The 20 best ideas to make extra money at home!

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If you’ve been laid off or what you earn is no longer covering your expenses or you simply want to have more income to spend, we’ve selected the best options to make extra money at your home during the pandemic.

Read on below to check them all out and implement some in your daily life!

1. Answer paid surveys

The first of the best ways to easily make extra money at home is by using apps to earn money that pays you for answering questions. They send surveys by email or by notification on your smartphone.

When you answer them, you receive some kind of “coin”. By accumulating a certain number of “coins”, you can exchange it for actual money. Surveys come with different frequencies, which can be every day or every week. Also, as they expire quickly, focus and answer them as soon as possible!

2. Work as a freelancer

One of the most practical ideas for earning extra income from home is freelance work, which is on the rise during the COVID quarantine. This is a type of informal work, where you will not have employment relationships with companies.

You can profit a lot from this, as long as what you make is really good, or you are well known. Examples of areas of expertise for freelancers include translation, dubbing, writing, proofreading, editorial work, transcriptions, graphic design, and many others.

Work as a freelancer

3. Click and watch ads

It’s not a way to earn much, but it certainly complements your income. There is a wide variety of platforms that allows you to earn money by clicking on ads or watching them.

On such platforms, you will usually have access to a panel with ads that you can click to learn more about the advertised product. There is also the possibility to ask you to complete some action, like finishing a certain level of a smartphone game.

These are always easy tasks that can be done with little effort, making this a good alternative for anyone.

4. Create an online course

Probably one of the most profitable ideas to make extra money at home is to use online course platforms and create your own course. With this, you will be able to share your knowledge of any area and earn (a lot) with it.

However, for this mission to succeed you really need to be an expert in some area. If so, all you have to do is go ahead with the plan to create online courses, using a platform like Udemy, possibly the biggest and most reliable of its kind. Check out our complete guide on how to use it!

5. Create a blog

One more possibility to increase how much you earn is creating blogs. This is one of the oldest ways to make money online. There are several ways you can monetize yours.

Among them are using Google AdSense to place ads, selling sponsored publications in which you talk about a product, using affiliate programs, and much more.

If you want to go ahead to create your blog, there are a few suitable platforms. Among them is WordPress which is possibly the most complete and yet not too complicated to use.

Create a blog make extra money at home

6. App development

It is quite possible to earn money while learning to program, using the content you are viewing. One of the biggest ways is to apply for openings at smaller companies, as large companies tend to have dedicated IT staff, which is financially inaccessible for small companies.

Since apps don’t need to be particularly complex or advanced, you don’t need to have in-depth knowledge of app development. In other words, this is certainly a good way to make money!

And remember: if you don’t know how to create Android apps yet but are looking to learn how to do so, check out the best apps to learn about programming!

7. Video editing

One of the best ideas to make extra money at home is video editing. The goal will always be to create a high-quality result from a recording, making cuts, adding effects, and much more.

There are several tools to edit your videos, so choosing which one to use is something to be considered. Among the best are Camtasia, easy to use and learn, and Movavi Editor, as complete and easy to use.

Find out more about Camtasia through this link

Now, if you prefer to know Movavi, go to this one!

8. Create an e-commerce store

If you want to start working from home, one of the most valid ideas is to create an e-commerce store to earn a lot of extra income. To work like this, you need to be very involved in the creation process, which will seem difficult. However, there are very good platforms to simplify everything, like Shopify, CloudShop, and Zyro.

The last of the three is the most recommended for you to use, having complete and easy functionality to create any website, the way you want. To learn more about it, just follow our link to its official website.

There are a few main ways to work with online stores: You may be able to sell your own products, such as handicrafts; resell products imported from China; or drop shipping sales, a simpler model in which you are only responsible for the site, to serve as a showcase for partner merchandise.


9. Photo editing

Another very favorable area is photo editing. To be able to profit from this, it is quite necessary that you have experience tinkering with editing programs. If so, you can easily offer your services to companies close to you, especially smaller ones that want to appear on social media.

Among the best and most recommended photo editors for you to work with is Photoshop, by Adobe. If you don’t know, it’s almost essential that you start learning how to use it, as it’s almost a requirement for most jobs. To use it and take advantage of the free trial period, follow our link!

10. Work as a virtual assistant

This modality can easily fit in with freelancers, but simply because of the differences it has acquired over time, it deserves a topic for itself. You will help people improve their organization, helping them with time management tasks and their projects, and helping you to make extra money at home.

It is a position very sought after by those who are used to working in an office and now need to work over the internet because of the coronavirus, since the organizational help of the office is no longer there. Of course, for you to be a virtual assistant, you need to have a lot of organization and discipline, as well as being punctual.

11. Affiliate marketing

To earn extra income when working with content, one of the main ideas is to make use of affiliate marketing, just like most influencers in the world.

Affiliate marketing is a modality in which you will recommend products in your content, placing links to sell. For each sale made by the links, you will receive a percentage of the value.

It’s entirely possible for you to implement this. Of course, it won’t make you as much as it’s proportional to how famous you are. However, create a channel (or blog) and focus on it for it to grow. With this, it is guaranteed that you will be able to earn money!

12. Become an influencer on TikTok

For those who are good with the public, a very interesting option to earn money without having to leave the house during quarantine is using TikTok. By doing this, being very committed and charismatic, you can reach a large following and then get paid to advertise products to your audience.

The best tool to help you in this task, helping you to configure hashtags by area in which you produce content and searching, interacting, and giving likes on profiles that might be good for you is Stim. Take advantage of the 5-day free trial they offer by following our link!

13. Be a consultant

If you are experienced in a career, one of the best ideas to earn extra income from it is to offer consulting services in your area to help other businesses get started.

When working as a consultant, you will be able to contact many different types of businesses to help them correct their flaws and develop strategies to work better, using their knowledge. Even better, all that’s needed to perform this function is one of the team meeting apps!

14. Test websites

If you are a fan of web design and how good an interface is, testing websites and applications can be an excellent option to make extra money at home. The best site to do this is TryMyUI, where you’ll earn starting at $10 for every user interface you test and give your opinion.

The model for giving feedback is to record the screen while using the site for the first time, giving a spoken review of its usability. Then you will need to write a summary of what you said. It is possible to perform a few tests per week, getting paid every Friday via PayPal.

Test websites make extra money at home

15. Sell photos

Another very good way to supplement your income is by selling the photos you take on your smartphone or camera. It’s a perfect alternative for amateur photographers who feel there’s nothing to gain from their hobby.

The best-known site you can sell them on is Foap, which is often used by really big companies that tend to pay well for images. Better yet, you can sell them as often as you like, as the rights stay with you!

16. Creating images for social media

Many smaller companies and businesses, in addition to most influencers, do not have access to a dedicated team to create their images. Because of that, these entrepreneurs end up hiring people to take care of the images in the posts, making them as good as possible. They will then have the necessary free time to focus on the strategies to use.

The most recommended platform for those who want to join this type of work is PlaceIt, which has many different image templates where you can insert your company logo and personalized images, all with great simplicity and ease to find out more and get started!

17. Manage company social media

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all companies are needing to have some digital presence, as physical spaces are closed or, at the very least, limited. Even now, when many are vaccinated, working from home is getting more and more common. With that, their social media management became one of the ideas to earn extra income.

If you are fluent in social networks and understand well how they work, you can apply for the vacancies that have opened to better manage the pages so that companies can grow a lot with your help, paying you for it.

18. Website development

We’ve already mentioned blogging and online stores, but creating websites is also a pretty good way to make extra money at home. There are courses everywhere teaching you how to create a website, as well as services that make the process easier.

The good thing about a site is that it can be anything from stores and blogs to your portfolio or your own resume. To create a website, we recommend Zyro, which allows its users to create pages from the most varied niches from ready-made templates. Find out more about it through the link.

19. Teach classes

A bit similar to courses, teaching is another of the best ideas that allow you to make extra money from the comfort of your own home. This is mainly because everyone is currently looking for virtual classes to avoid the contagion of the coronavirus.

As long as you know a lot about a subject, you can market yourself by creating a social media presence. It’s worth mentioning that classes can be about anything from school subjects to more specific things like music, drawing or sewing.

20. Use cashback services

Finally, we have a way to earn money when spending it: use one of the best cashback apps. By using them, you will receive a portion of the amount spent on your virtual wallet.

When you reach a certain amount, you can then withdraw as much as you like. If you’re worried about sounding too good to be true, get better: you absolutely don’t need to pay cashback platforms to use them!

Click on the link to discover Swagbucks, one of the most recommended platforms!

swagbucks make extra money at home

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