How to send disappearing messages on Instagram!

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In an effort to encourage its users to share current moments more and more, and not only the most interesting photographically moments, but Instagram has also released a messaging feature called Instagram Direct Messages. And, resembling Snapchat quite a bit, it’s also possible to send disappearing messages on Instagram.

This feature is only available on direct messages, whereas Instagram Stories is focused in public sharing – check out here some of the best Instagram Stories questions to ask! The process of sending these messages is quite simple and you can do it by following the steps down below!

How to send disappearing messages on Instagram

To start, you of course need to have Instagram installed on your phone. Go to the Play Store or to the App Store to download it. With the app installed, you’ll then have to open it up, and then follow these easy steps:

  • 1. First, on Instagram’s home screen, tap on the icon that opens the direct messages. It’s also possible to go to your inbox to reply to any such message you’ve received;

Instagram home send disappearing messages on Instagram

  • 2. There are three ways to proceed:
    • First, you can tap the camera icon right by the side of the chat with the person, and as such you’ll be able to take a new picture or video;

Camera icon

    • Tap the Search button, look for the username of the person you’re looking for, and then tap the camera icon;
    • Tap the button to start a new group message and then select the people to whom you want to send the disappearing messages on Instagram, and tap Chat. When starting a group chat, it’ll be a single chat with everyone in it;

Ways to send send disappearing messages on Instagram

  • 3. Now, just take your picture or record your video as you normally would. Then, go to Add effects;

shutter button

  • 4. There are three separate things you can do:
    • Select View Once, which will let the person(s) in the chat see the image or video a single time before it gets automatically deleted, and this is the best way to send disappearing messages on Instagram;
    • Select Allow Replay, which will loop your photo or video, letting the recipient(s) open and see them one more time before it gets permanently deleted;
    • Select Keep in Chat, so you’ll keep a preview image of the content visible in the chat thread, and it won’t get deleted;
  • 5. To finish, just tap Send at the bottom of the screen!

Send send disappearing messages on Instagram

Instagram Direct Messages or Snapchat? What platform do you prefer?

Other than presenting the feature of being able to send disappearing messages on Instagram, the social media platform has started to make available the possibility of doing live streams, just like on Facebook. It is even possible to save a live video on Instagram easily, if you want to watch them later on.

To make these streams even better, check out here the best free screen recording software, with which you’ll record everything you do! Let us know in the comments if you liked our article, if we helped you out, and if you intend to also take part in doing live streams on Instagram!

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