The 16 best multiplayer games for Android!

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Although we tend to think that mobile games are made to be enjoyed individually, there is no shortage of games developed especially to play with friends or strangers around the world. Whether locally or over Wi-Fi, you can already find dozens of games that use this feature to make them even more interesting and interactive. If you’re curious, check out the list of the best multiplayer games on Android!

1. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is the closest we have to Call of Duty and Battlefield in terms of quality multiplayer games on smartphones. In addition to having one of the most impressive visuals ever seen in Android shooting games, it’s also very fun and captivating.

You can create a team with all your friends in online multiplayer and directly battle an enemy team. The coolest thing is that you can chat with your teammates through voice chat to create strategies during the game. Click here to download it.

Modern Combat 5 multiplayer games

2. Mortal Kombat

Despite not bringing the same experience as its console and PC version, the Mortal Kombat game for Android is still a lot of fun. You can choose one of your favorite fighters from the franchise and fight against players from all over the world.

As expected, all the most iconic moves and famous fatalities are present in this mobile version and make the experience even better. Easily one of the best multiplayer games out there. You can download the game completely for free through this link.

3. 8 Ball Poll

If you want something a little calmer to play with your friends, we recommend trying 8 Ball Poll. This is nothing less than one of the most popular billiards games on mobile devices today.

You can play online with other people around the world, whether you are friends or strangers. Click here to check out the game and download it on your Android.

8 Ball Poll multiplayer games

4. Order & Chaos 2

In a more RPG-oriented style, you can try Order & Chaos 2, which is also immensely popular with Android users. In this game, you will join a group of heroes who will venture through a vast world battling monsters and other players in the arena mode.

You can choose your favorite RPG class and complete hundreds of different missions with your friends. Despite the multiplayer mode being one of the great attractions of this game, you can also play alone if you prefer. Click here to download Order & Chaos 2.

5. 2 Player Reactor

Unlike the other titles that we present here, the game 2 Player Reactor is much simpler and more direct than you can imagine. It consists of several mini-games that require quick reactions to win.

Of course, it was designed to be enjoyed even more when played with other people, especially friends. As the fastest player always wins the rounds, this ends up being a very fun and addictive game. You can check more through this link.

6. Chain Reaction

Speaking of addictive games, we can’t leave Chain Reaction out. It is also one of the multiplayer games that are extremely simple and can be played with up to 8 different people, whether your friends or strangers.

Your job is to place colored orbs in a way that destroys your opponents’ orbs. In the end, whoever loses all their spheres leaves the game, and the last one to continue wins. Click here to download and have fun with this game.

Chain Reaction multiplayer games

7. Fruit Ninja

After so much success in the past, the game Fruit Ninja barely needs to be introduced, but not everyone knows about its amazing multiplayer mode. In it, you compete directly with your friends in a real fruit-slicing battle.

It is quite simple: The person who cuts more fruits and performs more combos in less time wins. This makes the game even more competitive and addictive than before, and you can download it through this link.

8. Glow Hockey

Almost everyone has had fun playing Air Hockey, but I imagine not everyone knows a good mobile version. Fortunately, we have the Glow Hockey game for Android, which offers the best possible gaming experience on a smartphone.

It works in the same way as the regular game, except that you obviously only use your fingertips to move the puck around the table. Being one of the multiplayer games, you can play with your friends through online mode at any time. Click here to download the game.

9. Badland

Despite being a platform adventure typically played in a solo campaign, you can also enjoy Badland with a friend. In this case, the multiplayer mode is completely offline and you’ll play with a friend to see who finishes the levels first.

If you want, you can also play in a cooperative mode for you and your friends to have even more fun. Click here to download the game on your Android.


10. Virtua Tennis Challenge

For those who like Tennis, there are also multiplayer games about the sport to enjoy on Android. The best example is Virtua Tennis Challenge, which can be played in multiplayer mode via Bluetooth.

In this game, you will have to play with the official rules of Tennis to define who is really the best among your friends. There are several different maps, and it is also possible to make very varied plays throughout the game. You can check out more through this link.

11. Sea Battle

If you like Sea Battle or have always wanted to try this classic game, there’s no better way to play it on Android than with Sea Battle. You can play alone or with your friends in multiplayer mode.

The controls are easy to understand and the gameplay is fluid and intuitive, just like in the regular game. Despite looking like a simple game, we guarantee that it will take a lot of strategy to knock down your opponent’s boats. Click here to download it.

12. The King of Fighters ’97

For those who loved fighting games from the 1990s, you know that The King of Fighters ’97 is one of the great classics of the time. Fortunately, now it can be enjoyed anytime as one of the multiplayer games for Android devices.

In addition to the normal mode against the CPU, you can enjoy the multiplayer mode normally also through Bluetooth. All characters and moves from the original game are available normally, as you can check in this link.

13. Warlings 2

If you’ve played any game in the Worms series, you’ll certainly see a lot of similarities with Warlings 2, which basically works the same way. Between a lot of humor and jokes, you will need to form a good strategy to defeat your opponents.

There are 6 battlegrounds available and a huge arsenal of interesting and absurd weapons to choose from. You can play alone or team up with your friends to make battles even more competitive. Download the game from this link.

In addition to our main suggestions for multiplayer games, you can’t help but check out some good and fun alternatives. Check them out below:

  • BombSquad: In this game, you can team up with 8 friends via Wi-Fi to enjoy several very competitive and fun mini-games.
  • NBA Jam: Electronic Arts’ classic basketball game can also be enjoyed to the fullest on smartphones. Play alone or against your friends via WiFi.
  • Real Steel: If you like fighting games, lots of action, and robots, there is no better option than Real Steel.

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