The 11 best Android chess games in 2023!

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If you’re a fan of chess and you own an Android device, I’m sure you’ll love this article! There are a lot of great options among the best Android chess games to play on your phone, but you need to know which ones are actually worth checking out and which ones aren’t.

Throughout this list, I’ll tell you about some of the apps I tend to use, each accompanied by a short review. Obviously, if you have any chess app you want to recommend, just leave a comment down below!

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1. Chess

Among the best Android chess games, this was the first I started using on my Android, and it honestly is one of the best options in this list. Chess is currently the most well-rated app in the category, and you’ll easily see why. It has 12 different levels (that go from beginner to professional), it has 2 different game types, and a lot more.

It even has a full-time guide helping you out in choosing the best moves you can make, which means this is a great option to help you improve at chess! Other than that, you can also check stats to see how much you’re improving. Check it out now!

Chess Free best Android chess games

2. Chess Live

As the name itself indicates, this app will let you play chess live! It offers both single-player mode and a mode where two people face off against one another (and you can choose with whom you play! You just need to create your username and then start playing in one of its 5 existing difficulties.

Its graphics are surprisingly good for a chess game, and as such it gets a point in my score. Obviously, since this is an online app, you need an internet connection to be able to play it. If you’re interested, follow this link!

Chess Live best Android chess games

3. 3D Chess Game

If you like playing in 3D, this might be the best option around among the best Android chess games. You can play off against your friends in 3D, and everything is entirely free, without any hidden paid options.

It also comes with some very cool animations and sound effects. Another interesting point is that you can watch other users play, making it a great way to learn a bit more about chess. Its quick-start tutorial is also very handy, particularly for those who haven’t played chess before. Go to the Play Store to see more.

3d chess best Android chess games

4. Chessplode

A completely different take on chess, this one is for the people who like chess to play with their friends who don’t like chess! When you capture a piece, everything in the same line and column explodes, favoring quicker and funnier games for those who just don’t have the patience or the commitment required for long play sessions.

A breath of fresh air among so many other serious games, Chessplode is available on the play store.

Chessplode best Android chess games

5. The King of Chess

Another amazing game whose only downside is its less well-accomplished design. To use it, you must log in with your Google account, and then decide whether you want to play on your own against the AI or to challenge someone, then choose your level, and you’re set!

The board itself will give very few statistics, but this is a good option to be considered for those just starting off and who feel like too many options are just confusing. The King of Chess is, deep down, simple and easy to use, and it does what it promises. To start using it, follow this link.

The King of Chess best Android chess games

6. Chess Master King

Very similar to the previous app, Chess Master King is one of the best Android chess games that offer a good user experience despite all its limitations. It offers you 5 different levels, it lets you play against someone else live, and it offers several different chess sets to choose from!

You can also play against the app itself and take part in tournaments, taking down your opponents as you win the matches. It’s better for those who are just starting off. Check Chess Master King out now!

Chess Master King best Android chess games

7. World Chess Championship

This is one of the apps that goes against the grain, graphics-wise. World Chess Championship offers you absolutely phenomenal graphics and it lets you choose from 2 board views: from the top, or from the side. Another cool aspect is that you can even voice chat with your friends while you play against them!

However, since this app has to handle a lot of commands at the same time, it ends up bugging out, which results in users leaving the game without finishing the match. At the very least, it’s worth taking a look by downloading it on the Play Store.

world chess championship best Android chess games

8. lichess

Another amazing option is lichess, a free and open-source app for Android. It doesn’t have as many features as some of the other options on our list, but even so, the features found here are incredible

With over 150 thousand players, you’ll never have any issues when playing against other people. There are also many great modes so you can always be entertained, no matter what. And, to top it off, it is entirely free without any ads! To see more, follow this link.


9. DroidFish

Certainly one of the best Android chess games, DroidFish is extremely simple and straightforward. Its features don’t bring anything new to the table, but even so, you can use several different themes and chess engines.

Just like on lichess, not only is DroidFish entirely free to play, it doesn’t have any ads whatsoever! Check it out right now for Android!


10. Chess

Chess claims to be the best chess game around. And, while it doesn’t hold true entirely, it’s also fair to say this is one of the best apps on this list. Here, you have access to 10 different levels to play!

Other than that, you can play against other players from all around the globe, it lets you upload PNG files so you can review your moves, and a lot more. It has a clean interface that offers you 3 different types of boards and pieces. Follow this link to see more!


11. Chess – Play and Learn

Just like the name denotes, this is one of the best Android chess games that will help you learn how to play the game. In order to do that, the app offers well over 50 thousand tactical issues for you to solve!

It also offers you a lot of free lessons by some of the biggest names in chess, daily articles by some of the best authors, 20 great themes, and an amazing forum. It works on all Android phones! To check it out, go to the Play Store.

Chess - Play and Learn best Android chess games

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