The 9 Telegram advantages over WhatsApp

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In recent years there has been full WhatsApp blocks here and there, usually due to an investigation being conducted. It became clear that it is not always possible to rely on just one online messenger at all times. Fortunately, there are a number of great options out there, whether you use an Android or iOS device. Telegram, for example, is one of the best apps in its category and has already gathered quite a lot of users around the world. Due to it having many interesting features and for being very easy and fast to use, it is even considered a better option than WhatsApp by many people. If you’re not entirely convinced, we’ve listed some of Telegram’s great advantages over WhatsApp. Check it out!

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1. Larger groups

telegram vs whatsapp

Currently, WhatsApp supports 256 members in their groups, which is actually quite a lot and probably more than you’ll ever need, but Telegram blows it out of the water by having support to up to 200,000 different people in groups created in the app. This is probably an unnecessary number of people, but the fringe applications that it could apply to is worth of mentioning as an advantage over WhatsApp.

2. Secret conversations

One of the biggest of Telegram’s advantages over WhatsApp is having secret chats, a feature still completely nonexistent on WhatsApp. The app basically encrypts the conversations you select as secret, improving your privacy and avoiding possible incidents that are so common on WhatsApp.

The cool thing is that it is even possible to determine how long the chat in question will last, so that it is automatically destroyed when the time comes.

3. Available on several platforms

We know that it is possible to use WhatsApp in your browser, but the way it is done is very limited and far from ideal. Meanwhile, you can Telegram on Smartphone, Tablet, and even most browsers on your computer.

The best thing is that none of this requires a lot of the user, just download the corresponding app for each platform, log in with your account and start enjoying the service. Of course, this makes it much more secure and stable, so it’s worth testing. Just click this link to download the app on the platform you want!

4. Free

vantagens do telegram

Many instant messenger apps are paid for or charge an annual fee (as is the case with WhatsApp in some places in the world), but fortunately Telegram is completely free and the developers intend it to continue like this forever.

The best thing is that there are no annoying ads on Telegram, something that can be found in many other apps like this.

5. Faster

WhatsApp is generally very fast and easy to use, but there is no denying it, Telegram manages to be even better in these aspects. In several comparison tests, it has even been proven that it is in fact one of the fastest instant messenger apps in the world.

This obviously makes your conversations more dynamic and prevents boring crashes from occurring, something that still happens often times with users of WhatsApp and other apps like this. As the app also compresses messages to the maximum, sending can be very fast even over slow connections, excellent news for wherever you live in the world and another one of its clear advantages over WhatsApp.

6. Privacy

It is not just the secret chats of Telegram that guarantee greater security in the app, since all the content can be destroyed manually or automatically without leaving any trace for both those who sent the messages and those who received.

As you may know, this is not possible on WhatsApp, since the recipient has full control of the messages received. If you are looking for a more private and secure way to chat with your friends, Telegram is undoubtedly one of the best options.

7. It supports larger file sizes


It is quite common to share files on WhatsApp with your friends, such as photos, videos, documents and audios, for example. But the app still imposes many limitations as to the types of media and the size of the files sent in the chats. Current file size limitations are up to 16 MB.

Telegram isn’t like this. One of its advantages over WhatsApp, besides allowing any type of media to be shared, is that it allows file sizes up to a gargantuan 1.5 GB.

8. Cloud storage

While WhatsApp stores everything directly on your device and limits its use with it, Telegram uses cloud storage so you can access your conversations on different platforms, as we mentioned earlier.

This is also what helps the app to be faster, more secure and to have a very generous limit regarding the size of shared files. It is possible that WhatsApp will follow this example in the future, but for now Telegram continues with this feature in hand.

9. Constant updates

Telegram vs Whatsapp

It is known that WhatsApp always receives updates, but they usually only bring some performance improvements or fix problems and bugs. We hardly have any relevant news in the app, something that is much more frequent in Telegram.

This is mainly because the app is open source, which allows developers to help improve it and create new functions and features.

What you think about Telegram’s advantages over WhatsApp?

Telegram is a solid app and it had clear advantages over WhatsApp that are undeniable. What do you think? Have you tried both? Do you have some other Instante Messager app to share with us? Leave us a comment down below!