Download paid apps for free – the 5 best ways!

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Do you want to download paid apps for free, but you just don’t like the idea of rooting your Android? Well, you don’t have to!

There are many reasons why it is not that good of an idea to root your phone, especially when talking about your device’s safety. That makes itself even more true since there are other ways you can get any app without paying anything. And the best part is that you don’t have to pirate anything!

By getting the apps this way, you’ll be fully supporting the teams behind the apps you’re downloading, all the while you help the devs who work hard to make the app available. Downloading apps from outside the Google Play is s not an option unless you want to play Fortnite for Android.

Now that you know there’s no need for looking for tutorials on how to root your device and end up having security breaches, check out down below some good ways to download paid apps for free!

1. Use Google Opinion Rewards

A research software by Google, Opinion Rewards sends your smartphone surveys. These surveys typically ask you about your experience when using the search engine or when going to certain stores and markets.

Every time you respond to one of these surveys, Google Opinion Rewards offers you small awards. These awards range from a few cents to a few dollars and they go automatically to your Google Play Store credits.

That is to say, by filling out these surveys, you get money to spend on Google’s store. Then, you just need to keep an eye on how much the app you want costs and, when you have the required amount, purchase it without spending a single penny of yours!

Check out this article with a complete step-by-step guide on how to download paid Android games for free using Opinion Rewards. Keep in mind that you can use this method to get any app or do in-app purchases! Follow this link to download Google’s survey app.

Google Opinion Rewards download paid apps for free

2. Use the AppsFree app

Did you know that the app-making companies sometimes make some of their apps entirely free for limited periods of time? This is the second (and easiest) way for you to download paid apps for free.

How can you know when an app is free? The first option seems to be to check every single day the app’s page. However, we can all agree that it is nearly impossible to remember to check the Play Store every day to check if you can download an app for free.

Luckily, there are some apps that do the job for you. We will talk about some of them until we finish the article, and the first of them is AppsFree.

As the name itself already states, this app will let you know when paid apps are free or when they go on sale. You can set the app up to only show you specific sorts of apps, or specific apps, for instance.

For example, if you’re looking for Android games, you can set AppsFree up to notify you only when games go free. Follow this link to download AppsFree for your Android!

3. AppSales

By the same devs as AppsFree, AppSales brings even more features for those who also want to know what apps are going on sale on the Play Store.

That means that, not only will it show you what apps are free right now, but it will also show you everything that’s cheaper than normal! It’s also worth mentioning that it features the same type of lists and filters you can apply to the notifications.

Another interesting thing about AppSales is that it shows you a price history for any app you look for. You can even add apps to a wishlist so you can get notified when it goes free or on a sale. Download it right now on the Play Store!

AppSales download paid apps for free

4. Freapp

Very similar to the two aforementioned apps, in Freapp you can bind your Google account. This way, the app will analyze what types of software and games you typically download on your phone.

By doing this reconnaissance, it can then set up the notifications by itself about what paid apps are free in Google’s app store for you. Learn more about Freapp by following this link!

5. Giveaway of the Day

If you are an iPhone user and you came to this list thinking you would need to pay for the apps to use them on iOS, you’re sorely mistaken. The last option in our list of how to download paid apps for free is Giveaway of the Day, an option available both for Android and iOS, but even for Windows as well!

Unlike the other options we’ve talked about so far, this is not a smartphone app, but a website you can use on any of the best web browsers.

It shows free apps, as well as those on sale on each system’s virtual stores. Furthermore, it also offers some free things by itself, giving away keys for users who sign up and share the discount links that the page shows. Check it out!

Giveaway of the Day download paid apps for free

Did you like any of the ways to download paid apps for free?

Much better than exposing your phone to possible viruses and breaches, using these apps makes it much easier to get a game or app you really want.

To enjoy these free games you get by using this tutorial, check out this article where we talk about the best Android emulators so you can even play them on your computer!