19 best free antivirus for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone
19 best free antivirus for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone
19 best free antivirus for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone

19 best free antivirus for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone

If in the past people only thought about protecting their computers from possible viruses and malware, today it is necessary to take care of the security of all their devices. Considering the amount of data, files, and personal photos that you can find on computers and smartphones, there is no way to stop installing some software to ensure your privacy and protection. Fortunately, there are great free antivirus options for PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone that you can download and use for free. You can check out our top recommendations in the list below!

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1. Antivirus for PC


avast free antivirus

Avast is one of the best-known and most popular antiviruses you will find, but it also offers great quality when it comes to protecting your computer. Its free version is already perfect for those who need internet and PC protection, but even its paid version is not so expensive for those looking for something more advanced.

It is also very lightweight and works well even on older or simpler PCs, making it easy to use other software at the same time. In addition, it guarantees the protection of your data online, whether on regular websites or in transactions made over the internet. You can download Avast from this link!


Kaspersky is considered one of the best antiviruses in the world and one of the most efficient when it comes to finding possible threats to your PC. Partially due to this, it is heavier and can make older computers slower than other programs.

It has several versions depending on what the user needs and all of them can be tried for free for a good period of time. To download it, just click on this link!

Panda Global Protection

Panda is also among the best antivirus for Windows and can even be used on other devices such as Mac and Android.

It offers all the usual antivirus features, but it also has protection in case you lose your smartphone, protection of your Wi-Fi, and it even ensures that your most important files are backed up. You can learn more about Panda through this link.

McAfee Total Protection

Like Avast, McAfee is an older and well-known free antivirus among Windows users. It is already installed on many computers these days and you can use it for free for a certain period of time.

It offers great virus and malware protection tools, but it also has features to protect your online activities. McAfee is quite efficient and not as heavy as others on our list. You can download it through this link!

Norton Security

norton free antivirus

Since we’re talking about the most popular antivirus software, chances are you’ve also heard of Norton. It is very efficient, offers great tools, and can find viruses and malware quickly.

It also has online protection and offers up to 25GB of storage for you to back up your most important files. Norton has a number of different plans and you can test them out at will to see which best suits your needs. To download it, just click on this link.

2. Antivirus for Mac

Comodo Antivirus for Mac

Comodo is not well known by the general public, but it offers excellent tools and works very efficiently when it comes to finding threats.

It is worth mentioning that it receives constant updates, which also helps you find recent viruses and malware more easily and quickly. The best thing is that it can be used as a free antivirus and doesn’t require you to subscribe to any premium plan after a certain time. It can be downloaded through this link.

ESET Antivirus for Mac

ESET Antivirus has already established itself among Mac users looking for extra protection for their computers. It can easily find viruses and malware, but it can also protect you in your online activities, especially against spyware and phishing.

The most interesting thing is that it has a feature that blocks the unauthorized transfer of files from your computer to other devices. You can download ESET Antivirus for Mac from this link.

Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

avira free antivirus

Avira is another well-known software that offers most of its features completely free of charge and without the need to subscribe to premium plans. The good thing is that it has Mac-specific malware and virus protection, which is more useful than software that can only identify common PC threats.

It is worth mentioning that the program always does automatic scans, but you can also schedule scans if you prefer. You can purchase Avira through this link.

F-Secure Antivirus

Another very interesting option is F-Secure Antivirus, which offers good protection and can be used on up to three different computers if you decide to buy the premium version. This ends up being a great advantage for those looking for cheap options to protect all the computers in the house.

It is also very efficient when it comes to finding possible threats on your Mac and it is not so heavy and does not slow down your computer. You can download its trial version for free through these links!

Sophos Antivirus for Mac

Sophos Antivirus is a good alternative that you can consider for your computer. It can find viruses and malware quite quickly and easily.

In addition, it receives constant updates to always have data on new possible threats, something more than essential. Its interface is also very easy to use and the software itself is very light and does not affect Mac performance. You can download it from this link.

3. Antivirus for Android

AVG Antivirus Security


Well known on PCs, AVG, also has a great mobile app for Android devices. In the free version, you will have the basic options against viruses, malware, phishing, and device theft, but the paid version offers some very advanced tools, as you would expect.

The only point that might bother some people is that it doesn’t have such a user-friendly interface, being very similar to what you would see in a computer antivirus, with several options and an unintuitive design. Still, it’s worth checking out! Download the app from this link.

Safe Security

Safe Security is one of the most popular mobile antiviruses on Android because it’s completely free and offers great options for your smartphone’s security.

It can be used to perform a complete scan of the device at any time, in addition to being efficient in finding and getting rid of possible threats. It is very simple to use and can be downloaded from this link!


Despite not having such an original name, the Anti-Virus application is a good alternative to keep your Android smartphone safe from viruses and malware. You can use it to scan your device, but it can also find threats on its own.

Apart from the basic features against viruses, it also has a system to help you in case your smartphone is stolen or lost. The application can be downloaded from this link.

Antivirus & Mobile Security

Antivirus Mobile Security

Antivirus & Mobile Security is another good free antivirus option for your Android that is worth checking out. It is slightly simpler than some of the apps on our list, but it remains very efficient when it comes to finding threats on your smartphone.

In addition, it also has online security and can monitor possible problems on websites or transactions carried out on Android. You can download it through this link.

Eset Mobile Security

Eset Mobile Security is a very interesting app that has a very beautiful interface and is easy to learn to use. It can even scan any file that is downloaded on your smartphone and can detect threats quickly.

It can be used completely for free, but it offers even more features in the premium version. Anyway, it’s one of the best apps to keep your Android safe and you can download it here!

Kaspersky Internet Securiy

Like its Windows version, Kaspersky’s mobile app is one of the best alternatives for anyone looking for an antivirus for Android. It’s efficient, fast, and can find every type of virus or malware you can think of.

The only problem is that even this mobile version is heavier than the others and needs a more powerful smartphone to run smoothly. The good news is that the app has a free version, which you can download via this link.

4. Antivirus for iPhone



Currently, Lookout is seen as one of the best mobile antiviruses you can find, especially since it can be used for free. In addition to the expected protection, it offers backup and ways to deal with the possible theft or loss of your smartphone.

Despite being harder to find viruses or malware on the iPhone, this is a necessary alternative for anyone looking to jailbreak. You can download it from this link.

McAfee Mobile Security

Since we mentioned McAfee for desktop, it’s also worth recommending the mobile version for your iPhone. It offers excellent tools to keep your smartphone safe, especially after jailbreaking.

Of course, in addition to the free version, there will also be the option of the premium plan, but this is only necessary if you want the extra features that not everyone considers mandatory. You can download this great option from this link!

Avast Security & Privacy

Finally, we also have a mobile version of Avast. This version is exclusive to iPhone and slightly different from what is offered on Android devices.

As it is expected that the iPhone has natural protection against viruses, this application mainly focuses on your online activities, which include the protection of passwords, messages, and possible purchases in virtual stores. Avast Security & Privacy can be downloaded here.

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