Instagram news: learn about what’s coming next!

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In the last few weeks, Instagram released news such as live scheduling, co-authoring posts, desktop posting, and Reels with augmented reality.

We are talking about three different areas which are videos, content creation, and posts on the network.

See below a bit about each of them.

1. Live streams

In fact, let’s talk about two news! In other words, there are two new features for live streams in the app, available for Android and iOS.

It is not new that Instagram is investing and encouraging more video content. We know that Tik Tok played a very big role in this process, right?

Furthermore, we have the fact that the pandemic has considerably increased the number of live streams.

Putting all these factors together and probably a survey among users, Instagram presented us with these two great pieces of news that we’ll talk about below.

Scheduling Live Streams

One of the first news on Instagram, the live broadcast scheduling, is already working, but it is gradually being made available to users. With it, for example, it will be possible to schedule the times of the next lives.

Thinking about the possibility that content creators may have more time to engage their audience, Instagram will allow users to have up to 90 days in advance to schedule.

And there’s more! It is possible to set a reminder for the event.

This way, it is easier to promote the live stream through posts, Stories, and on Reels, using also of the posts sure to be a hit!

“Practice Mode”

The second novelty on Instagram in relation to live scheduling is the Practice Mode. This one is yet to be released.

The premise is very interesting, as it will literally allow you to have a behind-the-scenes moment, where it will be possible to do tests before starting live.

Great opportunity for content creators and their guests to get more prepared for the live.

That way, before the show starts, they can do tests with their mic, internet connection, lighting, aligning content, etc.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is not always possible to test before the lives, more so today when this feature is not yet available. Instagram really got it right on this one.

2. Co-authoring in posts or “Collabs”

In this piece of news, Instagram will allow two profiles to be credited as co-authors of a post or a video on Reels.

See how it works:

  • First, you need to add a co-author to the post;
  • Then select the “Tag People” option on the sharing screen that appears before posting content to the feed or Reels;
  • Soon after, the application will show the “Invite a collaborator” button. Here you can add only one user as the author of the post;
  • Immediately, your guest will receive notification that they can accept or decline;
  • Once this is done, the publication will appear on the profiles of both users and on the feed of their followers;
  • In addition, the like count and comments will be unified.

3. Desktop post

Finally, Instagram will allow the posting of photos and videos on the social media directly from a browser. This way, the web version will look much more similar to the app.

The feature was in the testing phase and released only to a few users, but in the coming weeks, everyone will be able to use it.

Until then, it was only possible to like posts, post comments, watch stories and send messages through the browser.

4. Reels with augmented reality

One of the Instagram news is Augmented Reality Reels, which has features that combine music with augmented reality.

First, we have Dynamic and 3D effects where it will be possible, for example, that the lyrics of songs can appear between the foreground and background of a video.

In addition, it has Superbeat where it will be possible for the user to add effects to a video to the rhythm of a song.

5. Instagram + Facebook

You already know that we can currently post Instagram Stories and Reels on Facebook.

The news is that you can now use this feature in the opposite direction, that is, from Facebook to Instagram.

As usual, this feature is in the testing phase for a small number of users, and of course everyone already has their Facebook and Instagram accounts connected.

It will work as follows: when you are posting a photo or video, you will have to indicate the option to share the content also on Instagram beforehand.

By default, this option will be disabled, however, the user will be able to change the settings to have all their publications automatically shared on both platforms.

6. Other news on Instagram

Not yet confirmed, but there are rumors that Stories videos will double in time and have up to 60 seconds without splitting!

Currently, Stories are limited to 30 seconds. Exceeding this time, it is split into several posts.

It is not possible to know when Instagram will release this feature. It is still in development and has no release date.

It will also soon be possible to create campaigns to raise money in posts on the network. This way, the user will be able to publish photos and videos with a link to your campaign and attract the attention of a larger audience.

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