10 tips to appear consistently on TikTok’s For You tab!

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Is appearing on TikTok’s For You page one of your biggest desires as a content creator? So you came to the right place.

In this article, we will teach you 10 tips and tricks for your videos to appear more frequently and consistently in this tab of the 7th largest social network in terms of monthly users in the world.

Tiktok's For You

We’ll show you how you can achieve better results, understand how the TikTok algorithm works, and creating content with high chances of going viral.

However, at first, we need to understand what Tiktok’s For You is, how it differs from the “Following” tab, and then we’ll show you how to better use all available resources to increase your chances of increasing followers.

1. What is Tiktok’s For You?

The “For You” tab is very similar to Explore on Instagram, an infinite scroll with the platform’s suggestions according to the interests of each user.

In this TikTok feed, the algorithm takes into account several factors to suggest content to users.

Your interactions with previously watched videos, accounts, and hashtags you follow, your location and language preferences, as well as the content you create are some of these factors.

However, there is an important difference in the “Following” and “For You” tabs on TikTok and we will consider them below.

2. Difference between “Following” and “For you”

Well, this is where your strategy starts. When you understand how the tools work, you start to generate assertive content based on them and the chances of achieving your goals increase significantly.

So, keep in mind that the “Following” tab will only show the contents of pages that the user is already following and, unlike Instagram, on TikTok it is a secondary tab.

In the darling social media network of viral videos, as soon as you open the app, the user first has access to the “For you” page.

This is the reason why this tab is so important, which has the algorithm’s suggestions, especially for accounts that users still don’t follow. And best of all, even if you don’t have thousands of followers, which is a great asset for brands and content creators.

In this way, think strategically and create videos that can be suggested to new users.

How to best do this?

So we brought 10 tips on how to optimize this system and improve its reach.

3. How to appear on Tiktok’s For You tab?

First of all, it is essential to understand how the famous algorithm works because all the videos produced by you will, of course, randomly pass through the For you tab of some user.

Depending on this initial engagement, the algorithm will or will not continue to suggest your video to other users.

The main feature of the TikTok algorithm is built on engagement scores from the metrics below:

  • Number of views of the video by the same person, that is, how many times the person watches your video again;
  • Audience retention while viewing the video, the greater the amount of time the person spends watching your video, the higher the retention rating;
  • Shares;
  • Comments;
  • Likes.

Each note like this matters a lot in the note that is being assigned to its content. The higher the score, the greater the delivery of the video to other users. Bad engagement grades cause your video to stop being delivered.

So when creating your videos, produce content taking all items into consideration.

While there is no foolproof formula for getting your videos on TikTok’s For You page, the following tips can improve your chances:

#1. Post at peak times

This way you can increase the chances of viewing and delivery, and the better the initial performance of your video with those who already follow you, the greater your chances of having it selected by the For You page to even more people.

Remembering that with a Pro account you have access to analytics metrics and can check the best times to post according to your followers.

#2. Video size

According to theories, shorter videos tend to have a higher retention rate and, consequently, have a higher delivery.

Many content creators suggest that videos of up to 15 seconds tend to be delivered more on For You, but you can test and experiment and learn via tracking how it affects your metrics.

#3. Generate curiosity

Speaking of retention, the more curiosity generated in the first three seconds of your video, the better. After all, this is one of the metrics that can increase the delivery of your content.

So, nothing like a good trigger that makes the person watch until the end, right? Saving that killer tip for the end, but warning early on in the video that the last tip is the best, usually works pretty well.

Likewise, putting text in the video with the words “watch until the end” may seem silly, but it works. Take the test and then tell us.

#4. Remember the CTA (Call to Action)

Inserting a call to action (CTA) at the end of your video or a question also greatly increases the likelihood of interaction.

In the case of questions, then, if it’s done well, it can generate a lot of responses – and readings from the other comments – making your video keep scrolling and increasing the view count by the same person, an important metric as we talked about earlier.

#5. Primary interactions

Have you ever found yourself watching a video without many likes or comments? How did you feel? Users tend to like and comment on videos that already have interactions.

Have you noticed that some brands use this type of marketing resource? Hiring actors to stand in line at the establishment at the opening, for example, can yield some fruits.

The same can happen with your video.

It might be interesting to create an engagement group with friends/partners to ensure a kind of solidarity between you, encouraging comments and views so that acquaintances feel inclined to interact. TikTok’s For You page is full of people doing just that!

#6. Attention and connection 

It’s no use having interactions if you don’t interact back.

Followers like to feel part of a community, so respond to comments as soon as you can, help people feel welcome, and see how these small gestures can increase your followers’ loyalty to your brand.

#7. Effective hashtags 

One of the most important tools on TikTok is the correct use of hashtags.

Did you have a lot of work to think, create and edit your video and when putting the subtitles you get confused?

Hashtags work as a categorizer, a kind of driver, delivering content to people who are interested in it.

Imagine that you love strawberries and every time a bakery makes a cake with strawberries or a bartender creates a drink with this delicious fruit and they insert the #strawberry you receive the content.

This is how you need to structure the strategic reasoning of your videos. Relate your # to the interests of your target audience and remember: whoever wants to reach everyone ends up reaching no one!

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#8. Embark on trends 

Viral audios are synonymous with a great reach. Do you know how to find them? You can see what is popular on the “Sounds” page of the app.

Tiktok's For You

Think about your audience and take advantage of high-quality audio to create content in a creative and differentiated way, with your own way of doing it.

You can go viral with the help of TikTok’s For You tab!

#9. Creativity and authenticity

Dances are a phenomenon on TikTok, but a lot of authentic content that teaches people in a funny and simple way has a huge tendency to go viral.

What would make a person follow you and not a big TikToker in your niche? Your personality and the way you deliver your content, for sure!

Bet on that, little by little you will find your way to help people solve their problems.

#10. Collaborations

Finally, we couldn’t help but talk about partnerships and collaborations between brands. This is one of the best ways to grow a following.

Of course, these partnerships need to be thought out very well, after all, linking your image and/or brand to someone else who does not have similar values ​​to yours can go very wrong.

Make sure the values ​​are aligned between both parties and strengthen such collaborations with brands and niche creators that complement yours.

Plus, if the creator you work with frequently appears on TikTok’s For You page, you’ll likely benefit from their viral reach!

Did you write down these 10 tips to appear on TikTok’s For You?

So now it’s time to follow the steps and increase the chances of having more content from you in TikTok’s For You tab. Tell us in the comments if you liked it and what your biggest questions are!

Remember that this is the best way to increase your followers!

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