10 apps to make photo montage on Android

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With cameras within our reach anywhere, it’s no wonder we always see people taking pictures of almost every occasion in their lives. But a really cool feature that a lot of people still don’t use so much is the photo montage to create a special picture of important moments.

As much as this sounds kind of hard to do if you don’t have a lot of experience with image editing, it’s worth knowing that there are several apps that make this task much easier. To learn about some of them, just check out our list of the best apps to make photo montages on Android, some of which can be considered the secret apps for bloggers!

1. Moldiv

photo montage Moldiv

Moldiv is perfect for those who don’t have much experience with photo montage since it’s very simple but with very interesting and easy-to-use features. With it, it is very easy to create impressive and nice montages, and you can make them look like a poster, magazine, or even an album.

Plus, you can choose from over 50 special effects, 80 different layouts, 200 types of stamps, and much more. With everything done, you can save your images in high resolution to have a much more beautiful result. The app can be downloaded from this link.

2. KD Collage

KD Collage is also a photo montage app that brings many features, giving the user the possibility to collage up to four photos together for a smaller image and up to nine for larger images. With this, it offers different layout options so that you can comfortably make your assemblies in large sizes.

Besides that, there are also more than 100 different backgrounds to choose from and some special effects for the montages you make. You can even save your montages to your device (or your SD card) to continue editing later. KD Collage can be downloaded through this link.

3. Instaframe

Like Moldiv, Instaframe is a very simple photo montage app and is made for the user to have more ease and agility when making their montages. You can start by choosing from 90 different layout templates, which vary according to how many photos will be used in the final assembly.

In addition to offering several other very cool filters and effects, the app also allows you to share your images and creations on various social networks. The application can be downloaded from this link.

4. Pixlr

photo montage Pxlr

Pixlr is a photo montage app already well known for its editing features, so it’s not surprising that it’s also very good at making montages without any problems.

As you can also resize the images, you can use photos of many different sizes to assemble the final image however you like. In addition, the app offers some tools to improve the quality, contrast, and brightness of photos. Pixlr can be downloaded via this link.

5. PicGrid

Like the other apps for photo montages we’ve listed here, PicGrid has great effects and borders for you to quickly and easily place on your images and montages. The interesting thing is that it includes some layout templates that are quite different from most applications of this type and can be a good choice if you don’t want something too conventional.

Another really cool thing about PicGrid is that it has some special filters for selfies, which makes it stand out a little more than the other apps we’ve already mentioned. You can download the app directly from this link.

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6. Photo Collage

The Photo Collage app lets you combine your photos the way you want, offering different photo montage features and editing modes so you have more freedom in your creations. It is also possible to choose different themes for your montages (such as birthdays, holidays, and outings), leading the app to suggest different types of layouts that best match what you intend to do.

Something really cool is that the application even lets the user take photos directly from the internet, something that is not present in most apps of this type. Once you’ve finished your montages, you can also share them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Photo Collage can be downloaded from this link.

7. piZap


The options that piZap offers are really impressive: it brings over 1250 different layouts for your photo montages, 1420 effects, and almost 40 themes to customize your images in a very creative way.

In addition, the app also has several editing tools, allowing you to improve the quality of your photos if you want. Just like some other apps, piZap allows you to share your creations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can download it from this link!

8. Pic Collage

Pic Collage is another photo montage app that has several options to create more relaxed and fun montages, offering layouts, frames, fonts, and themed effects for that. You can even take selfies on the fly if you want to enhance the image you are creating with the application.

Its interface is very beautiful and easy to use, as it has simple gestures to assemble and edit your photos. Like the others, you will also be able to share the final images on the social networks you want. To download Pic Collage, just click on this link.

9. Photo Grid

Photo Grid is a very convenient photo montage app to use that’s slightly different from the other apps we’ve already mentioned, bringing not only the possibility to make montages, but also allowing you to create slideshow videos with music and everything you can imagine.

In addition, you can also edit your photos with various tools, and add effects, layouts, and texts with different fonts and filters. If you are interested in the app, just click here to download it.

10. Fotor


Fotor can be one of the most efficient photo montage apps in its category, offering the possibility of making a simple collage with up to nine different photos without any difficulty. Like previous apps, it also comes with dozens of different filters, effects, and layouts for you to decorate your images in very creative ways.

Perhaps the coolest part is that Fotor lets you see montages made by other users and share your creations with them. To know and enjoy this app, just click on this link to download it.

Good recommendations, don’t you think? So don’t forget to test these apps and also check out our special article with the best drawing apps and websites!

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