JivoChat vs Tawk.to: Comparison. Which one is the best?

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If your intention is to offer quality service to your customers, you need to consider using one of the best live chat websites, such as these customer service tools. We know that there are many options available, and surely you have already come across the popular JivoChat vs Tawk.to and wondered which one is better. This doubt is natural, as the support tools have different features.

For instance, JivoChat offers advanced features, such as integrations with some of the biggest e-commerce platforms. Meanwhile, Tawk.to is aimed at professionals who already know more about online chat services. As a result, it fails to offer an interface that’s as intuitive as its rival. However, that doesn’t make Tawk.to a bad choice.

But to get to know the answer to the question “JivoChat vs Tawk.to: which is better for your business?”, we will introduce you to these two platforms. Here we’ll talk about whether or not it’s easy to use the tools and key features of each platform, so you’ll have no doubts about which support tool is best to talk to your customers in real-time. And, of course, in the end, we will leave our opinion on who wins this battle.

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What are online chat tools for?

Online chat tools, such as chatbot tools for WhatsApp, were created with the goal of helping companies offer quick and efficient service to their customers. In addition, they stand out for not requiring equipment to be installed and are usually simple to use. These tools also have a response flow that is set up by those who hire this service.

In these flows, there may be answers to questions that your customers often ask or even payment options. Furthermore, current customer support tools bring with them the possibility for users to transmit messages that are not just texts, such as images, videos, and hyperlinks. Depending on the platform you choose for your business, you can even share screens and make voice calls.

But to help in this journey, we prepared this comparison of JivoChat vs Tawk.to: which one is better? Let’s now analyze which platform is best for your business.

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1. JivoChat

JivoChat vs Tawk.to 1

JivoChat is an online chat platform created with the goal of allowing you to serve your customers in just one place. Therefore, when choosing this tool, you will be able to unite all service channels, such as social media platforms, messaging applications, and calls, something that will help your e-commerce assistant to speed up the work and will certainly make your customers happier with how quickly you’re responding. In addition, the platform provides an API for developers to use JivoChat code to embed chat on their website or web application.

Among the features that JivoChat has, we can highlight some, such as its integration with several sales websites, so that you can serve customers on that platform as well. It is common to see people who use the marketplace without getting an answer to their questions, or even having to wait hours for a company to issue a statement. This can be very frustrating for the buyer and make them look for the product you offer at your competitor, even if the price is not as good as the one you offer. That’s why using automated services is so important to help you not lose a sale.

Of course, the chatbot feature could not be left out. This JivoChat feature is also worth highlighting, as it allows you to collect contact data and transfer hot leads to your team in less time. That way, they can focus on converting customers and not checking visitor by visitor to see if any of them are your business’s target audience.

JivoChat also has important integrations. Among chatbots, UChat and Leadster stand out. As for CRM, it has inclusion with HubSpot, PipeDrive, PipeRun, and Rubeus. Finally, to help you with your online business, the tool also integrates with the most diverse CMSs, such as Shopify, StoreHippo, WordPress, and BigCommerce. If you have any questions about how to use the platform, you can contact its support, which is one of the best on the market.

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Can I customize my chat with Jivochat?

Yes. The platform allows your entire conversation window to be your way, with your business’ colors and theme. In fact, Jivochat already offers custom themes so that you have a starting point or even an idea of ​​how to create yours from scratch. And to give your business an even more special touch, you can add your logo to the chat window to customize the welcome message.

Is Jivochat easy to use?

Yes. The platform is one of the easiest online chats to use, making its learning curve low. If you’ve never worked with this type of tool and want to take your first step on that journey, you won’t have any problems with Jivochat. However, if you need help with any task, in addition to having a lot of content about it on video-sharing platforms, the company has great customer support, where you can clear your doubts.

Is Jivochat safe?

Jivochat cares a lot about your security. Therefore, you will not have your personal data lost when using the platform service. After all, all user data is separated and isolated from each other so that there is no way for anyone to access third-party information. With this, you can focus on offering quality service and not on losing important and confidential data of your company.

How does Jivochat’s data analysis work?

Jivochat is excellent for analyzing data from visitors to your page. This way, it can generate amazing leads so your salespeople can automatize the sales process. In addition, it offers detailed reports on the chats carried out and has integration with Google Analytics. To be more assertive in your service, you can use the transcription function of all chats and identify the most common problems people try to solve with your agents.


  • Integration with WhatsApp Business ;
  • Possibility to make phone calls;
  • Has callback in 30 seconds;
  • Provides a team conversation app;
  • It has an API for developers.

Points to improve:

  • Simplistic automation;
  • The feature to ban users needs to be improved.


  • Basic: Free
  • Professional: $19
  • Business: $38

Plans are billed for each operator, per month, on annual payment. Some features are paid separately depending on the plan you choose:

  • Telephony Plus: $4 (included in VIP and Professional)
  • Videocalls: $21 (included in VIP)
  • WhatsApp: $25 (included in VIP)

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2. Tawk.to

JivoChat vs Tawk.to 2

Continuing our journey on JivoChat vs Tawk.to, let’s analyze the second option. With Tawk.to, you can monitor and chat with your website visitors, respond to support tickets, organize contacts, and create a help center to empower customers to help themselves. This tool is also important so that you can capture customer information in just one place, something that helps a lot in the organization and efficiency of your service.

Tawk.to has many features, and among them we can mention its knowledge base. Here, you can share insider knowledge so your team members have the answers they need when they need them. In addition, it makes it easy for customers to find answers to simple questions within minutes. You can also see the feedback on the help center topics and automatically save searches for insights on what your customers and team need help with.

We cannot fail to highlight the artificial intelligence feature that Tawk.to also has. The AI’s ​​name is Apollo AI Bot and you don’t need to train or create content. All you have to do is turn on the robot and it will start answering your customers’ questions. With the bot, your chat is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but this does not prevent your agents from being able to monitor the conversations carried out by it, in case of need for human interference.

Tawk.to is integrated with Zaiper so you can automate workflows, and it has a Javascript API that makes it easy to manipulate the chat tool displayed on your website so you can create more complex functions. The tool also does not give up helping you to leverage your online business. In this sense, it offers integration with Shopify, WordPress, and HubSpot.

Can I customize my chat with Tawk.to?

Yes. The great advantage in customizing with Tawk.to is the positioning and visualization of the chat. With this, you can display the chat window on your website in the location that you think is most attractive to the customer. But if you want something very different from what people are used to, you can build a floating widget. Like Jivochat, Tawk.to also provides predefined themes and styles.

Is Tawk.to easy to use?

If you are used to live chat platforms, you might find it easy to use this platform. However, if you are a beginner in this area, you may have some difficulties, as Tawk.to is not very intuitive. This factor ends up weighing as a downside because the purpose of the tool should be simple so that everyone has easy access and not create entry barriers for people with little knowledge.

Is Tawk.to safe?

Yes. All Tawk.to chats and tickets are SHA-256 SSL encrypted and remain on the company’s servers indefinitely until deleted. Therefore, the information exchanged between users and the servers of Tawk.to is safe and you do not lose the records of conversations carried out on the platform, and you can access them, in case you need a review at some point.

How does Tawk.to data analysis work?

The Tawk.to dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your website traffic. Plus, it shows how your agents are interacting with visitors. In the Live Visitors section, you will have available a graph showing real-time visitors to your website. Pageviews are counted individually. As such, if a visitor accesses your site and browses through several pages, each page will be counted each time it is viewed.


  • It has Geo IP tracking;
  • You can ban and unban visitors;
  • Has unlimited chat history;
  • Allows file transfer;
  • It has an automatic translation feature.

Points to improve

  • It is not possible to integrate WhatsApp with Tawk.to;
  • High learning curve.


Tawk.to is free, but if you want to hire a chat agent, you will have to pay $1 per hour.

JivoChat vs Tawk.to: Which is better?

In this battle of JivoChat vs Tawk.to, although Tawk.to is a good choice, it is not the best choice for those who want to offer excellent service to their customers. JivoChat comes out as the winner for offering more advanced features and integrations than Tawk.to. In addition, it has no entry barriers regarding ease of use, as it has a very simple and pleasant interface.

We cannot fail to highlight the support offered to the customer of each platform, where JivoChat also comes out as a winner. In addition to supporting multiple languages, the platform’s response time is much better. With that, in our battle between JivoChat vs Tawk.to we can decree that even if you need to invest in JivoChat for your company, it will not let you down.

What is the best online chat tool?

JivoChat is the best online chat tool. This platform is integrated with the main social networks and the most important names in e-commerce, such as Shopify and BigCommerce. Jivochat is also secure and has many customization options.

What are the benefits of a live chat tool for businesses?

Business live chat tools like JivoChat help you maintain a direct connection with your website visitors. This helps you increase customer engagement, improves the customer experience, and possibly leads to increased sales.

What are the best chat sites?

JivoChat, Manychat, and Landbot are the best chat tools. They have features and integrations so that you can use all social networks in just one place, making your management much more practical and efficient.

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Which online chat tool is more secure?

JivoChat is the safest chat tool to use. It stores all user data separately and is isolated from each other so that there is no way for anyone to access third-party information.