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Ads are all over the TikTok platform, but do you know how to use TikTok for Business?

Well, follow this article where we will show you in a simple and easy way everything about how to use this tool and grow your brand on one of the fastest growing social networks in the world!

 como funciona o TikTok for Business

One thing is for sure, TikTok users are the most engaged and the ones who interact the most with content. They open the app several times a day and share dozens of videos all the time.

You must have already received a video from TikTok on your WhatsApp that was easily downloaded with the app’s watermark and soon starts to go viral in groups.

And of course, your brand can use these resources to expand more and more, reach more followers and increase the number of sales. That’s exactly why we brought this guide to help you understand how TikTok for Business works!

There are several solutions and tools, inside and outside the platform, to explore opportunities for growth and dissemination of your brand and leverage your sales.

Solutions that include partnerships for the development of strategies and content, as well as advertising tools. Ads that range from simpler templates, through product tagging to TopView, which is the first ad that appears when you enter the app.

So, ready to understand everything TikTok for Business can offer to help your business grow even more? Let’s get to it!

How does TikTok for Business work?

The TikTok for Business platform is specially designed to unite all your brand’s marketing solutions in one place. You won’t need multiple tools to plan, schedule and analyze your videos and campaigns.

With the ease of having all this in a single space already designed for developers and content creators to expand and go viral, the platform has been improving and introducing new options from time to time.

To start using TikTok for Business you will first need to access the platform by clicking on this link.

First of all, though, you need to have a TikTok business account. If you don’t already have one, see how to create or change your existing account in this article. And take the opportunity to understand the best times to post on TikTok!

With a business account, your company will have exclusive access to several specialized resources to understand and improve your content strategies and increase your sales. In addition to the analysis data, the tool itself helps you by offering content suggestions from companies and influencers so that you can mirror yourself, improving your content and ads.

All this plus a commercial music library with over 500,000 royalty free songs for you to use and abuse in all your publications, reaching even more people and without fear of having your video blocked or your account blocked.

Another issue to consider in your strategy is how the TikTok algorithm works. Understanding how the algorithm works will make it easier for you to reach your goals within the app, in addition to lowering the costs of investing in the platform.

TikTok for Business still has some other very interesting solutions, such as:

  • TikTok Creator Marketplace: facilitating the meeting and partnerships between content creators and brands;
  • TikTok Creative Exchange: helping brands find expert video creators on the platform;
    TikTok Creative Exchange
  • Marketing Partners: focused on discovering partner marketers through technology or services that can help you solve challenges in your campaigns. There are four main categories: Campaign Management, Measurement, Creative, and Effects;
  • TikTok Store: official portal for product purchases.
    Loja TikTok

Now that you understand the gigantic universe of possibilities that TikTok for Business is offering, let’s get our hands dirty and go access the platform and then we’ll talk about the ads.

Accessing the Platform

TikTok ads are managed through the TikTok Ads Manager platform which you can access via this link.

The tool is very similar to the Business Suite and Ads Manager of Facebook and Instagram. Within this platform it will be possible to manage and administer your marketing campaigns on TikTok.

To start the process, create your account on the platform.

Even if you already have your TikTok account, you will need to create another one here, using the same email address registered in your TikTok account.

TikTok for Business como criar sua conta

In the next window, fill in all your company data as requested.

Follow the steps on the next screens and fill in all the data.

TikTok for Business como criar sua conta

At the end of the process, choose between simplified and personalized to manage ads. You can change them later if you wish.

The platform will automatically offer you the possibility to start your first ad campaign.

Start by defining your goal for that first ad, among the options offered by the platform: Community interaction, website visits, generating customer leads or generating conversions. With the goal defined, it will be time to define your target audience.

You can define your target audience automatically, with suggestions from the platform itself based on the profile of your current audience or by creating your own audience.

To create your own audience using TikTok For Business, you can filter users using the two options below:

  • demographics: by gender, age and languages, and… 
  • behavior and interests: through categories, as in Facebook Ads, including your audience’s interests such as likes, customs, and even the operating system or price of users’ devices.  

In terms of values, the daily minimum required by the platform to publish campaigns is $10 per day and you choose the duration.

With the budget set, it’s time to insert your video, captions, hashtags and then complete your first ad.

However, it is worth mentioning that there are some video formats allowed defined by the platform, which we will detail below. In TikTok Ads Manager you can also create custom reports to analyze your results.

In addition, the platform offers a video creation kit to help you with a variety of templates to inspire you. See in the image below that in the Goods tab you can access video templates. Just hover over each video to see a preview of it.

Then just select the video you liked and change the images or video clips by downloading from your own computer or your TikTok page.

Add the audio and texts and you’re done.

This is yet another tool created by TikTok For Business to induce the creation of videos within the platform, increasing user permanence and also preventing videos from being played in neighboring apps. After all, we know that Instagram has reduced the reach of Reels videos that have the logo or are downloaded from TikTok.

To finish this step, we remind you that in the Campaigns area you can track the status of your ads, as well as total costs, costs per clicks and the budget spent.

So you can optimize your campaigns, observing what types of changes are necessary in the content that do not present satisfactory results.

Ad Types

There are five different ad formats that you can create on the platform and we will detail each one to help you choose which format best fits your strategies.

TikTok Business tipos de anuncios

1. TopView

The best type of ad to impact as they are displayed as soon as the user enters the platform, lasting up to 60s in full screen, with automatic playback and sound on;

2. Brand Takeover

Brand Takeovers are short ads lasting 3 to 5 seconds and can be static or dynamic;

3. In-feed videos

In this format, your ads are displayed in the “For You” feed, have up to 60 seconds and are very similar to the videos posted by users on the platform, as your users can interact. A great tool in TikTok For Business!

4. Branded Hashtag Challenge

These hashtag challenges are great for going viral. The campaign challenges users to create content with a specific hashtag in order to increase engagement.

5. Branded Effects

They are stickers, filters and visual effects – including augmented reality – sponsored by the advertiser and that allow the brand to be inserted in the creation of the content.

They can also be combined with hashtag challenges to drive engagement with the brand in question.

With all these options you can now improve your brand engagement by understanding how the TikTok algorithm works and how to create ads for different strategies!

It is also worth mentioning that the platform offers a way to schedule your videos through the Video Scheduler. This feature allows content creators and business accounts to schedule a post up to 10 days in advance.

A great resource for both the brand owner and those who manage customer social media. With a prior organization, it is much easier to produce the videos, create strategic campaigns and even think about how to prepare the posts by merging content on the networks.

Are you ready to try out TikTok For Business?

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