The 6 best statistics tools to improve Instagram engagement!

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Instagram has become one of the most important social networks for business in recent years. Although Facebook is the most used and that is far from changing, Instagram tend to bring surprising results due to its high engagement. In addition to being able to manage your Instagram ads through the Facebook Business Manager, business profiles are also be able to check statistics on Instagram, allowing you to monitor the growth of your profile, in addition to other apps available on the web. So, find out below 6 of the best statistics tools for Instagram and see if any can help your business grow!

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1. Instagram Insights

The native tool for Instagram statistics. It is only enabled for those who have a commercial account on the platform and it shows relevant data such as growth regarding the number of followers, the reach of posts and demographic details about who follows it, such as age group and local. It also shows details about your Stories on Instagram. The tool does not need to be downloaded and can be accessed directly in the social media platform.

Instagram Insights

2. Display Purposes

Unlike Insights, the focus of Display Purposes is to show the user what the best hashtags they can use to put together a post on their profile. All that this user needs to do is to type out some of the terms that they intend to use in his publication. From there, the tool itself is in charge of searching and showing the most used ones according to the theme.


One of its advantages over other statistics tools is that the app itself filters hashtags used as spam or that can lead to malicious publications. Finally, you can select hashtags on your own or let the app do it for you. Click on the link and learn more about the service and also be sure to check our list of the most used hashtags in 2020.

3. Focalmark

This app works in a similar way to Display Purposes, but it has two main differences. The first is that it combines the ranking of Instagram together with data on the behavior of users in the app to suggest hashtags. The second is that it can be used only on mobile devices, and can be downloaded and used both on Android and on iPhone and iPad.


4. Squarelovin

Free statistics tools for Instagram are fair game. Squarelovin can also be used by those who have only their personal account on the social network. In addition to demonstrating numbers such as the growth of followers and engagement of their publications, it also shows the history of publications and gives suggestions on the best times to post, among others. Access the link and learn more about Squarelovin.


5. Keyhole

While Squarelovin tracks your Instagram account data, Keyhole has a more similar approach to Focalmark and Display Purposes. However, it acts differently in relation to the examples cited so far. On its website, you can search for the hashtags you want to insert in your publications.


After placing them in the Keyhole search bar, it shows the number of posts and users who have used the hashtag in the past few hours. It is also possible to search for users, mentions and keywords, among others.

6. Instagram Checkup by Union Metrics

A little different than other statistics tools here, the digital marketing company Union Metrics provides an analysis of your Instagram profile for free. To perform the analysis, simply access the website and click on the Start Checkup button. From there, it will offer data such as the best time to post on Instagram, which types of posts are most and least successful, and which hashtags to use to attract more users.

Union Metrics

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Which statistics tools for Instagram do you make frequent use of?

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