Tinder x Badoo: What are the differences?

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Anyone looking for free dating apps has certainly come across countless possibilities and ended up in doubt about which would be the best platform for their profile. To help you choose, in this article, we are going to talk about the biggest relationship sites today. Tinder x Badoo: What are the differences?

Tinder x Badoo: What are the differences?

Currently, both Tinder and Badoo are very similar not only in their premise but also in their interface and functions. Despite this, there are features that can provide a different experience on each of the platforms. Next, we detail these differences. To check out the complete tutorial on how to use Tinder, just check out this article.

Sign up

Both Apps offer complete sign up processes, thinking about the safety of users. Therefore, there is a verification of your data and also your photo when signing up. In addition, you can fill in the profile with your interests, hobbies, profession, and other characteristics that will help the algorithm to find people with the same characteristics as you.

At this stage, Badoo registration is a little more intuitive, as the platform guides the user through each step of the process. On Tinder, some steps are suggested, but the platform does not show all the detailed configuration options on the first access.

Another positive highlight for Badoo is that the App offers more possibilities. You can, for example, say if you want to have children and check more options about your personality.

Summary of Activities

Another difference between Badoo and Tinder is its activity summary. It shows your daily metrics of visits, new likes and contacts. This can be positive, as it helps the user to understand how they are performing on the platform and, if they want to improve this reach, Badoo itself suggests some actions.

Resumo de Atividades Badoo


We know that both Tinder and Badoo use georeferencing mechanisms to find people who are close to you while using the App. Tinder shows the distance at which the person is right on the profile that appears in the feed. Badoo, on the other hand, does not have this same feature, but offers a tab with all the profiles that are nearby. The tab is called “Nearby” and it concentrates people within a radius of approximately 1 or 2 km away.

Also, Badoo offers the option to set your status with emojis that show your mood at the moment. With this, you can signal whether you’re looking for a relationship, a casual conversation, or just someone to have a good laugh with. This makes it easier for people with the same intentions to meet.

Aba Por Perto Badoo


In this regard, Tinder ends up winning for having a more practical and intuitive interface. The platform makes almost all features available to the user on buttons with different colors arranged in the same row. This makes navigation a lot easier. The same does not happen in the Badoo feed, which leaves few options available to the user, in addition to having the same colors, which can make navigation monotonous.

Return Button

The return button corresponds to the circular arrow that undoes the last action and returns to the previous profile so that you can interact again. This feature exists on both Tinder and Badoo, but the difference is that on Badoo it is available in the free version, while on Tinder you have to pay to use the function.

Sending Messages

This is another topic that greatly differentiates App experiences. On Tinder it is only possible to send a message after both profiles like each other (the famous “Match”). On Badoo, you can send messages to any user, regardless of the combination of profiles.

This can be a good feature for someone who is extroverted and likes to talk a lot. On the other hand, some users may find the practice somewhat invasive. With that in mind, Badoo allows you to restrict sending messages to those you like.

Tinder X Badoo Envio de Mensagens

Paid Versions

Both Apps have versions for subscribers that give access to exclusive features to increase visibility on the platform and, consequently, offer greater chances of meeting. See, below, the differences in the benefits of subscriptions for each App.

  • Badoo Premium: In the Premium version, you can see who liked your profile; browse anonymously; have unlimited access to search filter features; see who added you to their favorite profiles; change the “no” votes on profiles, and have your answers at the top of the list of people you’ve messaged.
    • Badoo Premium Plus: In the Premium Plus version, you have access to all Premium features and you can still have an extra exposure per week to appear more often in the feed; one flirt a day to show your interest to the other person and read notifications.
    • Tinder for Subscribers: Paid Tinder has “Plus”, “Gold” and “Platinum” versions, which offer benefits such as hiding ads, giving Boosts to increase exposure in the feed; sending Super Likes to show interest; going back to the previous profile and undo the last action; Unlimited likes and messaging before Match.

The benefits are very similar, but Badoo offers some features for free that Tinder only makes available to subscribers. Among them, we can mention sending messages to any user and the option to return to the previous profile. Furthermore, incognito browsing mode is also a feature that does not exist on Tinder.


Previously, Badoo had fewer privacy controls, so many fake profiles were created on the platform. Fortunately, the App has increased user security concerns, offering a personalized experience and allowing you to choose the type of information you want to share.

Tinder X Badoo Seguranca

Despite this, Tinder delivers a more complete experience, with informative content and support in cases of abuse or prejudice.

Tinder Central de Seguranca

Tinder x Badoo: Which one to choose?

Observing the “Interface“, “Messaging” and “Privacy” items, Tinder turns out to be the best dating App, but we also recommend that you try downloading both Apps to check out the user profiles and the fluidity of navigation. These factors can also influence your choice. If you are still not satisfied with Tinder, I recommend that you read our article with alternatives to Tinder.

Tinder x Badoo? Did you check out the differences between

So now all you have to do is download the best App and book your appointments! Please also check out: