How to disable camera sound on an iPhone or an iPad!

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One of the most annoying things about taking pictures with your iPhone or iPad is the fact that it always makes a slightly loud sound to imitate a conventional camera, which you can disable. Of course, this does not please everyone and can even be inconvenient in certain situations. So it’s not a big surprise if most people would like to learn how to disable the camera sound on an iPhone

Even though Apple does not provide a way to disable the camera sound on an iPhone or an iPad easily, there is a way around the situation. To learn how to do this, just check out our tips below!

Disabling iOS camera sound

Quite different Android, iOS does not have an option to permanently disable the iPhone and iPad camera sound. To achieve this, you need to jailbreak the device and install a modification.

Fortunately, there is an alternative way you can use when you don’t want your camera to make a noise. For this, we will use the device’s sound button, which basically serves to silence or reactivate your ringing.

This button is usually located on the top or the side of the device, depending on the model you are using. If you don’t know which button we’re talking about, it is highlighted in the image below:

Sound button disable camera sound on an iPhone

With that in mind, unlock your iPhone or iPad.

Then, use the button we mentioned and the ringtone will be silenced and you will see the warning below as confirmation that you have successfully managed to disable the camera sound on an iPhone.

Ringer silent disable camera sound on an iPhone

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Now you can open the camera app to take your photos without worrying about that annoying sound. Of course, this means that all other sounds on the device will be silenced too, so remember to reverse the process later.

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