Beacons vs Linktree: which is better for link in bio?

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Nowadays, it has become essential that you add a good link to your Instagram or TikTok bio. For this, it is good to create a customized landing page. There are a large number of platforms and tools for this purpose, but in this article, we are going to compare two of the best-known: Beacons vs Linktree!

However, be aware that there is an even better platform for links in bio, at a very affordable price. With it, you will have access to many features and customization options. The platform is:

With all that said, now let’s move on to the comparison between Beacons vs Linktree so you can find out which one is better. Keep reading!

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What is Beacons?

What is Beacons?

As much as it can be considered one of the alternatives to Linktree, Beacons is a platform that goes far beyond just letting you create a beautiful page to add as a link in your social media bio. It is a complete creator platform that was launched relatively recently and is already gaining a lot of notoriety in the market.

The platform offers a wide range of features, which include creating a landing page for your link in bio, email marketing, selling products, analyses, a media kit, a price calculator, and much more. All this through an easy-to-use interface!

This means that you don’t need any technical knowledge or design skills to use all the features offered. It’s focused on helping creators of all types link to their other pages and facilitates growth.

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What is Linktree?

What is Linktree?

Certainly, Linktree is the most popular link in bio platform, bringing a huge variety of features to create the perfect landing page. With it, it’s easy to create a mini-site where you can include all the links you want, making the page look like what you want. However, the platform is limited to creating a landing page. In other words, Beacons is more complete.

With Linktree, you can edit your page however you like, adding your branded visual elements (like logo, themes, and colors). The result will be a consistent visual identity across all your platforms, something that is included among the strategies to sell on Instagram!

Through Linktree, you can customize the links however you want, in addition to scheduling them to appear and disappear whenever you want. And, of course, it offers a complete analysis of the performance of the included links.

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Sign up

Let’s talk a little about how sign up process is for both Beacons vs Linktree so you know which is easier. Both are very simple, but Beacons is more functional. Linktree sometimes does not show the link to register with your Google account, for example.

  • In Beacons, as soon as the page opens, click on the neon green Get Started button. Then create your link and create an account using email, Google account, Apple account, or Facebook account. All set.
  • On Linktree, as soon as you open the page, click on the button written Sign up free in the upper right corner. Now, create your link and, if available, create the account using your Google account. If not, enter your email, password, and name, and verify the account!

Page creation

Both Linktree and Beacons offer a very simple and intuitive page creation process.

On Beacons, after creating the account, the platform will ask you for a lot of information to start creating your landing page for you, including your other social media, what you work with, and more. Afterward, you will go to your account management page.

In it, click on the left on Link in Bio and on My Pages. There, you will see the page that Beacons created for you. Now, you can add new blocks, which are the portions of the page.

You can add content blocks (links, social media, music, and videos), ways to monetize (sales, donations, and more), ways to grow your audience, texts, images, and dividers, and a huge amount of integrations.

Beacons offer a large number of options for what to do with your link, being able to edit the text and the image, schedule the link, make the link animated, and more.

Still on the left menu, you can click on Design, where you can change colors, block style, background image, and much more. All to make the page look like your brand! When you like the page, you can click the Share button and then copy the link. Then just share and enjoy!

Linktree offers a very similar page builder. In it, you will be directed to the landing page editor, where you can add links and Headers, short texts that cannot have more than 35 characters.

In Add link is where you will add the desired items to your page. The options are diverse, and include links to the website you want, music, videos, links to other social media, YouTube, Spotify, adding your products, creating a payment link, and much more.

In addition, after adding a link, you will be able to edit the text that accompanies it, its icon, and schedule when it will appear on the site, among other options.

When you’re done creating the page, just click the Share button in the top right corner and Copy to copy your link. Now, just share wherever you want!


Beacons offers a huge amount of features and tools to its users. Through it, you will, of course, be able to create the good old landing page for your link in bio, but also have access to numerous tools for managing your online presence.

Further, you can easily manage email marketing, manage your audience, create QR codes, and even have access to industry data for you to compare. And much more.

Going further, it offers a very in-depth analysis of your links and posts on social networks, being able to see their performance, manage your income, and even use artificial intelligence to access data to make better decisions.

Linktree offers an excellent tool to create the perfect landing page for your link in bio. Of course, the platform is complete with everything you could want to add to your page, including affiliate links, sales, and more. However, it ends there.

Beacons vs Linktree: prices

Beacons can be used free of charge, with certain limitations. If you want the paid plan, it will cost you $10 per month for the Link in Bio app. Each of your other tools will have a similar cost, which can be quite high.

Linktree is extremely limited in its free version, and it comes with three different paid plans. The most affordable, Starter, is still quite limited and costs $5 per month. Then there is the Pro plan, which costs $9 per month and will be essentially the same as the Beacons paid plan. Finally, there’s the Premium plan, where you’ll have access to VIP support and certain benefits, costing $25 per month.

What is the best social linking platform?

The best social linking platform is Taplink. This is an amazing platform that offers a plethora of features at a reduced price.

What’s better than Linktree?

Taplink is better than Linktree as it is cheaper, offers all the features you could want, and is available in several different languages.

How much do you pay on Linktree?

Linktree can be used for free, but it also has some paid plans. The cheapest costs $5 per month, and the Pro plan costs $9 per month.