5 simple steps to learn if someone is on Tinder!

  • Por Sophia Silva
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Nowadays, the most popular of the dating apps around, Tinder has taken over the dating world with its extremely simple mechanic that much resembles that of an electronic game.

In the past, finding someone that used (or admitted to using) dating websites was a hard task, but thanks to this app it’s now unusual to not use one. Even so, Tinder offers certain privacy, since it doesn’t post to Facebook and doesn’t leave any obvious traces, making it hard to learn if someone is on Tinder.

However, a website called CheaterBuster lets you know if one of your contacts is using the app in 5 simple steps. Check them out down below!

5 steps to learn if someone is on Tinder!

1 – Follow this link to reach Cheater Buster;


2 – Type in the name, the age, and the gender of the person you want to know if is on Tinder;

who someone is on Tinder

3 – Now, type in the location and look in the map for the place where this person might be using this app;

location someone is on Tinder

4 – Type in your email address and the password for the account you’ve created;

sign in someone is on Tinder

  • If you’re a new user, select “I’m a new user”. Then, type in your email address, your password, and confirm it. Then you’ll be signed up to the website!

sign up

5 – After signing in, you’ll have access to the webpage’s forms of payment. One search costs 9.99 USD, while three searches is 17.95 USD. You can pay using a PayPal account or a few types of credit and debit cards. The results will be sent to the email address you used to sign up here!

payment someone is on Tinder

Did you manage to find out if they are on Tinder?

Even though it is a paid option, Swipe Buster is one of the few alternatives to figure out whether someone is on Tinder or not. It also is one of the simplest options around. Let us know in the comments if you found who you were looking for, and don’t forget to also check out the best WhatsApp dares and the websites to watch movies!