Tips to optimize pins on Pinterest

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How to optimize pins on Pinterest to increase your page reach and generate more sales?

This is one of the main doubts of those who saw this platform, as an alternative to improve organic traffic to their other social networks and even to their website.

So if you also want to know about it, stay with us until the end to learn some very interesting tips!

Why invest in Pinterest?

intro Tips to optimize pins on Pinterest

Before we start with the tips to optimize your pins, we want to show you why you should invest in Pinterest.

According to a report from the platform itself, today there are more than 400 million people around the world who access Pinterest every month to find inspiration.

And, while it is still a less popular social network than Instagram and Facebook, for example, Pinterest has gained more and more space, attracting companies and professionals from all segments.

And it is no less!

In addition to its more than 400 million active users, Pinterest works as a search engine.

As a result of that, do you know what happens?

Users search for exactly the type of content they want to find and your pins can be accessed by anyone, even if they don’t follow your brand profile there.

And you know what the main advantage of that is? Organic traffic!

That’s right! This platform is very interesting and extremely strategic for companies and professionals who want to increase their reach through organic traffic.

This is because people using Pinterest are looking for some content. That is, they want to arrive at information and not the other way around, with an idea being sold to them.

In this way, this alone makes the generation of organic traffic to your website and other social networks much greater, after all, there is a real interest that results in clicks.

Other reasons to invest in Pinterest


In addition to being an important source of organic traffic, Pinterest offers other advantages that should convince you to invest in it.

Want to learn about some of them? Take a look!

1. It doesn’t take many followers

That’s right!

Unlike Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter, for example, Pinterest works as a kind of search engine that presents the results, regardless of whether or not you follow someone.

Thus, anyone can have access to the publication, as long as it appears in searches, which makes it somewhat easier to optimize pins on Pinterest.

Therefore, to have a more positive result and appear among the first, it is necessary to structure a digital marketing strategy adapted to this platform.

2. All pins have links

When there is a link for the visitor to click, it is much easier to convert.

In this way, Pinterest has this advantage, since every pin created will have a link, making it possible to choose where it will direct the user.

And look how interesting: even when you publish a pin, if the link has not been saved, it will be automatically included, directing the user to your online business. Nice, huh?

3. Integration with other social networks and website

If your goal is to promote your other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Pinterest is the ideal place.

After all, a published pin can be viewed on Facebook or Twitter and attract more views, generating engagement and traffic.

Believe me: although some actions are still manual, it is possible to have good results with this sharing.

4. Use of Pinterest Analytics

Another advantage of Pinterest is that you can track the results of your actions when you create a business account.

Through Pinterest Analytics it is possible to know the performance of the pins, check the generation of traffic to the site, and obtain information about the people who interact with the publications.

How does search on the platform work?

You saw the advantages of investing in Pinterest and realized that one of its strengths is precisely to increase users’ organic traffic.

But how does the search on this platform work?

Quite simply: Users submit a query and Pinterest’s search algorithm tries to show high-quality, relevant pins using various ranking criteria.

The science of ranking pins on Pinterest is similar to that of Google or Bing.

As such, there are several factors that help pins rank higher than others.

But what does it mean to optimize your pins on Pinterest?

pinterest home optimize pins on pinterest

Ever heard of SEO? Search Engine Optimization is something that helps your content to be found by people.

And that’s not just true for Pinterest, it’s true for the internet in general.

However, understand what SEO is.

It is a set of techniques that aims to position one or more landing pages among the best search engine results.

Among the SEO strategies, we can mention are the use of keywords, content marketing focused on the persona, good use of meta titles and meta descriptions, and internal and external links, among others.

An optimized website, blog, or profile on social networks that make good use of SEO strategies is much more likely to achieve better positions in the so-called SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), which are search results pages of search engines.

When ranking a website, Google, the largest search engine in the world, gives preference to websites that offer good experiences for their users.

Definitely, something that a well-applied SEO makes possible, as it is geared towards improving these experiences.

After all, how to optimize your pins on Pinterest search in 2022?

There are some strategies that can help you get found on Pinterest.

If that’s your goal, grab a pen and paper to write it down! Here are some tips that will take your profile to another level.

1. Learn how to configure your profile

profile info

For your profile to be found quickly and easily on Pinterest, it’s important that you add keywords to your display name.

So use words that accurately reflect your brand, but also help you get found in search queries.

It’s also nice to use the same username across all your channels and website, this helps with cross-platform discovery.

2. Create the perfect biography

Once you’ve created your profile with a strategic username, it’s time for you to create the perfect bio.

And for it to be perfect, you need to use strategic keywords.

If you have difficulty, make an outline of a biography that explains who you are, what you do, and what you offer.

Then, analyze and highlight the words that you think someone will be able to search on Pinterest to get to your profile.

3. Claim your site

claim site optimize pins on pinterest

To claim your site on Pinterest, simply present its URL in your profile.

And why is this important? Let’s clarify!

When you present your website URL on your Pinterest profile, it ends up also serving as a kind of keyword, further increasing the possibility of your profile being detected by pinners.

If that wasn’t enough, it helps drive more traffic to your website.

But that is not all. When you are verified, if you work with products, for example, it will be easier for users to buy on Pinterest, which can even lead to more sales.

Finally, having your site verified allows you access to more metrics in Pinterest Analytics.

And why is this important? Because, as with Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, for example, these numbers will help you better understand your performance and make the necessary corrections.

Really good, right?

4. Follow other accounts

Earlier we said that Pinterest is more of a search network than a social one and that the number of followers doesn’t matter that much, right?

But there’s a catch: you can’t avoid social completely. It is important to follow some accounts, including strategically.

And how do you do it?

Follow accounts similar to yours. This helps your pins appear in the pin recommendations suggested by followers.

As a result, you will also appear as a suggestion to other people.

5. Don’tuse  just photos and images

On Pinterest, users love videos. According to data from the platform itself, organic video views increase by 240% year after year.

This happens as a natural trend, already experienced mainly by Instagram.

But not only that. In Pinterest mobile app search results, videos are listed at the top of the results.

6. Create interesting and original content

Your content needs to be amazing for platform users to want to view, save, and interact.

So coming up with ideas that are not only relevant and useful but also visually appealing is one of the tips to optimize pins on Pinterest.

7. Create pins that fit the required proportions

button to create new optimize pins on pinterest

Not everyone pays attention to this. But following a pattern, especially when it comes to the images and videos posted on Pinterest is very important.

This can even make all the difference in terms of your performance.

So take note: an image must have an aspect ratio of 2:3 – or 600×900 pixels.

Now if your pin is a video, see that the platform offers a wide variety of formats: 1:1 square; 9:16, 4:5, 2:3 vertical; and 16:9 horizontal.

8. Pay attention to titles and descriptions

create new

Yes, you need to write strategic titles and descriptions on your pins.

For you to include SEO keywords, one of the most important places is your pin title.

Remember that your keywords need to cover as many relevant bases as possible.

This goes for your descriptions too, which should be optimized. So add keywords.

Also, share the most important information about your business first. It’s just that the first characters are what Pinterest users see in their feeds.

So, time to be interesting and persuasive, bringing out your best.

Likewise, as we said earlier, it is important to use hashtags. And in the description field, you should use them too.

search optimize pins on pinterest

Have questions about which hashtags to use? In the Pinterest search bar if you put your segment, for example, “eyebrow micro pigmentation”, you will see a selection of keywords provided by the platform to make your search much more specific.

Hashtags recommended by Pinterest appear in order of search popularity. Take this into account when planning your keywords and hashtags for your pins, so you can better optimize them on Pinterest.

This is because if you don’t have a lot of followers, it might be interesting to choose less popular keywords.

That way, you will have to compete with fewer people, ranking high in search results.

Pay attention to this part of keywords and hashtags, as they are one of the best ways to get more organic traffic to your pins.

9. Use Rich Pins

Considered the best way for you to add more detail to your pins, helping to drive more traffic to your site, Rich Pins should be part of your pin optimization strategy.

But what are Rich Pins?

Also known as Power Pins, these are buttons that help show additional information, improving the user experience and increasing the chance of engagement.

In total, 4 different categories can be chosen: apps, recipes, articles, and products.

And here’s the secret: depending on the type of Rich Pin you choose, you may perform better in Pinterest’s search ranking.

10. Be consistent

consistency optimize pins on pinterest

As with any social network, to succeed and grow, you need to be coherent and consistent. And on Pinterest, consistency makes all the difference.

In fact, the more you follow SEO best practices, the more the algorithm, which is intelligent, learns about your account, showing your profile to important users of the platform.

So the tip is: post every day and strategically!

11. Invest in ads

The proposal is also that you start exploring Pinterest ads.

For that, you can pay for the pins you want to promote. Choose the ones that performed the best or even create a new image or video to make the campaign you want.

Investing in ads is interesting because your promoted pin will appear in front of new audiences in places that are more likely to be noticed, such as in the home feed.

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to optimize your pins for search on Pinterest?


Finally, do you understand that this process is not done “magically”, but is part of a series of strategies that, when combined, generate a very positive and significant result?

So now it’s your turn! Go ahead and start putting into practice all these tips we brought you today!

And be sure to share this article with those you know and know are looking to grow on Pinterest. It will definitely be a big help!