6 best apps to get Instagram followers quick (2023)

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Instagram is the social media platform that has grown the most in the past year, and it hasn’t stopped. After including features such as Instagram Stories and live videos, never before has Instagram seen as much engagement! There are a lot of different ways to get more Instagram followers quick.

For those who were caught unannounced and now are feeling the need to get a lot of followers very quickly, there are many different apps and websites to get Instagram followers that will help anyone in this task.

Thus, we have selected some of the best apps to get Instagram followers quick, and listed them down below so you can sign up to them and start to leverage your business or your profile that much more!

Tip: While it is important to get followers, the end goal is to turn them into new customers for your business. For that reason, you can use a link in your Instagram bio.

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1. Grow Social

What makes Grow Social ideal for you to get more followers on Instagram quickly is the possibility of working on two different fronts. The first of which is the automatic interaction via hashtags, geolocation, and your rival profiles. The second is through post scheduling, both for your feed or your Stories.

Grow Social even features a built-in online photo editor so you can create your posts on the social media platform. It even lets you create automatic Instagram Direct Messages to welcome your new followers and it shows you metrics about your profile.

Follow this link to learn more about it, and sign up to try Grow Social out FOR FREE for 3 days.

2. GetInsta

Certainly, one of the best apps to get Instagram followers quick, GetInsta will help you increase the number of followers and likes organically. As such, it provides an entirely free platform that’s safe, where real users can like, follow, and learn more about one another. GetInsta is one of the easiest-to-use options.

Here, you can earn free coins simply by liking posts and following other people. You can then use these coins to post get likes and get followers tasks, which will generate real interactions. Learn more about it by following this link.

3. Iconosquare

Iconosware is another of the best options who want to get Instagram followers quick. This one, however, is particularly geared towards brands and companies who want to improve their Instagram marketing. It also does offer the possibility of managing several accounts at the same time.

One of its biggest highlights is that it generates data about your competition as well as insights about the industry, so you can always stay up-to-date about the latest trends. While the platform is not free, it offers a 14-day free trial, and you can check it out by following this link.

Iconosquare get Instagram followers quick

4. Buffer

Buffer is easily one of the best scheduling apps for Instagram. It has a very simple and intuitive interface that makes it very easy for you to create and schedule your posts without having to face any issue, or even having any more profound knowledge about how Instagram works.

Other than that, it also offers you a lot of analytical tools that let you see how many likes, comments, and new followers you have in your profile. To learn more about Buffer and check out both its free and its paid version, follow this link.

5. Crowdfire

Crowdfire claims to be the biggest marketing ally anyone could have. That is due to the fact it works with all the social media platforms you have and even your online store. Crowdfire is a multiplatform analysis tool that will aid you in identifying all your inactive followers, as well as the people who don’t follow you back.

It works as a post scheduling tool, it finds and recommends articles and images for you to post, and a lot more. In all, it helps you in keeping your feed up-to-date and lets you get more followers quick on Instagram. Learn more about the app by following this link.


6. HootSuite

To finish off our list, we have HootSuite, the first social media manager ever to be released. It is integrated with several social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here, you will be able to create and schedule the posts you want to post on the platforms. You can also stay up-to-date with all follower notifications, including mentions, which makes it easier for you to interact and get new users to follow you. Go to the official website to learn more!

Which one is the best app to get Instagram followers quick?

Speed might be a necessity, but remember not to overdo it, since Instagram can get suspicious that you actually are a malicious bot. Even so, you can get many followers and generate a lot of interaction! Let us know in the comments if you already knew of these platforms and which one is your favorite!

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