The 6 best Instagram hashtag tools you can use!

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The use of hashtags is probably one of the most important means for categorizing content on social media today. It makes your content easy to find and allows you to find relevant posts from other accounts.

Hashtags also allow you to engage and connect with an audience you aim to reach based on your common interests. Knowing how to use this feature is essential to get more Instagram followers. Therefore, we will list some of the best Instagram hashtag tools for you to improve your reach on Instagram.

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1. AutoHash

One of the best photo recognition apps you can find, AutoHash is available for all Android devices. Anyone who’s big on Instagram has most likely used it at some point. Using it is particularly simple, as you just need to upload your picture to the app to get a list with hashtags that are relevant to the image by using an algorithm.

A really cool aspect about AutoHashtag, which makes it by far one of the best Instagram hashtag tools, is that most of the hashtags you’ll get from using it are very relevant and not generic. Furthermore, if you’re a small local brand that wants to target people local to you, it can even generate relevant hashtags based upon your location!

Finally, it’s super easy to use, since after you’ve generated the hashtags you can copy and paste them on the post. Done, that’s it! The only downside is that it will add the #autohash hashtag, but you can just delete it. To start using it, go to the Play Store!

2. Tag O’matic

Tag O’matic is an application that gathers the main Instagram hashtags in a segmented way. When you download the tool, you will need to log in with your account, so that you can log into Instagram directly from the app.

The differential is the search feature, where you can search on any topic and select which hashtags you want to add to your post. In addition, you can create your own list and save it to your favorites for easy access whenever you need it, making it one of the best Instagram hashtag tools available. Tag O’matic can be downloaded on Android or iOS.

Tag O’matic best Instagram hashtag tools

3. #HashMe

An iOS-exclusive app, #HashMe generates hashtags using a very effective AI. While you can use it entirely for free without issues, there’s a lot of extra, premium features locked behind an 8,99 USD monthly subscriptions.

Through this app, you can simply upload a photo to then get the resulting hashtags. You can also search using text, if you prefer. Furthermore, it’s particularly easy to always find out which ones are the most popular Instagram hashtags using #HashMe and then copy them to add to your posts.

If you are interested in this app, you can follow this link to the official website to learn more and download it.

4. TagsForLikes Pro

TagsForLikes Pro is a tool that shows you the most used hashtags on Instagram. It is an application that targets hashtags from several different niches, giving you the option of making your own list of tags by yourself, and that’s why it is one of the best Instagram hashtag tools available on the market.

It has a clean interface and provides a tab for you to store your own hashtags. TagsForLikes once had a free version. However, it has since been deleted and you can only find its paid version for Android.

TagsForLikes Pro best Instagram hashtag tools

5. All Hashtag

All Hashtag is a great option for those who want to find the most important hashtags from their respective segments. The site comes with a few differential search options for all kinds of preferences.

It allows you to search on any subject on a big variety of languages. The site is lightweight and without much complication at the time of use. It is worth mentioning that you can also use the hashtags provided by the website on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Follow this link to see more about one of the best Instagram hashtag tools!

6. TagBlender

TagBlender is a website that has the same purpose as the applications above. It contains a list of the most commented subjects on Instagram and within them, it gathers the most used hashtags. Then, you can just copy and paste them to your posts! Go to the official website to see more.

TagBlender best Instagram hashtag tools

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