6 Instagram marketing trends for 2022!

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Changes to the platform have been rampant, but do you know the biggest Instagram marketing trends you need to know about in 2022 to get ahead?

Thinking of you, we decided to gather the biggest news and some tips on how to use them in the best way.

First of all, if you have a brand presence on the networks or work with social media, then stay with us as these recommendations are for you!

Take the opportunity to also know the 10 facts about the algorithm that you need to know.

Despite all the already known additions and tweaks, in 2022, creators and developers will have a lot of surprises.

And a universe of possibilities!

Let’s go to them:

1. The 3 types of Feed

Already released for some accounts, this Instagram update brings the possibility to choose between chronological and favorite feeds.

The forecast is that, by the end of the first semester, all accounts will have access to the 3 tabs.

The 3 types of Feed

See below for details on each one:

  • Home: very similar to the feed we know today. In this tab, you will find posts from accounts you already follow and accounts recommended by the platform. Still, here is the algorithm that commands what appears to you.
  • Following: in this feed, only the accounts you follow will appear, in chronological order.
  • Favorites: in this space, you can favorite accounts that you think are important and only they will appear for you. Here you can enter frequently accessed accounts such as relatives, friends, favorite personalities, as you wish.

2. Videos in focus

In the same way that we saw IGTV and feed tabs merge in 2021, high video consumption could bring more streamlined options to a more unified feed this year.

In fact, we’ve already seen reports that Instagram is testing an Instagram Stories vertical feed, very similar to Reels, as in the image below:

Videos in focus Instagram marketing trends for 2022

Keep an eye out for the opportunities this trend can bring you!

3. Marketing of purchases and products by content creators

Among the top Instagram marketing trends for 2022 is a super new one: the “native affiliate tool”.

Marketing of purchases and products by content creators

Created to encourage and facilitate the financial return of influencers, whether large or not.

The affiliate program will make it possible for creators to earn commissions fairly, and much less bureaucratically when sharing recommendations and selling products on behalf of brands.

This super marketing trend doesn’t come alone, Instagram is ready to make “Creator Shops” available to more users on the platform.

“Creator Shops” is similar to a store to help influencers use the platform effectively.

In other words, a new destination for influencers and creators to showcase products they love while earning commission for the sales they inspire.

So we can see that creator-led shopping is about to become even more popular, right?

4. The rise of brand personalities

The focus of the network became, primarily, the social!

Far from just being a photo platform, as initially, the app focuses on something much more impactful at this moment: community and conversation!

And what does that mean for brands?

It means it’s time to show your personality, your values ​​and embrace Instagram marketing trends for 2022.

Form tribes, bring out their beliefs, and be increasingly present, in a creative and differentiated way in Stories and Reels.

That way you will be able to generate a sense of community with your followers, further strengthening the connection and relationship between your brand and your audience.

5. Supremacy of video memes

Having fun, making funny relationships with the routine, and keeping the attention of followers longer on your posts: this is what video memes can bring to your profile.

This is a super marketing trend for Instagram accounts in 2022.

Supremacy of video memes Instagram marketing trends for 2022

With the algorithm focused on videos, the propensity for success and virality with video memes is huge.

And here, finally, comes his creative ability to entertain and educate through tools.

6. New and Improved Community Engagement Features

Interaction features such as stickers and emojis are a great differentiator of Instagram.

One of the most recent creations, the “add yours” sticker, still popular, came to show us the full capacity of developers’ creativity in the search for interrelationships.

The platform has always been a pioneer in relationships and interactivity with followers and 2022 will be no different!

We anticipate that engagement stickers (like the question sticker) will make their way into Reels chat.

In addition, we anticipate that responses to comments will become more engaging and interactive, with the ability to respond via a video or a voice note.

All these Instagram marketing trends that you need to know for 2022 will soon be available to users and you, who follow our publications, are already ahead!

What do you think of this trend?

With all the knowledge of the possibilities and resources, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

First, start experimenting with making creative reels, then interact with Stories in order to strengthen your community even more.

Building engagement with your tribe while keeping an eye on trends and keeping an eye on Instagram’s most profitable niches can result in more followers, more customers, and more sales.

Enjoy and tell us which feature to come you liked the most?