The 30 best wallpaper choices for Android

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In addition to the great features and apps that we always have on our smartphones, another really fun activity is choosing which wallpaper to use for your Android device’s background.

With so many options online, it’s ever so difficult to decide which wallpaper suits you and your device the most, so we’ve separated some of the best and most pleasing options we could find. Just take a look at our list below to check out our suggestions!

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1. Shell

White Seashell In Waves Android

For those who like more chill wallpapers, this is a great option.

2. Battery

battery android

This wallpaper is how every tired person feels. Don’t you think it is relatable?

3. Yin-Yang

Vintage Light Ying Yang Coffee Cups Android

There’s nothing better than cups full of chocolate and sugar to represent the Yin-Yang symbol.

4. Boat

Thailand Beach Shore Boat Android Wallpaper

Here we have another tropical themed wallpaper for beach lovers.

5. Moon

Super Moon Water Reflection Android Wallpaper

If you like landscapes, this moon reflected in the lake is an excellent choice for your Android.

6. Tree

Sunset Tree Branches Android Wallpaper

Here we have another beautiful landscape, but with a tree overshadowing the sunset.

7. Sunset

Speaking of sunset, we have this other beautiful wallpaper with this theme, even more so with a calm sea and a little boat in the background. Irresistible!

8. Strawberry

Strawberry Close Up Wood Android Wallpaper

This detailed image of a bright red strawberry is a good wallpaper for anyone who likes culinary themes.

9. Star Wars

wallpaper Yoda Android

This wallpaper featuring Yoda is more than perfect for fans of the Star Wars saga!

10. Flowers

Considering that flowers are universally held as gorgeous, it would be impossible not to have a wallpaper all about them.

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11. Cloud

Soft Blue Clouds Aerial Android Wallpaper

If you like clouds, this is another good option for your Android.

12. Android eating apple

wallpaper divertido android x apple

You can’t help but like the classic image of the Android robot eating an apple similar to the Apple logo.

13. Snow

Snow Forest Blue Ice Android Wallpaper

Speaking of winter, we have an option with a lot more snow than any other wallpaper here.

14. Starfish

Sea Star Summer Beach Android Wallpaper

This starfish is another good option for those who like the beach or warmer climates.

15. Hammock

Sandy Beach Palm Trees Android Wallpaper

Just like this hammock between two palm trees on the beach.

16. Cherry

Red Cherries Macro Fruit Half Lockscreen Android Wallpaper

In addition to the strawberry we suggested above, this cherry is another good image to use as a wallpaper.

17. Raindrops

Rain Drops Macro Blue Android Wallpaper

For those who like rain, these drops photographed up close can serve very well, really one of the most beautiful wallpapers for Android.

18. Goldfish

Orange Fish White Stone Aquarium Android Wallpaper

This cute little goldfish would also look great on your smartphone screen.

19. Bamboo

If you’re after a green-facing wallpaper, this gorgeous image of a trail in the middle of a bamboo forest is truly a gorgeous wallpaper.

20. Mountains

Mountains Chalet Blue Sky Android Wallpaper

Here we have another beautiful landscape, full of mountains and trees.

21. Road

Mountain Highway Foggy Horizon Android Wallpaper

If you prefer something darker, we also have this dark road as an option.

22. Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji Japan Black White Android Wallpaper

The famous Mount Fuji is a beautiful image for anyone who likes things related to Japan.

23. Cat

Grey Kitten Red Ribbon Christmas Present Bokeh Android Wallpaper

We couldn’t help including a wallpaper of a kitten, right?!

24. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Paris France Blue Sky Android Wallpaper

Of course, the Eiffel Tower always makes a great background for a smartphone, including your Android!

25. Cavern

A natural cave excavated by the constant action of sea water also serves to remind you about the beauty and strength of nature.

26. Ferrari

wallpaper ferrari

If sports cars are your thing, there’s nothing like a beautiful yellow Ferrari as your Android’s wallpaper.

27. Coffee

Coffee Cup On Wooden Table Top View Android Wallpaper

Of course, we couldn’t help but include a nice cup of coffee on our list.

28. Butterfly

Blue Pebbles Orange Butterfly Android Wallpaper

This butterfly flying over the blue stones also makes for a beautiful wallpaper image.

29. Jellyfish

Blue Jellyfish Bioluminescence Android Wallpaper

Despite being a little scary in real life, these jellyfish make for one of the most beautiful wallpapers for your Android.

30. Water on a flower

Finally, an excellent zoom shot of a droplet and several other water droplets on a delicate flower.

Find more options with wallpaper apps

As much as this list contains beautiful options for you to use on your Android, it’s certainly possible that you still haven’t found the ideal image to decorate your smartphone’s screen background. Therefore, we also recommend that you try the following app to download high quality wallpapers.


Walli is one of the best apps for downloading high definition images. In addition to having a huge databank with photographs, graphics, drawings and much more, it also offers some additional features to improve the experience, such as the possibility to change wallpapers automatically.

The app is built around a community of artists from around the world, who publish their work here for users to access.

You can download them for free, but as the app itself informs, artists who contribute are rewarded for their work.

Nice, don’t you think? Try it and see if you find the ideal wallpaper for your android and download it through the link.

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