16 tips for Minecraft beginners!

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Minecraft is one of the biggest hits of the last few years, so it’s natural that there is a lot of content about the game on the internet. Because it’s already an old game, the amount of facts and things to know about it can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, the game is still simple and you can learn the most basic mechanics as you explore your randomly constructed world. Still, it is recommended that you have a guide with tips for Minecraft beginners so as not to be taken completely by surprise.

You can check out our top suggestions in the list below!

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1. Gather materials

Minecraft beginners

As soon as you start your first game, you will be placed in a completely random world full of possibilities. As we don’t have time to waste, look for some trees and use your fists until you destroy part of the wood. This will give you some wooden blocks, and you can do that same process with any material you find in the setting: dirt, rocks, grass, coal, mushrooms, etc.

We suggest that you already try to get a little bit of everything we mentioned above, but the first item really should be the wood. We will need it for many things, but mainly for our second tip.

2. Build the workbench

When you get some pieces of wood, open your inventory and place at least one wood in the crafting grid in the menu. This will give you the item “Wooden Plank”, which we will use to build our workbench.

The workbench requires four wooden planks, one on each square of the crafting grid. This item will help us craft all other items in the game, as it offers a much larger crafting grid. You can check out the exact recipe through our tutorial on the subject in this link.

3. Create tools

Alright, Minecraft beginners! Now that we have our workbench, it’s time to create our tools. You can make all the basic tools if you want, but our suggestion is that you at least have the pickaxe and axe. This will help you to collect materials very easily and quickly, but these items will deplete with use, so always remember to make some extras.

To learn how to make all the tools, see our list of recipes for the most important items in the game in this link.

4. Make a chest

Now that we’re building so many items, you’ll start to notice that there’s not much room in your inventory, especially if you’re going to collect all the materials you find in front of you. To make your life easier, simply use the workbench to craft a chest.

In this way, you can store several items there without worrying, just remember to leave the chest in a safe place.

5. Build a shelter

Minecraft beginners

Now that we have some basic items and materials collected, it’s time to build your first shelter. It doesn’t have to be grand or full of details, as it will only really serve to keep you safe at night.

If you have the time, you can build a small house, but even a simple hole in the ground can be good enough. It is only important that you keep it closed, either with blocks or with doors.

6. Make torches

If your first shelter is completely enclosed (which is a good idea), it’s important to have torches inside so you can see. The lights are also useful if you want to create a cave below the shelter. To make torches, all you need is a stick and a charcoal, as you can see in our recipe guide.

7. Don’t go out at night

Going out to explore your Minecraft world at night is a bad idea when you are new to the game. Minecraft beginners should avoid it all costs! We can guarantee that you will encounter many different enemies and they will kill your character before you know what is happening.

It’s not worth losing all your items and materials this way, so stay in your shelter until dawn. Other than that, there are more important things to do at night, as we will see in the tip below.

8. Dig a cave below your shelter

Take advantage of Minecraft’s night to open a cave below your shelter. You can usually get much rarer and more valuable materials in the depths, so it’s worth exploring.

Just don’t go too deep on your first few explorations, and don’t forget to pack plenty of torches to light up the darkness and a few extra tools in case yours break with constant use.

9. Pay attention to the sounds around you

While mining in the cave, pay close attention to the sounds you hear around you. They can mean very important things that can kill you: lava and monsters. These are things veterans recognize from afar, but Minecraft beginners can take a while to get used to.

The monster noises are obvious (footsteps or something like zombies moaning) and the sound of lava is almost like running water. These sounds can be heard from afar, but they increase as you approach. Our suggestion is to move away when you hear any noise, as there is no way to know how many monsters will be around and it is not possible to run away from lava even when you are experienced.

10. Avoid enemies

Minecraft beginners

The idea of battling the game’s enemies might sound interesting, even more so if you’ve seen other players do it without difficulty before. Still, we advise Minecraft beginners to avoid them when you’re still learning to play.

Without armor, weapons, or more knowledge about these monsters, it can be difficult to survive their attacks or simply evade them. Many only appear at night, but they can be found at any time in the caves.

11. Pay attention to your hunger

Your hunger level is one of the most important aspects of the game and will determine the way your hit points work. You will see two bars: one represented by pieces of meat (your hunger) and one represented by hearts (your health). With a full hunger bar, your health bar automatically regenerates when you are attacked, and you can eat to restore health immediately.

If your hunger bar is not full, your health will not regenerate, as all food consumed will only be used to satisfy the character’s hunger. Other than that, if the hunger bar is completely depleted, your hit points will begin to decay. In this case, hunger drops as you perform any kind of task, but you can eat meat, mushrooms and vegetables to keep you full.

12. Start planting

While gathering materials, you will eventually come across seeds that you can plant with the help of a hoe. They will grow into wheat, which can be used as food (and to create other types of food) or to attract animals.

13. Find animals

Speaking of animals, it is important to mention that you can make your own farm with cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, horses, etc. Most can be attracted by holding a lump of wheat in your hand, as they will follow you anywhere.

In this way, just create a fence around the animals when they are in the right place and offer wheat as food for them to reproduce. You can also kill him with your tools to get meat.

14. Create armors and weapons

Now that you have shelter, tools, and ways to feed yourself, it’s time to think about defending and attacking. After all, Minecraft beginners can’t just go around without armor and weapons, preferably good materials. Ideally, you should start with iron or gold, for example, if you have already found any of these materials.

With metal armor equipped, a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, you can start thinking about effectively fighting enemies. Take advantage of our food tip to always have a few pieces of food in your inventory in case you get attacked.

15. Explore the world


With all this, you will have already learned almost everything that Minecraft beginners need and will be able to start exploring the world around you without so much fear. It will still be important to be careful and pay attention to the details that we mention in this guide, as they are very important to ensure your survival.

Also, remember to build small shelters in different places and fight monsters in small groups at a time. This way, you will be safe and have more different experiences in the game.

16. If you have trouble, look in the internet for help

There’s no shame in having a hard time with a game. Survival games are supposed to have a learning curve, full of small little item recipes and interactions that take an entire community effort to figure out. If you have trouble, just google your problem and the internet should be able to help you out of this jam!

Now that you’re a veteran, here’s how to create a portal to the Nether, one of the most dangerous places in Minecraft!

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