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If you’ve ever thought about expanding your business to other social networks, check out these fantastic Twitter marketing tips for businesses. With around 353 million monthly active users, this platform is a powerful tool as well as an excellent search engine for your needs.

Used for the latest information on virtually any topic, this app is known as the first to be up to date on the hottest topics of the moment. A powerful tool to win over users, fans and clients!

In this sense, we invite you to reflect on this. You may have heard the famous phrase: “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, haven’t you? In digital marketing, this basically means not using just a social network to promote your brand. Constantly used in moments of instability on the most beloved networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, this phrase leads us to rethink the importance of diversifying our content and dissemination channels.

And you, do you care about these questions?

One thing is for sure, if you are present only on a social network and, suddenly, your account is blocked or the network is down, imagine the consequences in your business routine. For this reason, it is very important to diversify! Of course, in addition, it is worth considering that your potential customers are spread across networks and it can be easier to reach them if you spread your presence.

With that in mind, see our Twitter marketing tips for businesses down below!

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1. Your profile

The first step is to create your account and edit all the information as clearly as possible.

Right on the first page, we are already surprised by the way to request the description of the biography. With a 160 character limit, the new user is encouraged to be short, concise and have fun in the process.

twitter marketing

After writing your bio and continuing with the steps to open the account, insert a photo or logo and your account will be created.

Accessing the menu, you will be able to adjust your profile, changing it to a business profile and then adding an image in the header, which will be at the top of your page. Use this space wisely. Change the images according to your campaigns, promotions and commemorative dates, exploring the different possibilities.

You can also insert a link to a website, for example, and its location, if it’s a physical store and makes sense for your brand. In addition to being able to enter the “date of birth” of the company.

Now you can start planning your posts.

2. Brand personality

Before starting the posting process, your effort needs to directed to two main points:

  • Identity/Voice
  • Personas  

Identity and voice

What is your business profile and how does it communicate with your customers? This way of transmitting information needs to be defined and very clear from the beginning.

Whether your company is bold, fun, innovative or modern, your writing tone needs to convey that message, reflecting your values to connect with the right customers. After all, being consistent with your standards and values, visually and textually reinforcing the personality of the business is one of the keys to successful marketing for companies, both on Twitter and on other networks.


Having defined who you speak to is another important foundation before starting your tweets. Who is your ideal customer? What are his needs, pains, dreams and desires? How do you make them realize the value of your product or service and how can it heal these pains or fulfill those desires?

Maintaining this assertive communication with the customer is of paramount importance. On the other hand, pay attention to what is said on the network, too. Just talking and exposing your view without bothering to hear what is being said would minimize and waste the power of the tool.

Finally, with these bases well defined, we move on to the next steps.

3. Originality and creativity

If on networks like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook we find a lot of the same content, explained in a different way, but very similar, on Twitter things are a little different. As it is a platform for short and objective texts, the greater the originality of your tweets, the greater the chances of user interactions with your account.

Nobody likes to bond with robots, right? So be ready to interact naturally, building trust. Reply to tweets individually, without standard texts. Pay attention, be mindful with your opinions, question.

4. Hashtags and Twitter marketing tendencies

Born on Twitter, hashtags remain the most effective tools for increasing engagement and reaching new followers.

In line with this thinking, understanding how to use them strategically will make your content more accessible.

  • The hashtag symbol (#) is used before a relevant keyword or phrase in Tweets, to classify them and make them easier to show in search.
  • To find all other tweets that include the same # just click or tap on a hashtagged word in a message.
  • Hashtags can be included anywhere in a Tweet.
  • Hashtag words that become very popular are often “Topic of the Moment”.

It is very important to find the most assertive and popular hashtags in your niche. You can do this screening by looking at your competitors.

Another efficient way to use them is to create a unique hashtag for your business, promoting this way your Twitter marketing campaigns and facilitating the finding of content shared by users.

5. Setup your content

In the globalized world, everything happens at a very high speed, in this case it is best to schedule your posts and create a prior organization. You should consider all the important points of engagement, fun, opinion, teachings to your audience and, finally, content about the product or service your selling itself.

But one thing you can’t lose sight of on Twitter are the so-called “trend topics”. Also known as TTs, twitter trending topics are the most talked about topics around the world.

According to the platform, this feature is primarily intended to help users understand what is most important in the world quickly and instantly. In this way, even with the planning of posts in focus, we always recommend leaving a space in your planning to tweet about the most commented subjects, give your opinion, respond, create polls and take the opportunity to relate to your audience.

6. Twitter ads

Reaching your followers without ads is getting harder and harder. That’s why the platform offers five different ad formats:

  • Image: promote your product/service with just one photo
  • Video: Engagement with videos tends to be higher and you can direct people to a website or app
  • Carousel: Promote your business with up to six images or videos
  • Moment: Allows the brand to create, curate and promote a collection of Tweets to tell an immersive story that goes beyond 280 characters.
  • Text: the same default style as tweets with the possibility to increase the reach of your target audience.

With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your business plan, advertising style, and budget. Increase your chances at growth by investing in Twitter marketing for your businesses!

7. The platform’s resources

There are some resources with enormous power of reach and engagement within Twitter.

They are:

Videos and images

In addition to the standard tweets, the platform included, and stopped counting in the 280 characters, images and videos.

Explore and use these resources to your advantage!

Make lists

Lists are like feeds of selected accounts that allow you to follow relevant discussions. They are very useful tools to focus on important conversations for your business.

Within the lists the tweets are organized chronologically and you can create as many as you want, with a limit of 1000 lists. It is important to note that they are public lists, so be careful when naming them.

Follow influential personalities, create lists of competitors or subscribe to lists from other accounts.

twitter marketing

Make polls

With a focus on conversations, i.e. tags, replies and topics, Twitter may not offer as many creative engagement options as other social networks. However, polls are a simple and fun way to interact.

Start your tweet and choose “poll”. Formulate a question with up to four possible answers for the audience to choose from. Define the duration and who are the people who will be able to respond to the poll and remember that the public loves to express their opinions.

Make use of chats

Finding the right followers can be a lot simpler by joining Twitter chat. They generate a space of connection and proximity between people and brands.

You can find chats on almost all types of topics. However, the great insight in this relationship channel is constancy.

Through the presence and participation of the brand, responding to and following new people, it will be possible to increase the number of ideal followers by strengthening your marketing techniques on Twitter for companies.

On the other hand, if you can’t find chats with your business profile, enjoy and create yours! Just remember to promote your Twitter chat to make sure you reach the right people.

8. Pay attention to data

Analyzing metrics intelligently can transform your brand. Posting a meme can go viral and get you a lot of retweets, but will it convert into sales? As with other platforms, paying attention to insights and data on Twitter can adjust the way you produce content.

Test post times and formats, as well as content, and redefine strategies whenever you deem necessary. In any case, it is worth remembering that becoming a “trend topic” on Twitter is the goal for great brands and personalities.

Creating a good plan of action, with strategies that fit the profile of the different networks and their audiences, can be the solution that was missing. After all, observing where your potential customers are and how they relate to each other on each network, which type of content would make the most sense in each channel with presence, consistency and strategy will expand the reach of your brand.

How’d you like these tips for Twitter marketing?

Were we able to help you in any way at all? Do you have some idea about how to approach Twitter marketing now that you read this article? Comment down below, let us know!