The 30 best apps for iPad to have installed at all times!

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When it comes to app recommendations, the smartphone versions are always highlighted, and with good reason! However, that means that tablet apps are often sidelines. The iPad, for example, is capable of running amazing gaming apps offering an experience even better than smartphones in most occasions. In case you are looking for the best apps for iPad, look no further!

Check our list down below!

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1. Facebook


Even though the app already available for smartphones is already pretty good, the Facebook experience on iPad can be even better and more comfortable to use. You’ll be able to do everything that the social network offers in its original version, but with a larger and easier to use keyboard.

Besides that, you’ll receive notifications about likes and comments on the posts you were tagged on. If you want to talk with your friends, it is also possible to use its Facebook Messager app for an even better experience! The app can be downloaded through this link.

2. Netflix

You can’t really pass on the opportunity to have an app like Netflix on your iPad. Even more so if you consider how good the image quality is on the iPad’s big screen.

Whether you are interested on it or not, this is a much more comfortable way of watching movies and series. Especially when compared to the smartphone’s small screens. It’s just way more convenient and easier on the eyes, and definitely belongs in a best apps for iPad list.

With the Netflix app installed on your iPad, you’ll be able to the all the content of the streaming service to wherever you’d like with an internet connection. To download the app, all you need to do is click this link.

3. TVShow Time

Speaking of movies and series, we recommend you use the TVShow app. This is the perfect app if you want to list and organize your favorite our to-be-watched shows with ease. It allows you to mark everything that you watched and receive notifications about new episodes or seasons as soon as they air.

The cool part about this app is that it also works as a social network. So you can follow your friends and be updated on what they are watching. Click here to download the app.

4. Camera+


For the photographers or photography enthusiasts, Camera+ is one of the best options for iPad. It has a very intuitive and easy to use interface and has great filters for your photos.

Besides that, the app also offers a diverse array of settings for you to manually improve the quality of your photos. Even though it is a paid app, it is very much worthwhile and does a much better job of preserving image integrity than the native photo app on Apple’s tablet.

It is possible to download Camera+ through this link.

5. Tweetbot 3

Instead of relying on the official Twitter app, you can just download Tweetbot 3. This app offers a much better social network experience that is guaranteed to be an upgrade for Twitter veterans. It allows you to customize your account’s interface visuals, silence certain problematic users and synchronize your timeline. Easily one of the best apps for iPad if you are an avid user of the social network.

In addition, you can also use multiple accounts without any problem or complication. This is perfect for those that work with social media and PR, for example. Click here to download Tweetbot 3.

6. VLC

In general, tablets are great for watching videos and movies. So you’ll definitely need a more decent video player than the one that comes on your iPad. For this task, we recommend using VLC, which you may already know since it is has a very popular version available for computers.

It is a very light app, easy to use, has compatibility with almost every existing video format and has support for separate subtitles. The best thing is that if you ever stop watching something, it will just carry on from where you stopped when you come back. Download VLC through this link.

7. Kindle


With the large screen of the iPad, it is possible to read e-books in a very comfortable way. This is especially true if you use the Kindle app for that. It is completely free and you will be able to read most of the most common book formats (mobi, ePub, PDF, etc.).

It’s also worth mentioning that it even has access to the Amazon store in case you want to buy eBooks there. If you are interested in reader apps, click here for a list of the best ones you can find!

In this case, everything you buy will be on Amazon’s own cloud storage service, and it can be downloaded on any device that has the Kindle app. If you have a Kindle e-Reader yourself, you can also share all its content with your smartphone without any troubles. To download the app, all you need to do is to click on this link.

8. Dispatch

Instead of downloading several different apps for each one of your email accounts, we suggest you try out Dispatch. Besides allowing multiple accounts for those who have more than one email address, the app also has a very intuitive interface, making it easy to use even if you are not tech savvy.

Almost every action can be performed easily with gestures made on the touch screen, which makes it much easier for those who use their various email accounts several times during the day. The good thing is that it is very well integrated with other apps, offering the option to send content directly to Evernote, save articles in Pocket or open links in Chrome. You can download Dispatch through this link.

9. Dark Sky

Weather and climate reporting apps shouldn’t ever be missing on a smartphone. Especially if you live in regions with very unpredictable weather. In the case of iOS, Dark Sky is easily one of the best weather apps that you could find today, so naturally it belong to a best apps for iPad list

Its interface is very well-done and the app itself is very useful, as it offers information about the forecast for the entire week. It also shows temperature and possible variations during the day, air humidity level and even issues alerts in case of a strong storm is on the way to the place where you live. Download the app through this link.

10. iCab Mobile

iPad with a keyboard

Not all iPhone or iPad users are comfortable with browsers like Safari or Chrome, but luckily there are several alternatives of great quality, like iCab Mobile. It offers several customization options, uses gestures on the touch screen to make the use flow better, allows you to import your data and options from other browsers and can even be integrated with cloud storage services.

You can also choose your favorite search engine and what data should be saved to improve your experience with the browser. Fortunately, it is a very light and fast app, which makes browsing the internet an even better experience. You can purchase it using this link.

11. 1Password

One of the best apps for iPad, 1Password is an extremely simple app. With it, you will be able to save and manage all of your passwords and other confidential information, including details on your bank account, certain registration data, your credit card numbers and other data, etc.

The app is extremely safe and well recommended by its users. If you think this is worth a shot, you can download it using this link.

12. Clear

Since we’re talking about simpler apps, we also have Clear to tell you about. This is basically an app for tasks and reminders, which offers a very cool interface and makes a lot of use of touch screen gestures to make the lives of its users simple.

The cool thing is that you can sync all your notes, lists and reminders directly to your iCloud account, which allows you to have easy access to them on other iOS devices. Download Clear through this link.

13. Fantastical

The Fantastical app is an excellent alternative for those who don’t like the native calendar app of the iPad so much. It has a very intuitive interface, and you can customize some aspects of it and add important reminders easily.

Another very cool thing is that you add this app’s nicely designed widget to your notification center, which might come in handy in case you have a lot of reminders and meetings on your schedule. Click here to download Fantastical.

14. Unread


Unread is perfect for those that received a lot of RSS feed updates and are looking for a decent reader to check them all out. It has a clean visual and offers support to a nice variety of RSS services, which should make the life of whoever uses this feature a lot easier.

You can also add themes and share or export your content however you see fit. You can download it for free following this link.

15. Todoist

Todoist is well known among iPhone and iPad users, being one of the best apps for task-organizing that exist today, and because of that, one of the best apps for Android. You can create your own to-do lists that you need to perform and further classify them according to your priorities.

You can also add notes and files, receive smart notifications based on where you are, and the app can also understand basic commands to send you reminders without having to ask. Download Todoist through this link.

16. SwiftKey

it is very possible that you have already heard about Swiftkey, one of the best keyboard apps you can install on your iPad. It is very versatile, has a lot of different and useful features and is way easier to use than the standard iOS keyboard.

The app is also pretty smart and learn how you are used to write to make its use easier on a day-to-day basis. The best part is that it is totally free and you can go for it right now by downloading the app through this link!

17. Scanner Pro


Scanner Pro is another very useful application that you can use on your tablet. Like the name itself says, it transforms your iPad into a very efficient scanner, with a high output quality to boot. It is able to automatically detect the edges of the document you are trying to scan and will fix the image’s alignment if necessary.

You can save your scanned documents on PDF and there’s the possibility of sending them via email, of printing them or of storing them on cloud services, like Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive. The app can be downloaded through this link.

18. Drafts

If you are looking for an app to create notes, reminders and ideas in a creative manner, there is no better option on iOS than Drafts. With it, you’ll count with a very interesting integration with other apps, being able to copy texts from the internet or other apps in a pretty easy way. One of the best apps for iPad when it comes to organization.

It is also possible to send e-mails and messages with the content you just made, besides making reminders and events to be posted on Twitter or Facebook. Click here to download Drafts.

19. Shazam

Shazam is already one of the most popular and used apps on the iOS platform, having been present on the App Store since 2008. It is the perfect app to use when trying to recognize songs you don’t know, having to listen to just a few seconds of the song to offer you more information about it .

You can also mark your favorite discoveries so that you can listen to them later on Spotify, Rdio or even on YouTube. The app is free for a while, but then you need to pay to continue using it. Still, it’s a good deal if you see yourself often wondering where certain songs stuck in your head come from. Click here to download it.

20. Deliveries

Different iPads

Deliveries is a great app for people who receive a lot of pckages through mail (even more so if they are international packages), as it can be used to track them. It offers support to UPS, Fedex, DHL, TNT, Apple, Amazon and several others.

You can count with a very well organized interface and it is possible to add a pretty cool widget to the notification center on your iPad, where you’ll be receiving constant updates on the movements your package is making. You can download the app through this link.

21. Nuzzel

Nuzzel allows you to connect to your Twitter account and use your timeline to gather and send you the links that are being most shared by the people that you follow. It is really an excellent way of finding out new types of content, read news and be up-to-date with what is being talked about on Twitter.

It is a good alternative for people who don’t to go through hundreds of tweets on that social network to find something relevant or interesting. Click here to download Nuzzel.

22. Hours

Hours is the perfect application for those people who want to be more productive. It marks the time it takes for you to complete your tasks. You control everything by telling the app when something started and ended and what task you were busy doing.

Apps like these will always have a special place in our heart, which is why we consider it one of the best apps for iPad. This way, at the end of the day it is possible to see precisely how you used your time. You can tell if is was for work, study, more fun-centric activities, etc.

All of this makes it much easier to get a sense of how you can improve your productivity in the area you think is the most necessary. The app can be downloaded through this link.

23. Shortcuts

Shortcuts is a fairly young application when compared to most on this list. But it is still just as useful as the others we mentioned here. He is like a “do it all”, as it allows you to create gifs, make PDF files with Safari pages, order a pizza, call an Uber car, etc. It is, essentially, a shortcut to anything. Hence the name!

The app offers several actions of this type to make your life easier, working as a true workspace for everything you need. In addition to the tasks that are already included in the app, you can still create whatever task you feel like it is missing. Download the app through this link.

24. Launch Center Pro

best apps for ipad icons

Launch Center Pro serves to make your iPad experience even more productive. It offers several shortcuts to the actions that you take most on your smartphone. Of course, you can customize everything the way you prefer, creating shortcuts for your apps, games and even Safari links.

Best of all, these actions and tasks can be made available to you on the notification screen. The app used to have a cost, but now it is completely free and more than worth it for what it offers. This is  why we consider it one of the best apps for iPad! Download Launch Center Pro through this link.

25. RedLaser

RedLaser is great for those who like to shop without paying more than they should for a product. With it, you can scan the barcodes of the products you want to receive information and know if there is a better price in other stores. Simple and straightforward!

If you are in a well-known store, the app still offers you information about discounts and shows you a convenient map of the place. Download RedLaser through this link.

26. CamCard

CamCard can be extremely useful for those who end up getting in contact with a lot of people through work. It basically serves to scan business cards. This way, you can have all the information you need without having to carry dozens of cards.

You can organize them any way you’d like, which also helps and facilitates when you need to find a specific contact. You can download CamCard through this link.

27. Synchronize

best apps for ipad options

If you work or interact in any way with people who live in different countries, it might be a good idea to use Synchronize on your iPad. With it, you select the regions and countries you want and it allows you to have quick access to the time zone of each place.

This way, you will always know the right time that a friend or colleague is at, facilitating contact and making sure you don’t bother them at an inconvenient time. The app can be downloaded through this link.

28. Google Authenticator

If you are the type of person that uses their Google account and its various services on their tablet or any other platform a lot, we recommend that you download and use the Google Authenticator. It essentially turns your iPhone into a type of security token for your account.

This way, you’ll receive unique codes to access your Google account, which stops other people from being able to access it. Download the app through this link.

29. PCalc

Among the best apps for iPad we got to have at least one simple tool for the engineers and physicists out there, and among so many calculator apps on iOS, PCalc is easily what stands out the most. It is efficient, offers several cool features and even allows you to perform more advanced calculations. If your profession requires mathematical calculations to be performed, this is likely a good app for you.

A really cool point is that if you add the widget in the notification center, you don’t even need to open the app to perform simpler calculations. Everything can be done without even having to unlock your iPad. Download PCalc through this link.

30. Overcast

best apps for ipad apple

If you like listening to Podcasts, Overcast is an excellent recommendation and addition to your device. It has a very nice interface, in which you can manage your favorite episodes, create playlists and even select your podcasts in order of priority.

It’s also a great way to discover new podcasts to listen to. Afterall, you can see the recommendations of the people you follow and podcasts with a similar theme to the ones you enjoy. The app can be downloaded through this link.

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