5 apps to whiten teeth on iPhone

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There are many apps for editing and enhancing your photos, but you may need something more specific in certain cases. Many people, for example, would like to whiten their teeth in photos, but this is not an easy thing to do in most editing apps. Fortunately, there are some very interesting options you can consider. To know the best apps to whiten teeth on iPhone, just check out our list of suggestions below!

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1. Perfect365

Perfect365 is quite interesting as it has a feature to detect faces in the photos you take. In this way, it is possible to remove dark circles, skin imperfections, and much more with ease.

You can also whiten your teeth very simply, either using the app’s settings or manually. The app has over 100 million downloads around the world and has excellent user reviews on the App Store, so be sure to check out its quality right now, click on the link to download it.

2. AirBrush

If you like to edit photos naturally and even manually, you will really like to try AirBrush, considered one of the best apps in this category. In addition to allowing you to whiten teeth on your iPhone, you’ll have access to several features to remove blemishes, clean the skin, rework the brightness of a photo, and much more.

The biggest advantage is that AirBrush is completely free and even offers dozens of filters so you can style and customize your photos as you prefer. Go to the App Store to download it right now!

3. Visage Lab

visage lab

Another excellent option on our list is Visage Lab, which can be used in a variety of ways. It is possible to correct skin problems or imperfections or even apply makeup, as well as make improvements and corrections to the colors of the photograph.

Other than that, of course, you can whiten your teeth whenever you want. There are many options and the app is very simple to use, in addition to offering most of its features for free. For more frequent users, you can also buy its monthly or annual plans, which are actually not that expensive, considering the quality of the app. Click on the link to download it on your iPhone.

4. BeautyPlus

Another excellent app to whiten teeth on iPhone, we present BeautyPlus, which is also as practical as the other alternatives. It has 30+ editing tools, plus an auto-beautification feature designed exclusively to make your selfies really look better.

A nice differentiator is that its features are highly customizable, so you can do detailed retouching to get results exactly the way you want. Download it for free from the App Store, try out its different filters, and enjoy the possibility of sharing photos directly to social networks, or even on the BeautyPlus pages themselves.

5. Pixlr


How about having access to more than 2 million different combinations when editing your photographs? In this case, you’ll enjoy getting to know Pixrl. In addition to allowing you to whiten your teeth, the application also offers different features from other options on the list, such as the possibility of creating image collages and mosaics, as well as allowing you to draw pencil and pen drawings on photos, opening up opportunities for really cool edits.

Pixlr is completely free and also allows the direct sharing of any edited photo on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or via email. Go to the App Store to download it!

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