile, or game creation, for example. Access and learn more about Code Avengers through the link.


A non-profit institution, makes its library of knowledge available for free. It has the mission of offering access to knowledge about programming for free, working closely with schools and educational institutions.

On its website, the organization offers several courses in the area, many of them created to teach children and teenagers in a more engaging manner. This means that the site is a relevant option for those looking for courses for their children, but are on a tight budget. The courses offered are in several languages, check it out!

4. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Another free learning opportunity among the best online programming courses is offered by Microsoft itself. MVA – acronym for Microsoft Virtual Academy – is an initiative that allows developers or aspirants to learn more about specific knowledge within programming, among them game creation and cloud development.

The platform brings new content and programming courses weekly, is available in many languages, and all you have to do is register to access the content. Follow this link to learn more about Microsoft Virtual Academy.


Focused on delivering content to you in smaller portions of time, instead of requiring hours and hours of dedication, is ideal for those who want to specifically learn web development.

Its online programming courses are some of the best out there, and they last a few hours and are arranged in short videos, allowing you to learn at break times, for example. It brings free and paid materials through subscription. Follow the link to learn more about

6. Udemy

Udemy is one of the most famous online course platforms worldwide. Of course, it would not fail to offer a wide range of programming courses, dedicated to different languages ​​and specific platforms. Its catalog is really complete, including object-oriented programming, mobile devices, databases, and more.

The menu and material for each course are developed by specific teachers. As such, take a look at the reviews of other students who have already taken the course in which you are interested and decide where you should invest. Go to Udemy’s official website to learn more about it!

udemy best online programming courses

Have you taken any of the best online programming courses on our list?

With a wide range of material available, these programming courses will be sufficient to kickstart your developer career. If you are already one, you can also make use of some of the more specific courses offered by these services, improving your skills.

Have you ever taken any of these? Which one is the best suited for your needs? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to also check out!

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