7 reasons to move from iPhone to Xiaomi right now!

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For some time now, the reign of the iPhone over other smartphones has been decreasing, especially after the arrival of the Chinese Xiaomi. With phones nearly as powerful as Apple’s, the reasons to move from iPhone to Xiaomi have increased, even for those who are not used to the Android system.

This happens because the rival systems are more and more similar to each other. There are only a few exceptions like the default cloud storage service and the availability of apps on the App Store and Google Play Store, for example.

Therefore, aspects such as hardware, price, and camera are taken into greater consideration when we talk about the reasons to move from iPhone to Xiaomi. And that’s what we’ll show you in the following paragraphs!

1. Price

There is no way to start our list with reasons to move from iPhone to Xiaomi differently. Despite the indisputable quality of Apple’s iPhone, it’s no secret that the investment to own one is quite high.

However, the investment is not always due to the hardware, as the Xiaomi smartphone has similar specifications and capabilities to the apple company’s device.

reasons to move from iPhone to Xiaomi price

While the price difference is not as stark as it once was, you can save at least 300 USD by purchasing the latest Xiaomi 12 Pro when compared to the iPhone 14 Pro, and a lot more should you buy it from platforms such as AliExpress.

Sure, you might think he price difference is worth it for better performance, but the fact is: the performance is pretty much the same on regular use, the only real difference comes in benchmark tests.

Are you going to say that, from the beginning, this is not the best reason to move from iPhone to Xiaomi?

2. Best for PC users

Although iCloud has a web version dedicated to those who have a PC and not a Mac, it is far from ideal. After all, what matters to Apple is that every appliance in your home was made by it. So the harder it is for you to use something from Apple outside of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the better.

So, if you are not a Mac user and you have a PC at home, maybe migrating completely from Apple products to their rivals is a good solution, instead of spending thousands of reais more.

Taking this into account, using a Xiaomi Android smartphone will be much better, as Microsoft and Google are working together to bring closer integration between Android and Windows. In fact, Windows 11 is even compatible with certain Android apps!

3. Best for gamers

If you are into mobile multiplayer games like Hearthstone, PUBG Mobile, and Clash Royale, Xiaomi is a better option for you. We say this because the Xiaomi 12 Pro comes equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, while the iPhone X features the A16 Bionic.

This processor is considered the best for games, while Apple’s processor focuses on other types of tasks such as capturing and editing videos and photos. However, it is worth mentioning that games for iOS tend to be better optimized when compared to Android chipsets.

reasons to move from iPhone to Xiaomi gamers

4. More RAM

There is not much to say in this part of the list, as the numbers already demonstrate one more reason to move from iPhone to Xiaomi. Going back to comparing the Xiaomi 12 Pro with the iPhone 14 Pro, the Chinese giant’s smartphone has a lot more RAM.

That is, while the Xiaomi 12 Pro brings an impressive 8 GB of memory (or 12GB, depending on the version) the iPhone 14 Pro has a “mere” 6GB. That is, at least on paper, Xiaomi is going to provide a better multitasking experience

5. Less fragility

How many people do you know who walk around with their iPhone but don’t show it because they have a broken screen?

We bet many since fragility has also always been one of the iPhone’s problems. However, the same does not happen with Xiaomi smartphones, factory equipped with Gorilla Glass protection, one of the best cell phone protection brands.

Excellent for those who are distracted and drop their cell phone frequently, the use of Gorilla Glass in the manufacture of devices is one more reason to move from iPhone to Xiaomi.

Less fragility

6. Excellent for those who have not adapted to iOS

It is not uncommon to find users who once had Android and now have iOS and vice versa. A portion of this public, however, could not adapt to Apple’s operating system and are looking for a smartphone as good as the iPhone, but with Android.

Currently, Xiaomi is one of the best Android options, along with the well-known Samsung Galaxy from Apple’s well-known South Korean rival. So if you’re wanting to return to Google’s system, strongly consider taking a Xiaomi home!

7. Fingerprint sensor for added security

Despite Apple having FaceID, it’s not exactly safe to walk around with your phone held up to scan your face, especially in cities with a higher rate of violence. And if you use masks, well, that’s just added inconvenience!

Therefore, the fingerprint sensor is a more discreet option, but with the same level of security. However, Apple smartphones do not have this type of sensor, while Xiaomi devices do.

Which of these is the best reason to move from iPhone to Xiaomi?

Are you thinking of replacing your old iPhone with a Xiaomi one? So you can go ahead and enjoy everything that the Chinese giant’s smartphone offers, especially the low price for similar configurations.

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