7 apps to send money to Brazil

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Despite being an increasingly common topic, international transfers and transactions still cause fear in some people. Fear of bank fees or concern about possible scams are reasons why we often end up avoiding this type of transaction. To help you with this task, we are going to list the best apps to send money to Brazil. Check the article until the end and discover the best institution for you.

7 apps to send money to Brazil

Next, we will show you the best options for international transfers in a practical and low-cost way.

1- PayPal

PayPal  Send money to Brazil

PayPal is one of the most well-known digital wallets in the world. Through it, it is possible both to send money from Brazil abroad and to carry out the reverse process. To carry out the transaction, both parties must have an account on the platform.

After having received the money, it is possible to transfer it to a bank account already registered on the platform and use it as you wish. It is also possible to make withdrawals through the platform, but it is important to note that this feature is only available to customers who have an account in the United States.

Another disadvantage of the digital wallet is the number of transfer fees. There is a fee of 3.50% on the cost of the operation; a fee of 4.5% on those who receive the amount, in addition to the daily exchange rate. With that, the App may not present as many benefits as the others.

2- Wise


The Wise app (formerly TransferWise) allows you to make transfers to any of the countries registered on the platform. There are 175 countries and 50 currencies, which greatly expands the user’s possibilities.

One of Wise’s main differentials is that it promises rates up to 8 times cheaper than those of banks. In addition, the App shows all amounts in advance, avoiding surprises such as unexpected tariffs or exchange rates. All rates include IOF (Tax on Financial Operations).

To start using the platform, you need to register with the requested data and make an initial deposit of at least R$100.00. After validating your account, you already receive access to your virtual card for online purchases. But, Wise also sends a physical card for debit purchases.

Click here to learn more about the App, create your account, and start sending money to Brazil.

3- Western Union

Western Union Send money to Brazil

Western Union is a US multinational specializing in financial and communication services. A great benefit of the App is that it is associated with some of the biggest banks in Brazil. With this, the user can transfer through their bank account via Pix or via transfer.

The company also has some physical branches, which allow you to make transactions in person. All these possibilities streamline the process and make the App more attractive to users.

However, like PayPal, Western Union may also incur some fees on the exchange rate, which can make the transaction more expensive. Another downside is that Western Union is not a digital wallet. In this case, transfers are carried out by the user’s own bank and this includes the fees of the financial institution itself.

4- Remitly


Remitly is a company that offers online remittance services. The App is mainly aimed at immigrants who need to send money to their family and friends in other countries. There are many options for destinations, but the biggest differential of the platform is the tariffs and exchange rates, which are usually cheaper than the competition.

The platform even has more benefits such as zero fees on the first transfer; the possibility of monitoring each step of the transaction and the possibility of sending money via Pix. Remitly also promises to make all deliveries within the stipulated time frame, and refund your money if that time frame is not met.

Despite the low transaction costs, a negative highlight of Remitly is that the company does not report all its rates. 35% of the costs are included in the margin on the exchange rate without the user having a breakdown of these values. But even with this detail, the App is a great option for anyone who wants to send money to Brazil. Register and make your transfers here.

5- TransferGo

TransferGo Send money to Brazil

TransferGo is another super reliable App option to send money to Brazil. A great advantage of the platform is that all fees are well-detailed, which gives the user full visibility of transaction costs.

The website’s interface is very intuitive and is available in several languages. Unfortunately, Portuguese has not yet been included, but you can translate the page through your browser by right-clicking your mouse and selecting the “Translate to Portuguese” option.

TransferGo also has a version for Android and IOS that you can download here. It is very worth considering the company when sending money to Brazil.

6- WorldRemit

WorldRemit Send money to Brazil

This is a platform used by more than 4 million people to make international transfers. WorldRemit has good reliability and offers great customer support, which can answer your questions and resolve issues with ease.

However, the App stands out for its higher rates compared to the competition. Another disadvantage is that a good part of the costs is also hidden in exchange rates, reducing transaction transparency, which may not be as interesting for users. Still, WorldRemit is a safe and widely used option. To learn more about the platform, just access this link.

7- Xe Money Transfer


Xe Money Transfer is an option generally used for transfers of larger amounts, as their fees can be a bit high for transactions with lower amounts. Despite this detail, the company operates in 130 countries, and transfers are made very quickly. Download the App and explore the benefits of Xe Transfer Money.

What is the best app to transfer money to Brazil?

Wise is the best company for international transfers, considering factors such as reliability and fees.

How to receive Pix from abroad to Brazil?

For now, it is still not possible to receive a Pix from another country directly through your bank, but companies and digital wallets specializing in international transfers can carry out the transaction quickly and conveniently.

Some companies like Wise and Western Union also offer Pix to pay for international shipping.

Did you like the 7 apps to send money to Brazil?

So now all you have to do is choose the company that is most in line with your goals, download the App, register, and make your transfers safely. Take the opportunity to share the article with friends who also live abroad and need to send money to Brazil.

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